6 Inspiring Gender Neutral Baby Room Ideas

The upcoming arrival of a baby brings so much joy but also a bunch of concerns. In fact, for the parents, it is crucial to prepare everything for the arrival of the little one.

One of the hardest tasks future parents have to accomplish is the decoration of the nursery. Things are even harder if you don’t know the gender of your future baby.

Since I know how important it is to receive valuable advice in these situations, I’ve put together this list of 6 inspiring gender-neutral baby room ideas you can use. I’ve also gathered a few baby room decoration tips that could help you in this mission. Read on to find them out!

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Gender Neutral Baby Room Ideas

1. Baby Hand And Foot Picture Frame


A beautiful decorative element that will keep its meaning throughout the years is a picture frame kit on which you can capture the prints of your baby’s hand and foot forever.

This adorable frame has three slots, a large one designed to hold the clay on which you will be able to capture the shape of your baby’s limbs and two smaller slots that can accommodate the first photos of your baby.

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The neutral frame matches perfectly any interior design and also both genders.

 Apart from being an inspiring baby room idea for the new parents, this frame is also a great baby shower gift.

2. NoJo Dreamer Comforter Set

NoJo Dreamer

A nursery needs a lot of things. Apart from the right furniture, you will also have to think about the right accessories, including crib sheets and pillow, blankets, diaper stacker, and even a changing pad cover.

Since all these accessories are essential, it might be a good idea to choose a set instead of individual items, and a great comforter set that includes all the accessories listed above is the NoJo Dreamer.

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The set is made of a cotton and polyester blend and it comes in wide range of colors and patterns. In my opinion, if you are designing a gender neutral baby room, the yellow/gray elephant set is the best solution. If you already know the gender of your baby and want to choose accordingly, there are many different options that could inspire you.

3. Munchkin Nursery Essentials Organizer

Munchkin Nursery Essentials Organizer

When I decorated a nursery for the first time my main concern was the aesthetic aspect rather than the practicality of the furniture. Yet, after having the experience of the first baby, I chose the furniture pieces very wisely when I decorated the nursery for my second little one.

From my experience, I can tell that a nursery essentials organizer is… well… essential. And a great one to choose if you want to maintain the aesthetics of your nursery is the one from Munchkin.

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This nursery essential organizer is not only gender neutral it is also compact yet extremely functional. Thanks to its minimalist design, it blends well into any interior design and it is ideal to hold anything from baby clothes to diapers and changing supplies.

4. Glow Stars Bedroom Wall Stickers

Glow Stars Bedroom Wall Stickers

Many parents, including myself, think about adding some sort of lighting to the nursery. The truth is that small babies don’t really need nighttime lamps yet a great way of adding a little light to a dark room is with the help of glowing stickers.

There are many types of glow stickers yet my favorite are the glowing stars. These stickers create a pleasant starry-night effect and also help maintain the aesthetics of the nursery avoiding to transform it into a kitsch design.

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Moreover, these glow star bedroom wall sticker from Fretod are also numerous and you will get as many as 225 stars with which you will be able to create any desired pattern. Without a doubt, this is another great baby room idea.

5.  Kids Jungle Theme Peel & Stick Wall Decal

Kids Jungle Theme Peel & Stick Wall Decal

Peel & Stick wall decals represent a simple and easy way to decorate your baby’s room. There are dozens of models to choose from but it seems that in the last years, parents tend to prefer the jungle-themed decorations.

If you are also fond of cute animals and fun characters, then this wall decal might inspire you. The set comprises a giraffe, a lion, four adorable owls and all the necessary elements to create a tree, grass, and other vegetal elements.

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Although made specifically for walls, the stickers can be applied to any hard and smooth surface, such as a nursery cabinet, on the crib, or even on a wardrobe door.

6. Fun Educational Alphabet Decals

Fun Educational Alphabet Decals

If you like the idea of decals but would like something that is both attractive and educational, then maybe you’ll like these fun educational alphabet decals decorated with a bunch of cute animals.

They might not be useful for your newborn, yet they will certainly look gorgeous on the wall until your baby will be big enough to start learning the alphabet.

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What I like about this decal set is the fact that each letter of the alphabet features a cute animal whose name starts with that letter, making it easier for your toddler to learn both the letters and the animal names.

The decals match any type of dominant color and are a great baby room idea.

Baby Room Idea: Decoration Tips

Even if the decorative elements will enhance the overall appearance of the nursery, when decorating the baby’s room there is a series of more important aspects to consider.

The choice of furniture is probably the most important thing to take into account when planning the design and layout of the nursery. All the furniture you choose must be both functional and aesthetically pleasant, yet the functionality should come first.

My advice is to opt for furniture in clear or pastel nuances and ideally all furniture should be gender neutral.

The main reason that stands behind this advice is the cost of the nursery furniture. When the first baby is coming you will have no other option than buying everything you need. However, if you plan on giving a brother or sister to your first newborn, you might want to reuse some or all of the nursery furniture.

While it is easy to reuse gender neutral furniture, some moms might find it disturbing to use a pink crib for a baby boy or a blue one for a little girl.

On the other hand, gender neutral furniture is also easier to sell if you won’t need it anymore.

The crib is the most important furniture item to consider. It must be safe for your baby and it should come with a mattress that fits perfectly. Apart from this, you can choose any model you like, such as one with an attached changing table or even a crib that converts to a toddler bed.

Baby Room Ideas

When projecting the layout of the nursery, remember that the crib should be positioned away from windows and radiators. Ideally, you should determine the position of the crib in an empty room and then design everything around it.

The changing table is another important piece of furniture. You should still buy one even if your crib comes with a changing table, as the one of the crib will most likely be insufficient.

A changing table is much more than a table. In fact, it should be equipped with drawers, shelves, and compartments that will allow you to store baby clothes, diapers, and other changing essentials.

Once you have chosen these two pieces of furniture, you can decide whether to install a wardrobe or not and you can also choose other pieces of furniture such as a rocking chair for the first months, playing mats or a baby gym, and any other elements you might want to include in the nursery.

Once you have filled the room with furniture, you can think about decorative elements such as wall stickers, glowing stars, light lamps, and any other accessories you might consider useful or fun to have.

Regarding the colors of the room, the choices are endless and there are manu baby room ideas that can inspire you. As a general rule, you can either choose to paint the walls according to the gender of the baby or in a neutral color such as ivory or cream.

Final Thoughts

As a mom, I know that designing the perfect nursery is crucial for every mom-to-be. For this reason, I hope that these gender neutral baby room ideas will inspire you to choose the best accessories and decorative elements for your little one.

Have other inspiring ideas or want to share your thoughts with us? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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