10 Outstanding Baby Girl Room Ideas To Decorate Your Daughter’s Space

Your beloved baby girl is not an infant anymore. She is the sweetest toddler in the world but the baby room you prepared before her arrival doesn’t fit her anymore. It means that you have to think of new baby girl room ideas.

Decorating a baby’s room in an original and stimulating way can be easier than you imagine if you have the right source of inspiration. That is why I decided to share with you these 10 outstanding baby girl room ideas you can use to decorate your toddler’s space.

Remember that this room is an important place where your little one will spend some of the most special moments of her life. For this reason, leave nothing at the case and plan every detail from furnishings to accessories.

Be creative, play with colors and make your princess’s bedroom special!

1. Raised Bed For A True Princess

A cute idea if your baby outgrew the crib stage is to make for her a bed worthy of a princess. Choose a raised bed for toddlers and transform it into a sort of cabin made of plywood. There are many patterns you can use and you can even decorate the “walls” of the cabin by painting them in different colors.

Use the space under the bed to make a playing area, a real shelter where your baby girl will feel safe and protected.

Alternatively, if you believe that a raised bed is too unsafe for a little baby girl or if she’s still using the crib, mount a thin curtain above her bed to give it a distinctive look.

Choose pastel tones for the rest of the room and don’t be afraid to mix pink with baby blue or gray. For example, you can paint the walls in a soft shade of pink. Choose matching linens and also matching furniture. Break the monotony with a baby blue or light gray carpet and white bed curtains.

2. Cartoon Inspired Design

A cartoon-inspired design doesn’t have to be childish or unstylish. You could use only a few elements inspired by your daughter’s favorite cartoon or choose cartoons that match with an alternative design.

For example, you could create a splendid décor that your baby girl will love inspiring yourself from the lines of Peppa Pig.

If you decide to use such a décor, inspire yourself from the landscapes and backgrounds of the cartoon and create a room that isn’t too pinkish.

A great idea would be to choose a light gray and vintage pink for the walls. Make an original lighting creating a cloud with some plywood and match a white bookshelf with geometric motifs with the rest of the room.

Peppa Pig bed sheets and a plush toy representing the beloved character can complete the design of your baby girl room.

3. Room Design For A Future Artist

Toddlers love to draw and your baby girl is probably already exhibiting her artistic side. To keep your walls safe while encouraging her talent, make sure to fit a blackboard into her room.

You can mount the blackboard directly on a wall or on the door of a cabinet. Alternatively, you could use a free-standing blackboard. Make sure to supply plenty of colored chalk and enjoy the works of art your baby makes for you.

If the room is really tiny and there is no space for a blackboard in it, you should know that there are many pieces of furniture with integrated blackboards made specifically for toddlers.

You can choose between a chest of drawers, baby table and chairs, wardrobes, and even toddler beds with side blackboard.

Alternatively, you can transform a whole wall into a big drawing area by simply painting it in black.

4. A Universe Of Fantasy

Baby Girl Room Ideas

You can create a true universe of fantasy in your baby’s room by using fantastic elements inspired by nature and animals inspired by stories and fairytales.

By blending different styles and patterns you will achieve a room that will stimulate your baby girl’s fantasy for a very long time.

For example, you could inspire yourself from the Alice in Wonderland characters and use them to create fabulous drawings or paintings to exhibit on the walls of the room. Choose different patterns for the walls as well.

You could leave a part of the walls smooth and mount faux-bricks on another wall. Paint the walls in different colors, for example, paint the brick wall in white and choose orange for the smooth side of the wall.

Bed linens should be inspired by nature. White cotton with a leafy or flowery pattern would blend perfectly with the environment, and the final touch can be added by a carpet with a geometric pattern that reunites all the colors of the room.

Don’t forget to create a cozy corner by placing a rocking chair next to a small bookcase. Your little girl will love to relax in this environment.

5. Burst Of Colors

Pink isn’t the only color you can use for a baby girl room. Break the standards and choose to decorate the room using an explosion of colors.

There are countless baby girl room ideas to use if you decide to go beyond the traditional pink. One that I really like is to blend and match different patterns with colors in an atypical design.

