39 Outstanding Baby Shower Favor Ideas

A baby shower is the first party of the future baby. The guests usually bring useful or original gifts, but the mom-to-be also have to think about how to thank everyone for attending her party. For this reason, finding an outstanding baby shower favor idea is a must.


Baby Shower Favor Ideas

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Many future moms believe that a baby shower favor must be a baby related item. However, keep in mind that the friends who are attending your party are all adults. This means that you can go beyond candy bags and choose items that are both cute and useful.

Here are seven outstanding baby shower favor ideas that will make your party unforgettable.

1. Baby Shower Soap Favors

Baby Shower Soap Favors

These baby shower soap favors are ideal for an all feminine party. All natural ingredients, including sea salt and peppermint, will pamper your guests once the party is over. Packed in a clear bag and wrapped in personalized labels, the soaps come in a set of 15.

Printed in 11 colors, the labels are easy to customize with a personalized message. Then, it is easy to customize your favors even further by wrapping them in any way you like.

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In fact, the soaps, cellophane bags, and labels come separately and you’ll be responsible for the assembly. Each soap weighs 1oz and measures 0.5×2.75×1.5 inches.

2. Rose Floral Baby Shower Hair Tie Favors

Rose Floral Baby Shower Hair Tie Favors

Hair tie favors are another splendid idea for an all feminine baby shower. These Rose Floral Ties are sophisticated and elegant. Ideal for a shabby chic or vintage themed party, the ties come in a set of 10 and in multiple colors and prints.
Customizing the ties is easy by simply telling the manufacturer the theme and main color of the event. Tied around a stylish cardboard, these hair ties also come with a customized message your guests can use as a keepsake.

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Flexibility in terms of patterns and colors is a feature that counter-distinguishes the manufacturer. The ties are ideal for a gender-neutral or gender-specific baby shower.

There is also plenty of choice in terms of quantity. The minimum number of favors is 10, but this figure goes up to 300, suiting small as well as ample events. Stylish, retro, and attractive, these hair ties will certainly make your baby shower stand out.

3. Baby Shower Soy Candle Favors

Baby Shower Soy Candle Favors

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love scented candles; this baby shower favor idea is perfect for mixed baby showers where men are also invited. A set of candles that brings value for money is this set of baby shower soy candles. Eco-friendly and perfumed, these candles are made of all-natural ingredients. Each candle burns approximately 15 hours and the pure essential oils spread mesmerizing scents into the air.

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The candles are hand-poured and made of only the best ingredients. Each product has a cotton wick and is made of 100% soy wax and organic coconut oil. There are over 40 scents to choose from and the label is easy to customize with your event’s details.

Coming in a set of 12, each candle is poured into a stylish clear glass jar and covered with a golden lid, which is then personalized with an elegant floral label in the colors of your choice.

4. Unicorn Baby Shower Mint Tins

Unicorn Baby Shower Mint Tins

Mint tins are classic wedding and baby shower favors. You could buy cute but generic mint tins from your local supermarket, or take the favors one step further by opting for a personalized tin. There are many options out there, but we really like this set of 12 Unicorn baby shower mint tins.The unicorn theme is perfect for both gender-neutral and gender-specific baby showers. Adapting the theme to the gender of your future baby is easy by including more pink or more blue in the decoration.

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Another thing we like is that you can buy either empty tins to fill with your favorite candies or tins already filled with candies. There is an assortment of sweets to choose from, and depending on the size of the event, you can order sets containing from 12 to 48 tins.

Customizing each tin with the details of your event is also easy. There is an ample palette of colors to choose from as well as a wide range of fonts.

Classic yet unique, these baby shower favors are ideal for all parties, including those where men are also invited.

5. Heart Mini Pencils Baby Shower Favor

Heart Mini Pencils Baby Shower Favor

If you’re looking for more original baby shower favor ideas, a set of mini pencils can easily surprise your guests. Coming in a range of colors and decorated with an adorable golden heart, these pencils are ideal for calligraphy, drawing, and drafting.The pencils are supplied in sets of eight and are beautifully packed in a muslin drawstring bag decorated with a golden heart.

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We like the pencils come pre-sharpened. They have a hexagonal barrel design and are 3.75 inches long. The end is equipped with a pink eraser. A generous color choice allows you to choose the pencils in the most appropriate color.Besides the classic pink and blue, you can also choose white, pastel, lilac, silver, or black pencils.

