Best Baby High Chair For Your Tot

If growing babies would have a symbol, that symbol would certainly be a baby high chair. Universally known as that object designed to accommodate a weaning infant, a high chair is indispensable if you want to teach your baby how to eat without going crazy.

If you’re not sure what to look for in a baby high chair, read on. If your baby already spits her food everywhere and you’re in need of a trustworthy ally, click on the links below to find the right baby high chair for you.

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Baby high chairs are wonderful objects. When choosing one, make sure it is stylish… and that it comes with a wide removable and washable tray, dedicated to minimizing your kid’s dietary disasters.

Besides the tray, the baby high chair should have other feature too. Let’s see what to look for, from specifications to safety.

Features To Look For In A High Chair

Weight Capacity

The first and foremost important thing to consider before buying a high chair is the weight capacity. This element will be used for a really long time, usually from 6 months onward. Most high chairs available on the market are suitable for babies between 6 and 36 months, but often parents would like to invest in a chair that can be used longer.

For this reason, some manufacturers decided to focus on the longevity of their products making high chairs that can be used as dining table and desks. These chairs can usually be used by kids up to 5 years old but you should still check that the weight capacity of the chair is higher than your child’s weight .


The baby high chair must adapt both to the needs of your baby and to the surrounding space. In other words, the chair must be versatile and practical. The adjustable height is a feature to look for, as it will allow you to adjust the chair to the needs of a growing child.

The adjustable height will also allow you to adjust the chair to match the height of the table, for example.

As mentioned above, the chair should come with a tray and the tray must be removable. Not only you’ll want to remove it when the baby is old enough to start eating at the table, but you’ll also want to remove it to clean it thoroughly.

The baby high chair should also recline. This is convenient in the event your baby falls asleep while you’re still eating.

Regarding the adaptability of the high chair to the surrounding space, make sure to choose a model that fits in your house. There are plenty to choose from, so it’s easy to find the right size.


If you like to travel a lot or if your baby spends a lot of time with the grandparents, you might want to consider a baby high chair that is easy to transport. For this purpose, you should invest in a foldable and lightweight high chair that is easy to carry.

The presence of wheels, on the other hand, will allow you to easily move the chair from one room to another or from indoors to the outdoors. And you’ll be able to do this even with the child seated on the chair.


The baby high chair has to be comfortable. Look for a model that has a padded seat. The chair should also be ergonomic and equipped with a footrest. Also, make sure that the chair can keep your child comfortable as she’s growing and during all stages.


A baby high chair must be easy to clean. If this is your first baby and you haven’t started feeding her solids already, just wait until you do. Babies are experts in making messes, which have to be cleaned for their own safety.

Therefore, any padding on the seat must be easy to clean. Ideally, you should be able to remove the padding and wash it. In this case, opt for a baby high chair with a machine washable padding or cover. The tray should also be removable and washable.

Some baby high chairs have trays that are dishwasher safe while others come with waterproof covers that are easy to wipe with a damp cloth.


The main function of a baby high chair is to support the child during mealtime. The tray, therefore, is essential. Yet, not all high chairs come with one. Choose a high chair that does come with a tray, making sure that the tray is removable.

Regarding it, you should pay attention that it has a raised outer edge to avoid all the spillage from getting on your floor. A cup holder is another desired feature of the tray, as it serves to stabilize a sippy cup or baby bottle.

The distance between the backrest and the tray should be adjustable, allowing to adapt the high chair to the needs of a growing baby.

Some baby high chairs come with double trays that allow you to use the chair both for feeding the baby and to let her play while you finish eating.


Your baby’s safety should come before anything else. For this reason, make sure that you can place the child securely in the chair. Safety harnesses are desired and, if foldable, the high chair should have a secure locking mechanism.

The same goes for the wheels. If the chair has wheels, make sure you can block them when the baby is seated.

To make sure that the baby high chair complies with all baby safety rules and regulations, choose a certifies product.


Last but not least, accessories are also important. Most babies are not thrilled when introduced to a high chair and trust me, it’s a nightmare warming up baby food with a desperate baby screaming in the background.

Accessories such as toys, musical buttons, or other interactive elements that can keep the baby busy for at least five minutes are simply a blessing.

Best Baby High Chair For Your Tot

1. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

The Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair is more than just a baby high chair. This product is designed to grow with your baby and stay by her side from infancy to childhood. The unit is a high chair, booster and toddler chair that accommodates growing baby without hassle.

The booster and toddler chair modes can even accommodate two babies at once. This makes the high chair ideal for siblings, once both of them outgrown the high chair stage.

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The high chair is equipped with an adjustable tray that features 4 locking positions. The tray gives the baby enough room to grow and it can be completely removed once it’s not needed anymore. The tray can be removed with just one hand, a useful features if your baby falls asleep in the high chair.

Regarding the safety, the baby high chair features a 5-point harness designed to keep the baby in the chair regardless of her size.

Things We Liked

  • Convertible: this baby high chair can be used as a high chair, seat booster, and toddler chair. As booster and toddler chair it can even accommodate two babies at once.
  • Removable tray: the high chair comes with a removable tray that is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Recline: babies often fall asleep after eating. If this happens, just recline the high seat and let your little one rest comfortably while you’re finishing your meal.
  • Safe: the high chair has a weight capacity of 50 pounds and the baby is secured with a 5-point harness. For toddlers, the chair is equipped with a 3-point harness.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There are some design flaws which the manufacturer could improve.

2. Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair Seating System

Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair

If you think 3-in-1 is underrated, then a 4-in-1 high chair seating system might appeal to you more. The Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair Seating System is an ingenious system designed to accommodate babies from birth to childhood.

