Best Baby Shoes For Girls Reviews

The choice of the shoes, especially the shoes for the babies, is really difficult. Not only babies grow extremely fast, they also need high-quality shoes designed to allow a natural growth of their tiny feet. At this stage of their lives, all the bones of the child are growing fast, and a bad posture can cause serious issues for the baby’s physical development. If you don’t feel like reading our entire guide, check the best baby shoes for girls available on the market in the table below.

Apart from this, all moms want to buy fashionable shoes for their princesses, that look good and that could enhance the charming look of the little ones.

With so many manufacturers producing baby shoes, choosing the best ones is difficult. So, let’s see how to choose the best baby shoes for girls, then take a look at our selection to discover a few chic models.

How To Choose The Baby Shoes

As the specialists explain, the main characteristics of the shoes, especially in the case of children, should be flexibility, comfort, and lightness.

  • FlexibilitySmall babies and even toddlers up to about 3 years old, don’t know how to flex their feet to get into the shoes. This means that you will have to put the shoes on the feet of your baby with extreme ease, therefore a flexible shoe is a must.Furthermore, babies need to be able to move their toes inside the shoes and the shoes should not restrain the natural growth of their tiny feet.
  • ComfortTo ensure a proper development, the shoes must be comfortable. This means that they must have the right size and they must be made of breathable materials. Before buying the shoes, check the interior and make sure that there are no stitches that could hurt the baby.
  • LightweightLastly, the shoes must be lightweight. Until the baby starts walking, the best solution is investing in canvas shoes with flexible soles. Rigid soles should be introduced only when the baby starts walking and avoided as much as possible indoors.

The height of the shoes, on the other hand, should be above the ankle to allow a free movement.

In the summer time, try to avoid the closed shoes but also the flip-flops or clogs. The most indicated are the sandals that can be secured to the feet of the baby.

The last advice, when the baby is wearing the shoes try to observe her posture, the way she is keeping her legs and knees, to find out if she develops any posture problems related to unsuitable shoes.

How To Measure The Shoe Size Of A Baby?

Measuring the foot size of a baby might seem simple, but the truth is that this is a complex task. Babies rarely keep their feet straight and the simple measurement with a ruler doesn’t help in understanding if the shoes you want to buy really are the right size.

The first error new moms usually make is buying larger shoes thinking that the feet of the baby grow fast anyway. That is true, but loose shoes will prevent your baby from having a good posture when she starts walking, while large shoes are usually uncomfortable when she is too little.

On the other hand, not changing the shoes frequently enough can also generate problems. Too tight shoes are not only annoying or even painful for the little ones, they can also determine the feet to grow in a wrong shape.

So, how to measure the baby’s feet correctly?

Maintain the baby standing in an upright position (supporting her if necessary) on a white sheet of paper, and outline the contour of each foot with a pencil. Using a ruler and a pencil, trace a line from the tip of the toe to the most far point of the heel, the two perpendicular lines, one corresponding to the tip of the toe and another one with the heel. The distance between the two intersection points measured in inches corresponds to a standard size of the shoe.

Even if you know the size, the best way to buy shoes for your baby is going to a girl’s shopping session together so you can measure the shoes directly on her feet.

If you decide to do this, it is advisable to go shopping in the afternoon, as at that time of the day the baby’s feet are usually more swollen and it is easier to estimate the maximum extent of the foot. Put the shoes on the baby’s feet and check that the toes are not too compressed. To check this, gently press your thumb on the front of the shoe, making sure it is loose enough.

Some shoe brands equip their shoes with “clever pads” that can be easily pulled out from the shoes and rest on the baby’s feet, so you will be able to understand immediately if the shoes are too large or too small for your little one.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most popular baby shoes for girls available on the market.

Best Baby Shoes For Girls

Carter's Every Step Stage 3 Walking Shoe Taylor$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Infant Girls' Shoes Floral Net Yarn Ballerina Shoes$$Star rating 4 of 5
M2cbridge Baby Girl's Bow Dress Shoe Pre-walker Crib Shoe$$Star rating 4 of 5
Step & Stride Inche Adjustable Sneakers$$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
NATURA-ANNA Wobbly Waddlers Leather Sneaker Sandal$$$$$Star rating 5 of 5

1. Carter’s Every Step Stage 3 Walking Shoe Taylor

Carter's Every Step Stage

Founded by Williams Carter in 1865, the brand began as a family owned business specialized in manufacturing baby shoes for the various stages of a baby’s life. The renowned manufacturer proposes different lines of shoes for infants and toddlers divided into the collections crawl, standing and walk.