These favors are 100% made in the USA from sustainable materials.

6. Baby Shower Favor Set Organza Bags

Baby Shower Favor Set Organza Bags

Another classic baby shower favor is the timeless organza bag with candies. There are many ready-to-use solutions on the market, but we love the versatility of these empty organza bags. The set includes 10 organza bags in the color of your choice and 10 personalized tags.Offering a generous space, the drawstring bags measure approximately 4x4 inches when closed. A beautiful organza bow keeps the tag in place and decorates the favor.

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The candies are not included in the set, which is a huge advantage. This will give you the opportunity to fill the bags with the candies of your choice, or even with other small items, such as a customized nail kit or perhaps with small makeup items.

7. Ready to Pop Baby Shower Favor Kits

Ready to Pop Baby Shower Favor Kits

A nice and edible baby shower favor ideal for those events organized right before childbirth is a Ready to Pop bag. Filled with sweet or savory popcorn, this favor certainly has appeal. A splendid solution to get exactly what you want is by investing in a baby shower favor kit and then just add the popcorn to the bag
A lovely kit to consider is this Ready to Pop kit; it comprises a variable number of bags, between 20 and 100, tags and ribbon or twine to tie up the cellophane bags.

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The tags are made of high-quality cardboard and come in either white, ivory, or Kraft brown. The ribbons or twine come in a wide range of colors to match with the baby’s gender or with the theme of the party. Regardless of your choice, you’ll get 8 inches of twine or ribbon per tag.

Just like the organza bags above, these baby shower favors can be customized in any way you like. Use the bags for popcorn or personalize the tags for any other edibles or small items you believe your guests would like.

Looking for More Inspiration?

So you’re planning a baby shower and are looking for some great ideas for the baby shower favors? I have put together a list of 41 baby shower favor ideas you can choose from for the baby shower you’re planning.

Baby showers are great for the mum-to-be to receive plenty of gifts from all her friends and family. Because all her friends and family are being incredibly generous with their gifts, it is always a nice gesture to give back too.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for the baby shower favors as there are plenty of cheap baby shower favors you can buy and you can also make a lot of them yourself too.You may be surprised as to just how many baby shower party favors ideas there actually are. You can buy or make anything from mini pedicure kits to sweet bags and from personalized baby shower favors to gorgeous bath bombs.

If you are in touch with your creative self then you will probably want ideas for baby shower favors to make yourself. Sometimes there is nothing better than homemade baby shower favors as all the guests and the mum-to-be will feel like you have put extra care and thought into the baby shower.

Whether you’re looking for baby shower favors for boy or baby shower favors for girl, I’m sure you will find the idea you’ve been looking for here or at least the inspiration for your own idea.

Here is the list of 39 baby shower favor ideas:

1. Personalized Volative Candle Baby Shower Favor

This personalized volative candle baby shower favor will certainly warm the hearts of all the guests and the mum-to-be. You can buy cheap volative candles from almost any home stores and decorate the candle yourself to turn it into a party favor. You can wrap the candle in a mesh fabric and tie it at the top with a cute ribbon.

Volative candle

Image Credit to DODIE

2. Pedicure In A Jar Baby Shower Favor

Everyone loves to pamper themselves which is why this pedicure in a jar idea for the baby shower will go down a treat. The guests will absolutely love their little jar of gifts. To make one of these pedicures in a jar you will need a wide mouthed mason jar, basic pedicure tools, nail varnish, cotton rounds, gift label and ribbon.

pedicure in a jar

Image Credit to RACHEL

3. So Sweet Baby Shower Favor Bags

You just cannot go wrong with sweets for a baby shower favor or for any party favor for that matter. They are especially great when they are in cute packaging such as these little parcels that you can make yourself. To make this you will need Kraft paper bags, paper doilies, candy, ribbon, hole punch, printer and paper cutter.

favor bags

Image Credit to MELISSA BAHEN

4. Loofah & Bath Salt Cupcake Baby Shower Favors

We all love having a relaxing bath to forget our worries and relax our minds which is why this very cute baby shower favor is ideal. You can make this loofah and bath salt cupcake baby shower favor yourself with cut plastic cups, bath loofah, bath salts, patterned cupcake sleeves, white tulle, felt bows and clear twist ties.

