The Best Baby Alive Dolls For Your Little Baby Girl

Dependent upon what you as a parent decide is best for your child, Baby Alive is guaranteed to offer the perfect solution to make your child’s playtime more enriching and beneficial for their development. Below, we highlight the benefits of the baby alive dolls, but if you don’t feel like reading through the whole article, click on the following links to jump to our selection of baby alive dolls.

Being a parent is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. As your child grows, you will be able to identify the most beneficial options to nurture your child’s confidence and overall development.

This includes giving them the right toys suited to their specific requirements. Dolls are a popular choice that offer a personable, realistic option to encouraging natural cognitive development. Baby Alive dolls are one such brand that have made playtime educational as well as enjoyable for your child.

Baby Alive dolls are a product owned and manufactured by Hasbro, a leader in children’s toys. They are designed for children aged 18 months and upwards and offer various models with different functions and levels of interaction.

Why Does Your Child Need Multi-Sensory Play?

The human brain is a diverse organ that memorizes touch, smell, sound and taste from physical experiences and defines them as positive or negative. From an early age, your child will have begun to piece together the world around them and develop an understanding of how to best interact.

Recent studies have indicated that children who are given access to multi-sensory toys develop better cognitive function earlier on. Therefore, offering your child access to a toy that can accommodate all four senses, is guaranteed to give a more inclusive experience during play, and further their development.​

By the time your child is old enough to have a Baby Alive doll they will have started to develop good sensory function and some level of verbal communication. The doll is designed to further their learning through immersive play and can help to encourage confidence, cooperation and lingual functions.​

Why Should You Invest in a Baby Alive Doll?

There is always going to be a counterargument that simpler versions of the same toy can offer the same experience and be just as beneficial to your child’s development. However, with scientific studies indicating the benefit of multi-sensory play, simpler toys are unable to compete.

Baby Alive stands well above its competitors because it is fully inclusive to your child’s individual needs. Furthermore, the numerous functions of the doll such as sound, feel and aesthetic ensure your child will not become bored and will return to play time and time again.

Baby Alive dolls are also a good investment because they are manufactured using the best materials. They are also based off real life interaction to offer your child a believable experience when playing with the doll.

As there are numerous models available, you might feel overwhelmed to make the right choice based upon your child’s needs. But there are three simple features of a Baby Alive doll you should consider before making your purchase:

  • Multi-sensory: the perfect doll should be able to offer varying levels of interaction to encourage more enriching playtime. For example, the doll may include interchangeable clothing, eat or poop, offering your child multiple experiences from which they can learn and develop. It will also encourage your child to engage with their creativity.
  • Durability: as your child will wish to interact with the toy more than once, the doll should be made of the correct material and be long lasting. Being able to withstand frequent manipulation will keep the toy aesthetically appealing as well as retain its full functions.
  • Be Age Appropriate: giving a child that is too young a Baby Alive can be potentially harmful as some dolls come with small parts or removable items. Some Baby Alive dolls are designed with the younger child in mind. Make sure you check the labels and Manufacturer recommended age before buying.

Below, we have reviewed five Baby Alive dolls currently available on the market and assessed them against this three point system to help you make an informed decision that will be right for your child.

The Best Baby Alive Dolls For Your Child

Baby Alive Luv n’ Snuggle Baby Doll Blond$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye$$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Brunette$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy Brunette$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Brunette$$$$$Star rating 4 of 5

1. Baby Alive Luv n’ Snuggle Baby Doll Blond

Baby Alive Luv 'n Snuggle Baby Doll Blond

This Baby Alive doll has been manufactured for children of a younger age than the general age group of 3 years + and is designed to introduce your child to more inclusive play at an earlier stage.

Featuring a blonde doll complete with clothing and a bottle, your child is able to bottle-feed the doll and develop touch and vocabulary skills. The number of parts have been reduced for this doll to accommodate the age difference as small parts may pose a choking hazard for young children.

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The doll is made of durable plastic, and is designed to be long lasting, encouraging prolonged and frequent play for your child. The material also allows flexion of the doll’s limbs so that your child can manipulate it.

Things We Liked

  • Suitable for younger children: the manufacturer has accommodated a younger age group meaning that you can introduce multi-sensory play earlier on. This doll is suitable for children aged 18 months upwards and encourages confidence and the natural application of sensory skills.
  • Interactive: your child will be able to enjoy an immersive experience with the doll; they are able to manipulate the arms so that the doll sucks its thumb or can insert the pacifier in its mouth. With these recognizable motions, your child will be encouraged to engage on a humanistic level, therefore helping to develop communication.
  • Soft fabric body: the soft fabric on the body offers yet another sensory level. In conjunction with the bright colors your child will find the doll aesthetically appealing.
  • Machine washable: to promote the health and wellbeing of your child, toys should be cleaned regularly. This doll can be put inside a pillowcase or laundry bag and washed on a low heat cycle.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Minimal accessories: while fewer accessories for this doll are to accommodate younger children by reducing choking hazards, there are plenty of options to accessorize with larger items that do not present a danger. The one accessory feature of this doll minimizes the extent of the multi-sensory experience available for your child.

2. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye

Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye

This doll offers scope for your child to make various decisions and interact on numerous levels. It is well stocked with a good range of accessories which stimulate your child’s natural inquisitiveness and imagination.

The doll is made from plastic and fabric and the accessories are also plastic offering extended durability for frequent use.

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The toy is painted in realistic skin tones but with brightly colored clothing and accessories to be visually stimulating.