The Every Step Stage 3 Walking Shoes collection is dedicated to the last stage, walking, and addresses toddlers from the walking age onwards. The collection includes shoes for both boys and girls, Taylor being one of the chicest models for baby girls.

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This shoe is simply beautiful. The design is simple and somehow sporty, yet it matches perfectly both with cute dresses or blue jeans. The shoes are navy blue with white polka dots, enhanced by a baby rose soil designed to provide superior stability and flexibility. The shoes are secured with Velcro, being easy to take off or to put on.

Things We Liked

  • Molded rubber sole: designed to provide superior stability and a better traction, the Every Step Stage 3 Walking Shoes have a flexible, molded rubber sole.
  • Sensory pods: for an even better balance, in addition to the molded rubber sole the shoes are equipped with sensory pods at the forefoot and heel.
  • Wide fit: the shoes are roomy and they feature a self-adjusting fit that accommodates the growing feet of the baby.
  • Beautiful style: sporty yet elegant, these shoes can match multiple styles and provide the right balance to your little one in any situation.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some parents advised about some bumps inside the shoes that made the baby feel uncomfortable.

2. Infant Girls’ Shoes Floral Net Yarn Ballerina Shoes

Infant Girls' Shoes Floral Net Yarn Ballerina Shoes

If you are searching for a pair of elegant infant shoes for your little baby girl, maybe to dress her up before introducing her to family and friends, these Floral Net Yarn ballerina shoes will certainly make the difference.

These shoes are made of fabric and crochet lace, while beautiful details such as romantic bows or chiffon flowers enhance their design. An elastic band secures the shoe to the foot while the design is still wide enough to allow a perfect fit.

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The sole of the shoes is just as nice as the upper part. Decorated either with hearts or with flowers, the soles complete the attractive look of these ballerinas.

Things We Liked

  • Easy on and off: putting shoes on an infant is daunting task, but these ballerinas shoes are sufficiently wide and flexible to be easily put on and off the baby’s feet.
  • Various dimensions: the manufacturer proposes three different sizes for newborn babies up to 6 months, between 6 and 12 months and between 12 and 18 months.
  • Wide color range: the shoes are made in 6 different colors that varies between white and black and include two shades of pink, red and gray shoes.
  • Made of cotton: cotton is a breathable and antiallergenic material ideal for the babies. You will not have to worry about allergies to materials or other skin conditions and you will know that your baby’s feet are kept fresh at all times.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The shoes are really cute but they are a little too large for small babies.

3. M2cbridge Baby Girl’s Bow Dress Shoe Pre-walker Crib Shoe

M2cbridge Baby Girl's Bow Dress Shoe Infant

If you are looking for a pair of fashionable shoes for your little girl to dress her up for a party or event, the M2cbridge Baby Girl's Bow Dress Shoe might be the ones you are looking for.

The manufacturer proposes different styles and colors, the most beautiful being, in our opinion, the golden glitter ones. Nevertheless, if you prefer other styles, the same shoes come in a wide selection of colors and accessories that fit every style.

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Stylish and comfortable, these shoes are made of soft fabric and have a convenient design that ensures an easy put on or take off. The size can be easily adjusted and the shoes fit perfectly thanks to the Velcro strap that secures the shoe to the foot.

The shoes come in three different sizes that correspond to different age groups. These pre-walk crib shoes are recommended for newborn and toddlers up to 18 months old, although they could fit perfectly older babies if they have small feet. And they could make a perfect baby shower gift too.