TFP Cupcakes


5. Ready To Pop Baby Shower Favors

These baby shower favors for boys are so simple yet brilliantly perfect. Of course you can do the same if the mum-to-be is having a girl by adding pink colours instead of blue. What’s even better is that they are so incredibly easy to make. All you need is popcorn, clear plastic wrap, baby blue ribbon and a baby blue gift tag.

Ready to Pop Favors

Image Credit to DOREEN CAGNO

6. Candy Umbrella Baby Shower Favors

If you’re looking for something cute and fun for the baby shower favors then these candy umbrella favors should definitely catch your eye and the eyes of all the guests at the baby shower. To make them you will need polka dot paper or card, white tulle, ribbon, sweets and card to cut the handle shapes from. You can put them in a basket for guests to help themselves too. It will look like a great centrepiece too.

Candy Umbrella Baby favor

Image Credit to MEREDITH

7. Loofah Baby Shower Favors

Sometimes the most simplest of favors is what is best, especially when they can be put to good use. A bag of sweets will only last a matter of minutes (if you’re anything like me) while guests will be able to get some good use out of the loofah. You can get a bunch of loofahs, add gift tags to each one and place them in a nice basket for guests to help themselves to.

Loofah baby shower favor

Image Credit to JESSIE COOPER

8. DIY Baby Food Jar Princess Crown Baby Shower Party Favors

How cute will these party favors look at the baby shower? The mum-to-be and all her friends and family will absolutely love these cute DIY baby food jar princess crown baby shower party favors. All you need to make them are baby jars, plenty of sweets and teeny tiny tiaras.

food jar princess crown

Image Credit to MICHELLE

9. Princess Cookies In A Jar Baby Shower Favors

Instead of making cookies to give as baby shower favors, you can place all the ingredients to make the cookies in a prettily decorated jar. It is definitely something different as well as being very easy to make and cheap to do. The ingredients you need to place in the jar are all purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cooking oats, pink chocolate covered peanuts, semi-sweet chocolate chips, brown sugar, white sugar and chopped pecans.

princess cookie jars

Image Credit to LOUISE SANDERS

10. Body Scrub Baby Shower Favors

Another cool pamper themed baby shower Favor you can give to guests are these body scrub baby shower Favors. To make one of these body scrub party favors, you will need 2 cups of Epsom salt, 3 tablespoons of baby oil, 8 to 10 drops of an essential oil of your choosing, jars and blue or pink food coloring.

bath scrub favor

Image Credit to KARA

11. Mini Hot Air Balloons Baby Shower Favors

If you’re having a balloon or sky themed baby shower then these cute mini hot air balloons will be perfect as the baby shower favors. Not only will these look great but they are so simple to make yourself. All you will need are helium balloons, small buckets or cups, ribbon, sticks and some tasty treats.

mini tot air ballons

Image Credit to SIMONA GANEA

12. Watch Me Grow Baby Shower Favors

These are such simple baby shower favors but carry great sentiment and relevancy. The mum-to-be will be so happy at the thought you have put into the baby shower with these party favors. You can buy small potted plants from any gardening store and place them in small glasses and create your own labels from patterned card.

succulent favors

Image Credit to JENN

13. Jungle Safari Mint Tin Baby Shower Favors

You can’t go wrong with a tin of mints for any party favors. The only thing you can do is to make it even better by personalising the mint tin. If you are handy with Photoshop then making these cute jungle safari themed labels for the mint tins will be a breeze. You can print them out on sticker paper ready to cut and stick onto the tin.

Jungle safari mint tin


14. DIY Bath Bomb Baby Shower Favors

If you’ve never made your own bath bombs then you may be surprised as to just how easy they are to make. You’ll be making them for yourself all of the time once you have made them for the by shower. You’ll need bicarbonate of soda, citric acid powder, herbal tea bags, essential oils, sweet almond oil, food coloring and moulds.