The high seat starts as an infant high chair with recline, designed for the youngest infants. In this high chair, you can feed your baby from a bottle, let her sit, or watch her sleep while you carry on with your mom chores.

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The system then converts to a traditional baby high seat equipped with a 5-point harness and an adjustable tray.

Once the baby outgrew the high chair stage, the system converts to a chair booster and toddler chair. At this stage, the system can accommodate two babies at a time and is suitable for siblings.

Things We Liked

  • Versatility: you can use this baby high chair from birth until your baby reaches childhood. It is suitable for babies between 0 and 36 months and can hold up to 60 pounds.
  • Cleaning: the chair is really easy to clean. The tray is removable and dishwasher safe while the padding is machine washable.
  • Easy to move: the high chair features wheels on the front legs and locking casters on the rear legs. It is easy to move around your house, even with the baby seated in the chair.
  • Comfortable: the high chair can recline and is equipped with an adjustable tray and an adjustable footrest. The thick padding also boosts the comfort.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The padding is machine washable but gets dirty really quickly and is impossible to clean without washing.

3. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

Fisher-Price comes with a solution suitable for those living in small apartments. If space is an issue, the SpaceSaver High Chair might be the right solution for you. Although looking as a chair booster, this baby high chair is suitable for infants and toddlers alike, bringing all the benefits of a traditional high chair in a compact product designed to fit the tiniest kitchens.

This high chair is suitable for babies who weigh 50 pounds or less and it includes a FastFinder link on which you can hang towels, bibs, toys, or any other items you want to keep at hand.

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The chair transforms easily into a booster seat that can securely keep the baby in place. Regarding safety, the high chair has a 5-point harness system that converts to a 3-point harness system when used as a booster.

Comfortable for the babies, the high chair also features a 3-position recline that makes feeding comfortable during the various stages. Moreover, the two height adjustments will help you find the right height setting to suit your little one.

Things We Liked

  • Compact: this baby high chair is designed to adapt to almost all chairs and it doesn’t occupy unnecessary space on the floor.
  • Easy to clean: the high seat is easy to clean. It has a removable and machine washable pad, and a removable and dishwasher safe tray.
  • Recline: the seat is designed to accommodate babies of various ages and it has a 3-position recline. It is comfortable in all growth stages.
  • Certified: this high chair is certified as safe by JPMA. It has safety harnesses and it is designed to keep your baby securely.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The tray removes awkwardly and food might fall off.

4. Evenflo Convertible High Chair

Evenflo Convertible High Chair

The Evenflo Convertible High Chair is a different type of convertible baby high chair. This system doesn’t convert to a chair booster and toddler chair, but to a floor toddler chair and table when the baby is old enough to feed on his own.

The high chair starts as a full-size high chair made up of two stacked elements. The two parts combine perfectly, providing a secure setting to your little one. This full-size high chair is recommended for babies aged 6 months or older. The baby has to sit upright on his own before using the chair.

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The baby high chair features three unique seating positions and it is ideal for the babies throughout the growing stages.

When the baby is old enough to keep his feet firmly on the floor, you can remove the chair from the tabletop and place it directly on the floor. At this stage, you can still use the tray to feed the baby. As soon as he starts feeding on his own, you can introduce him to the toddler-size table and remove the tray for good.

Things We Liked

  • System: this baby high chair is designed to teach the baby how to sit properly and how to eat at a table, which is awesome.
  • Safe: the parts are stackable yet secure. Moreover, the high chair features a harness system that keeps the baby in place.
  • Simple: the high chair has a linear design and a compact footprint. It fits well in the small kitchens and it is easy to store.
  • Colors: the high chair comes in two colors. You can choose between green and pick; both colors are suitable for both boys and girls.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The high chair doesn’t have a footrest, which might be uncomfortable for the baby.

5. Graco Simpleswitch Portable High Chair and Booster

Graco Simpleswitch Portable High Chair

Graco Simpleswitch Portable High Chair and Booster is a 2-in-1 baby high chair that comes with many interesting features. The high chair is suitable for babies up to 37 pounds and it converts to a chair booster with a weight capacity of 60 pounds.

Ideal for babies since the first feeding attempts, the high seat boasts a 3-position recline. This will help you find a comfortable position for your baby regardless of her age, and is one of the most popular features this high chair has.

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Regarding baby comfort, the chair is also padded with a removable and machine washable pad. This makes cleaning easy with a little baby detergent.

The tray is also removable and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Eventually, you can even wash the tray in the dishwasher if needed. Moreover, the built-in leg storage can help you store the chair in a small space when not in use.

Things We Liked

  • Safe: this high chair was built with baby safety in mind. It has a harness system designed to hold the baby and a removable tray.
  • Foldable: the high chair folds compactly when not in use and it has a built-in leg storage that saves on the space.
  • 2-in-1: this high chair converts to a booster when the baby is old enough and it can be used for a really long time.
  • Easy to clean: both the tray and the seat cover are removable and easy to clean.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The high chair doesn’t have wheels and it is hard to put together.

Conclusion & Final Pick

In my opinion, the best baby high chair on the market is the Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair Seating System from Graco. What you’ll love about this high chair is the fact that you can use it from day one. The high chair reclines to accommodate babies of all ages and it can be used up to childhood.

The high chair converts to a traditional high chair, to a booster, and to a toddler chair. The last two modes can accommodate two babies at one time and are ideal for siblings.

The baby high chair is easy to clean for the mom and safe and comfortable for the child. Available in many colors and patterns, this is a system to consider if you’re looking for long-term convenience.

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