Things We Liked

  • Color and style selection: these shoes are manufactured in 13 different colors and styles and can literally be a perfect fit for any occasion.
  • High-quality Velcro: small babies are renowned for taking their shoes off dozens of times and in some cases the Velcro shoes are not a good solution. However, the Velcro strip on these shoes is of high quality and resists to multiple take on and off.
  • Anti-slip sole: although these are pre-walk shoes, the sole is padded with anti-slip insertions that help the toddlers maintain balance and walk on pavements.
  • Soft interior: the interior of the shoes is designed to provide ultimate comfort to the little feet of the babies, being padded with a soft fabric made of cotton.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The attention to detail is just not there on some models and the measures not always correspond to the actual size of the baby’s feet.

4. Step & Stride Inche Adjustable Sneakers

Step & Stride Inche

If your baby girl is already a curious toddler ready to walk and explore all the corners of your house and the mysteries of the neighborhood, than these adjustable sneakers from Step & Stride might become her faithful companion.

Besides having an absolutely lovely design, these baby shoes also have outstanding characteristics, beginning with the fabric and ending with the comfortable sole. The upper part of the shoe is made of breathable fabric designed to keep the little feet cool at all times. The sole is made of rubber and it has an excellent grip, allowing even the most unsecure baby walk safely.

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The design is beautiful, the vibrant color being eye-catchy. The combination between the electric blue and lollypop pink will certainly make your baby stand out, but if you’d rather opt for a more sober color, you could choose the green and gray model.

The shoes are washable and adjustable, therefore it is easy to keep them clean and they can accommodate all sizes of feet.

Things We Liked

  • Eye-catchy design: as already mentioned, the beautiful combination of colors is attractive and will make every little girl fall in love with these shoes.
  • Various sizes: your girl will be able to wear the shoes from when she’s about one up to 8 years old, as the manufacturer produces this model in a wide number of sizes.
  • Removable insoles: thanks to the Magic Adjust feature the shoes can accommodate both medium and wide feet.
  • Easy on and off: thanks to the Velcro system, putting the shoes on or taking them off is a breeze.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The shoes are washable and easy to clean but it takes forever to dry them up.

5. NATURA-ANNA Wobbly Waddlers Leather Sneaker Sandal

NATURA-ANNA | Wobbly Waddlers

Designed for infants and toddlers and suitable for all stages of development, these leather sneaker sandal by Wobbly Waddlers are made of genuine premium leather and rubber, are very flexible and are able to protect the tiny feet in literally any circumstances.

Apart from the technical details, these baby shoes are simply beautiful, impressing with well-cured details and high-quality of the make.

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Regarding the protective features, the thing that stands out is the lightweight rubber sole that extends on the insole to form a rounded rubber tip designed to protect the toes of the baby in all circumstances. The sole is anti-slip and the baby will be able to crawl or walk freely thanks to the unmatched flexibility of the sole.

The shoes are also equipped with ankle and arch support, maintaining in this way the foot on the right position and distributing the weight of the body evenly.

The shoes are designed to fit girls from since they were born up to about 3 years, depending on the size of the baby.

Things We Liked

  • Attractive design: these shoes are probably the most lovely leather shoes available on the market. The soft leather will keep the baby’s feet cool and the details will make your little one love the shoes. The main color is purple with pink details and a butterfly fitted on the Velcro strip.
  • Easy on and off: fitted with Velcro strip, putting these shoes on and off is a breeze.
  • Nature-Flex Technology: these shoes are extremely flexible, being able to respect the shape of the foot with impressive accuracy. For this reason, your baby will be able to wear these shoes regardless of the activity.
  • Rubber rounded tip: to protect the toes and to fit the baby comfortably, the shoes boast a rounded rubber tip.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The shoes are awesome but if you don’t like purple, you won’t be able to find them in any other color.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Depending on the age of your baby and your personal taste, there are numerous choices on the market. But which are the best baby shoes for girls available on the market?

In our opinion, NATURA-ANNA leather sneaker sandal from Wobbly Waddlers.

Some may argue that these shoes don’t come in a wide color selection, and it is true. But when it comes to something as important as the shoes we believe that the characteristics are more important than the looks. And to be honest, we love the attractive and feminine design of these shoes.

On the other hand, we also love the ankle and arch support and the Nature-Flex technology that allow the shoe to follow the shape of the foot regardless of the position of the baby. Apart from this, these shoes are designed to protect the delicate feet of babies from when they start crawling up to about 3 years, an age when babies are quite confident when walking.

For all these features, we really recommend giving these shoes a chance.

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