About Us

Welcome to SnuggleJug! Our philosophy revolves around making the most beautiful, but also most functional, accessories for mommies and babies on the market!

We felt that too often the baby market was dominated by large companies that were detached from the day-to-day needs of mommies and babies. That’s why we team up with actual mommies to help design our product line.

As a result, our products takes into account exactly what mommies and babies need!

Our Diaper Bags

It turned out many moms were short on space in their diaper bags, and complained that many bags on the markets simply didn’t look good. Our response was our line of diaper bags which designed not only to be super spacious, with lots and lots of pockets, but at the same time look like a great accessory that you can take out with confidence.

Our Breast Feeding Covers

To many mothers it’s extremely important to feed their babies exclusively on breast milk. This makes it important to be able to breast feed anywhere and everywhere. It turned out that some mothers were fine doing it without a cover, but others preferred using a cover. This is how we ended up designing our line of breast feeding covers, that are stretchy to be a comfortable fit for all moms, and double as a car-seat cover to help protect your little one from the elements.

Our Baby Bibs

Rather than the traditional baby bibs with animal figurines, our group of mothers helped us design baby bibs that aren’t just functional, but also fashionable. The material is extra soft to ensure your little one’s skin doesn’t get irritated, while the clip ensures it’s a snug and comfortable fit.

My Promise

My promise to you is that you’ll love SnuggleJug’s products or your money back. Customers satisfaction is the most important thing to me, and everything I do for SnuggleJug revolves around that.