Things We Liked

  • Multiple accessories: the doll can be fed and watered offering a very humanistic play session for your child, and the accessories offer plentiful choice for them to harness their imagination and get creative.
  • Sound: this doll reacts to tickles, speech and its rattle and has over twenty-five sounds and phrases. Your child will find this very exciting. Continued interaction would increase their confidence and communication skills.
  • Movement: as well as being designed to take some manipulation, this doll also moves in response to the sound of your child’s voice and when the rattle is shaken. This is yet another feature of the toy which will be very exciting and encourage frequent play thus making this toy a good investment.
  • Enhances cognitive skills: this doll will wet her nappy after she is given her bottle, roll over when she is tickled and crawl towards her rattle. Your child will start to comprehend the pattern and be motivated to respond to this accordingly.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Replacement accessories: the nappies eventually require replacing. Replacement accessories are available to buy from the manufacturer but would be a further investment.

3. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Brunette

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily

This doll focuses on the process of feeding and changing a baby and has been designed to encourage the development of your child’s creativity and problem solving skills.

The doll comes with a nappy, clothing, plastic molds to make her food, a spoon and reusable doll food.

The bright colors offer visual stimulation while the motion of feeding and then changing the nappy provide the multi-sensory experience for your child’s natural development.

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Things We Liked

  • Brightly colored: children love brightly colored things. The vibrant hue of the food, her clothes and accessories make this doll aesthetically appealing as well as engaging with your child’s vivid imagination.
  • Durable: the doll is made of plastic with molded hair which means your child can enjoy playing with the doll time and time again without it getting messy. It can also take a fair amount of strain and will retain its original functions even after frequent use.
  • Encourages creativity: the doll food comes with cutters and molds so they can enjoy making imitation food.
  • Easy to clean: the fabric clothing can be removed and easily washed while the doll itself can be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes to promote hygiene and prevent the spread of germs.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can get clogged: your child might find it entertaining to ‘overfeed’ the doll but this can lead to ‘food’ getting stuck inside the doll. Fortunately, Hasbro has taken this issue into consideration and provided a hatch on the back of the doll to aid cleaning.

4. Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy Brunette

Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy

This doll harnesses your child’s imagination and is designed to encourage further creativity. It comes complete with a fairy outfit, wand, wings, a bottle and a nappy.

The unique feature of this doll is her ‘face paint’ which is revealed when her wand is filled with ice cold water and drawn across her face. This stimulates the natural inquisitiveness of your child. The ‘face paint’ disappears when a warm hand is applied to it.

The doll can also be bottle-fed, pees and can be changed offering multiple choices and repeat interactive play.

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Things We Liked

  • Enhances creativity: the face paint feature and fairy outfit of the doll are a colorful introduction to encouraging your child to engage with their imagination.
  • Repeat Play: all features of the doll are designed to reset after use. The ‘face paint’ will disappear when a warm hand is applied and will reappear when ice cold water is used. The nappy can also be changed again and again after the doll has been fed.
  • Engages sensory interaction: the application of hot and cold, as well as the visual affect of the face paint and the color and texture of the outfit provide various levels of sensory play.
  • Minimal Mess: as parents we like it when a toy doesn’t create too much mess. With this doll, it can only be fed water. Therefore, there will be less cleaning up to do once playtime has concluded.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Face paint: the face paint disappears very quickly after it has been revealed so your child may find it difficult to view the whole design before it begins fading.

5. Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Brunette

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby

The Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby is a fully immersive play experience for your child. She not only drinks and cries, but she also talks and closes her eyes.

The doll comes with one outfit, a stethoscope, thermometer, bandage, tissue, juice box and a brush.

The doll has designed to create as little mess as possible without impeding on its ability to engage your child on numerous sensory levels.

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Things We Liked

  • Speaking: the doll has over 35 phrases and sounds that engage your child’s oral skills and confidence. It also offers a more immersive experience and broadens your child’s imagination.
  • Facial Expressions: the doll can change its facial expression which can aid the development of communication and perception skills. It also gives rise to a more believable, humanistic play for your child.
  • Colorful: the bright colored clothing are aesthetically appealing to your child, while the red nose that appears when the doll is “not feeling well” encourage them to find patterns and the best solution using the accessories the doll comes with.
  • Hair: the rooted hair can be brushed and styled as your child decides. This allows for enhanced creativity and is an additional level of play to keep them entertained.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Batteries: the doll requires 3 AA Batteries to function. Repeat play will wear the batteries down quickly requiring frequent replacements.

Conclusion & Final Pick

From the five Baby Alive dolls reviewed, the Baby Alive Sweet Tears Brunette doll stands out above the rest.

While the other dolls offer varying levels of color, sensory play and even educational options, the Baby Alive Sweet Tears (Brunette) doll is the best option for both child and parent. For the child, there are plenty of accessories and options to keep them entertained.

For the parent, the doll does not create any real amount of mess to worry about. Unlike the Snackin’ Lily you won’t be worrying about finding small pieces of play-dough everywhere! There are no additional expenses such as nappies or clothes to buy, unless you truly wished to do so for your child’s enjoyment.

The only minor issue with this doll to consider are batteries. However, batteries are generally inexpensive to purchase and easy to obtain. Therefore upkeep of the Baby Alive Sweet Tears (Brunette) doll is relatively simple.

Overall, if you are looking for a Baby Alive doll that is easy to maintain and offers multi-sensory learning and play, the Baby Alive Sweet Tears Brunette doll is the perfect choice for your child.

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