Bath bomb

Image Credit to LATINA

15. Mini Hand Sanitizer Baby Shower Favors

If you’re on a bit of a tight budget then this will be a great idea for your baby shower favors especially if there are plenty of other mums attending. We all know how important it is to stay sanitized around babies so as to not pass on any germs to their delicate bodies so giving these as favors will be a great idea and will be sure to get plenty of use out of.

hand santizers baby shower favors

Image Credit to JESSICA

16. Candy Bar Baby Shower Favors

I bet you have rarely come across a candy bar that looks like this before. Place the chocolate bar onto a napkin that is in a diamond shape. Fold the corners of the napkin to the center and glue. Glue down a safety pin to the center of the fold and also glue a baby face to the top of the chocolate bar. You can then use a baby sock as the hat and tie with a ribbon.

Candy bar


17. Foam Mounting Tape For Baby Shower Favors

This isn’t necessarily a baby shower favor idea but rather a very cool tool that you can use to make your baby shower favors. Foam mounting tape can work with almost anything and is a great way to give a 3D effect to any favor idea you have in mind. The foam mounting tape was used to create the crown in the picture.

Foam mounting tape

Image Credit to SUPERGLUE CORP

18. Mud Pie In A Jar Baby Shower Favors

Everyone loves mud pies which is what makes this little mud pie in a jar such a good idea for baby shower favors. To make these you will need crushed Oreos, vanilla ice cream, coffee ice cream, hot fudge sauce and caramel. You will also need mason jars to put them in.

mud pie

Image Credit to KORI CLARK

19. Candy Jar Baby Shower Favors

This is another very cute looking baby shower favor that the mum-to-be and guests will love. You can get either blue or pink candy for this depending on whether the mum-to-be is having a baby boy or baby girl. To make these cute favors you will need small candy jars, candy, ribbon and baby boy or baby girl stickers.

candy jar

Image Credit to PARTY CITY

20. Candy Box Baby Shower Favors

Again, you can make these candy box baby shower Favors in either blue or pink depending on whether the mum-to-be is having a baby boy or baby girl. To make these you will need small clear boxes, ribbon, gift tags, ribbon and confetti. You can also buy or make baby boy or baby girl stickers to decorate the box.

Candy box

Image Credit to PARTY CITY

21. Baby Shower Favor Gift Box

This idea isn’t really about the favor itself but more so the gift box. This is certainly a very fun and cute looking baby shower favor gift box that I’m pretty sure the guests will absolutely love. All you need to make these are card, ribbon and tulle in your choice of colors.

gift box

Image Credit to PARTY CITY

22. Owl Candy Box Baby Shower Favors

These owl candy box baby shower favors will look absolutely amazing at the baby shower if you’re having a woodland theme. You can hang these from a faux mini tree to add to the woodland effect. To make them you will need clear ball containers, coloured card, ribbon, googly eyes and hot glue.

owl candy box


23. Personalized Notebook Baby Shower Favors

Everyone needs a notebook whether to remind them of things they need to do or scribble down notes which are why these personalized notebook baby shower Favors will be perfect. You can buy plain notebooks for cheap and decorate them by using scrapbook paper for the cover and using clip art labels for the feature on the front cover.

personalised notebook


24. Cloud And Raindrop Trend Baby Shower Favors

This is another cute baby shower favor that will look great if you’re planning a cloud or sky themed baby shower. The only things you will need to make this cloud and raindrop trend baby shower favor is colored card, sequins, string and buttons. You can be as fun and creative as you want with this.

Cloud and raindrop


25. Free Spring Mini Basket Crochet Pattern Baby Shower Favors

These free Spring mini basket crochet pattern baby shower Favors are absolutely adorable. They will certainly be the talk of the baby shower and will make the baby shower memorable for everyone. If you know how to crochet then these are definitely a must for your baby shower favors.

crochet basketfilled

Image Credit to JENNIFER

26. Pack Of Cookies Baby Shower Favors

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for something simple to make then these pack of cookies will be just the thing you need for your baby shower favors. To make these you will need patterned or colored paper to match the theme of the baby shower, mini gift tags, twine, ribbon, cellophane bags, sticky double sided tape and mini cookies.

Cookie party


27. Chocolate Covered Spoon Baby Shower Favors

If you’re looking for something unique to have for the baby shower favors then these chocolate covered spoons will surely be it. All you need to make them is good quality chocolate chips, antique ornate spoons and edible sprinkles. You can also decorate the chocolate covered spoons with tulle and ribbon.