If you don’t want to give up on pink completely, choose an intense shade of pink and match it with vibrant green and white. Don’t use too much pink, though, and include it in mesmerizing geometric motifs.

For example, paint a wall of the room in apple green and choose a carpet with elements of the same color. On all the other walls apply a wallpaper featuring pink elements on a white background.

Match the bed sheets with both colors and choose matching curtains as well. As for the decorative objects, choose a modern ceiling lamp inspired by natural elements and a few pictures of flowers or leaves. Create a unity between the elements with white furniture and don’t forget to place lots of plush puppets on a shelf next to the bed.

6. Shabby Chic Décor

For a romantic and traditional room, choose a shabby chic décor for the room of your baby girl. In this case, every detail counts starting with the furniture and ending with the decorative elements.

All furniture, including the crib or the bed, should be white. Decorate the walls in pastel pink and create shabby chic details by covering a wall with wallpaper decorated with roses on a blue background. Make a dressing area where it is essential to place a stool and makeup mirror while the chest of drawers and the wardrobe can be decorated with the decoupage technique.

All decorations must be strictly made of wood and cotton canvas. This includes toys, such as dolls or puppets.

To complete the shabby chic design, place a tea table and some fancy chairs in a corner. I assure you that your baby girl will quickly learn the good manners of serving tea to her doll friends.

7. Play With Pink

Baby Girl Room Ideas

Some moms think that there is no better color to use in a baby girl room other than pink. If you are one of them, there is good news.

You can create an original design of your baby’s room by using pink alone. The only rule, in this case, is to play with the various tonalities to create different environments in the same room.

In an all pink room, a bed with canopy is a must. To break the monotony, choose a bed painted in vintage pink and choose a bolder tonality for the canopy and the curtains. The walls can also be decorated with various tonalities of pink while the carpet can change the rules of the game if it’s purple.

To create unity, decorate the curtains with pink and purple butterflies and don’t forget to place a cozy hanging chair next to one of the walls and facing the window.

8. DIY Clothing Rod

Your little one might be a toddler but she is still a fancy young lady who needs all her wardrobe and beauty products at hand.

Since beauty products in the case of a baby mean hydrating cream and moisturizing baby wipes, you’ll have to do your best to create a dressing corner for your little one.

A great idea is to mount a clothing rod under a shelf in one of the corners of the room. Hang your baby’s dresses and coats on the rod, then decorate the shelf with a few fashionable elements, such as a vase with some flowers or a pair of baby shoes.

Besides helping your baby choose the dress she wants to wear, this clothing rod will transform into a true decorative element that is original and aesthetic.

Since your baby will need new clothes every few months, this type of décor will also change along with the wardrobe.

9. Nostalgic Baby Room Theme

For an alternative design, choose a vintage theme and decorate your baby’s room with nostalgic elements that remind you of your childhood.

You don’t have to decorate all the room with these vintage elements but you could mount a set of shelves and use it to exhibit some of your old toys and childhood books. Don’t worry if you don’t have any. You can find many vintage books and toys at antiquities shops, and they usually come as a bargain.

If you saved any of your childhood drawings, you could even use some of them as decorative elements in the room. A nice idea is to frame a drawing you did as a baby and place it on a wall next to one of the drawings made by your baby girl.

This type of room will create a stronger bond between you and your daughter as she will have the chance to grow up with some of the things you loved while you were little.

10. Choose A Bold Pattern

Lastly, for an original design, choose a bold pattern and a strong color to define the design of the baby’s room. In this case, you can find some inspiration in the gender neutral baby rooms and many of them fit like a glove the baby girl room ideas.

The tonalities and patterns you can play with are many but one I particularly like uses soft tonalities of brown and intense yellow.

A great idea is to decorate the wall behind the crib or bed in a chevron pattern using white and yellow wallpaper. Match the walls with white furniture and with a chest of drawers that alternates white with dark brown.

A light beige armchair and a few plush toys can successfully complete the design of the room. I guarantee your baby girl won’t grow tired of these patterns not even when she turns into an independent young lady!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the design for your baby’s room, I know that you want to choose the best from the bests. That’s why I hope these 10 baby girl room ideas inspired you.

A thing to keep in mind is that you can adapt and blend the various decorations to match your personality. Regardless of your choice, I’m sure the result will be outstanding!

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