Chocolate Spoon

Image Credit to FLAVIA

28. Booboo Bunnies Baby Shower Favors

How amazing will these booboo bunnies look at the baby shower? They can be easily made with very little cost… even better. All you will need to make one of these booboo bunnies is a 12×12 white wash cloth, ribbon, glue dots, mini black pom-poms, medium pink pom-poms and white medium pom-poms.

booboo bunnie

Image Credit to KRYSSI

29. Sea Glass Mini Bottles Baby Shower Favors

If you’re planning on having a mermaid or underwater themed baby shower then these little sea glass mini bottles will make for the perfect baby shower favors. To make them you will need small corked spice jars, decorative glass gems, twine and scallop shaped gift tags.

Sea glass mini bottles

Image Credit to EVERMINE

30. Modern Treat Bags Baby Shower Favors

If the mum-to-be wants a modern theme rather than the traditional a baby stuff theme then these treat bags will be perfect for the baby shower favors. You can buy these very cute modern treat bags for very good prices on the Gygi website. They also have a lot of other paper bags for you to browse through too.

modern treat bags

Image Credit to EMILY & SARAH

31. Personalized Sweet Bags Baby Shower Favors

These personalized sweet bags are a great idea for baby shower favors if the budget is tight. All you need to do is buy however many small sweet bags and add your own sweet bag label. You can do this with digital scrapbook paper and Photoshop.

personalised sweet bags


32. Baby Rattle Marshmallow Pops Baby Shower Favors

I’m guessing you’ve already heard of cake pops but I bet you haven’t heard of baby rattle marshmallow pops have you? These are so easy to make and are such a great idea to give for the baby shower favors. You can decorate them with edible glitter and sprinkles.

baby rattle marshmallow pops

Image Credit to HEATHER

33. Cute Truffles Baby Shower Favors

What could more of a treat than to give guests at the baby shower some truffles to take home with them… or to eat at the party. Put two truffles into each clear cellophane bag and tie with a blue or pink ribbon. You can also add a gift tag or label to each bag with a stork and a thank you.

cute truffles


34. Colourful Fabric Gift Wrap Baby Shower Favors

You don’t have to wrap everything with paper, why not wrap your baby shower favors in brightly colored fabric? To create a truly colorful and cute look, get a mix match of different patterned and colored fabric to wrap your baby shower favors in.

fabric gift

Image Credit to DECOR 8 BLOG

35. DIY Milk Carton Baby Shower Favors

Surely you can’t have a baby shower without having something to do with milk. These amazing milk cartons can be so easily made when you find a template online. You can fill them up with mini cookies, sweets or anything you want inside as a surprise.

milk cartons

Image Credit to NIKKI GLADD

36. Cute Baby Shower Favor Cartons

These will be absolutely adorable to have as the baby shower favors if the mum-to-be is having boy and girl twins. They are so simple to make once you find a template online and will look super fun at the baby shower. You can make your own labels with clipart stencils and using contrasting color paper.


Image Credit to JILL HILLIARD

37. Bubbles Baby Shower Favors

These are great party favors to have for the kids at the baby shower. The mums will all be happy that you have given the kids something to keep them occupied while they join in the baby shower games. You can buy a bunch of bubbles from any supermarket, toy store or online for next to nothing. You can also make your own bubbles.


Image Credit to KRISTEN

38. Seed Packet Baby Shower Favors

For these very cute and thoughtful baby shower favours you will need seed packets, square labels, ribbon, scrapbook paper, bamboo skewers, terra cotta pots and paper shred. These will look great at a garden themed baby shower and the guests will absolutely love them. They will certainly be put to good use and last a very long time if well looked after.

seed packets

Image Credit to JOHNNY NIEVES

39. Honey Pot Baby Shower Favors

Last but certainly not least are these very cute personalized honey pot baby shower favors. They will be perfect if you’re planning a bee or garden themed baby shower. You can personalize them by adding a hive print label and ribbon. They are definitely unique and will be the talk of the baby shower… as well as the mum-to-be that is.

honey pot

Image Credit to KARA ALLEN


There they are… 39 baby shower favour ideas. Hopefully you have found some great ideas to get making or have inspired an idea of your own. Remember, the best baby shower favors are always those that go perfectly with the theme and that have had a lot of thought put into them. The guests and the mum-to-be will definitely appreciate the effort.

For more information on baby showers, make sure you check out our ultimate baby shower planning checklist as well.

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