Five Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Box Ideas

When someone close to you is having a baby, you certainly want to have the perfect baby shower gift. And a baby shower gift box might be a perfect choice. But what should be in the box? Is there a “right” gift to think of?

With so much baby gear and clothing available on the market, getting the right baby shower gift box is often overwhelming. Read on to learn how to find the perfect gift or click on the links in the table below and check out five awesome gender-neutral gift boxes for the baby shower.

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Whether it is for your best friend, an immediate family member or a colleague from work, finding the right baby shower gift is exhausting. There are dozens of choices. There is baby gear, there are baby clothes, there are toys, and the list could continue.

To make things even harder, there are dozens of patterns for boys, girls, and gender neutral. So, what makes a perfect gift? Read this guide and learn how to make your baby shower gift stand out!

How To Choose A Perfect Baby Shower Gift Box

When choosing a baby shower gift, many of us focus on getting baby-useful items. But are there any original gifts to think of? Probably, but when choosing the gift you should follow the etiquette and adapt the gift to the personality of the future mom.

Check The Registry

In the modern world, a newborn needs dozens of things besides food and shelter. Diapers, swaddle blankets, a carrier, a baby car seat, toys, and the list can go on and on. To know what the future mom needs, and to stick to the etiquette, check the registry.

Most of the times, baby shower hostesses mention if there is a registry and where to find it in the baby shower invitation card. If nothing is mentioned on the card, just ask the hostess. If the baby shower is not a surprise, you can even ask the mom-to-be what she might need, above all if this isn’t the first child.

Consider The Gender

If you know the gender of the future baby, it is indicated to choose gender-specific colors or patterns. When the future parents didn’t disclose the gender of the future baby – or if they don’t know it yet – play safe and go for gender-neutral.

You can choose gender-neutral gifts even if you know the gender but want to stand out with a more original choice.

Consider Safety

baby shower gift box

Regardless of the gift, consider baby safety before buying. If you decide to buy clothes or garments, make sure they are made of 100% cotton and are not decorated with removable parts, such as buttons or appliques.

Toys should be appropriate for newborns, baby gear should also come with a safety certificate, while for the baby bottles and other accessories, choose BPA and phthalate-free products.

Consider The Season

All baby shower gifts are great, but if want to buy baby clothes or bedding, consider the season when the baby is due. Presenting a lightweight and breathable blanket might not be the best choice if the baby is due in winter. On the contrary, a heavy quilt is useless for the summer.

Go For Practical

While toys make beautiful baby shower gifts, they are not practical for the future parents and the baby won’t need them for at least a few months. Diapers, garments, baby bottles, and even baby wipes might be less fashionable but more useful for both mom and newborn.

If you want to be ultra-practical, find out what stroller or baby car seat the mom wants and pitch in with other guests to make a large gift to the future parents.

Think Unique

More often than not, baby shower gifts are focused towards the baby. But if everything on the registry’s list has been covered, why not pamper the future mom and choose a gift for her? A gift card at a beauty salon, a massage center or a good restaurant will certainly be appreciated.

Booking a maiden service to clean the house in the week after birth is also a unique gift the future mom will love. A baby shower gift box containing body care products for pregnant women also makes a unique baby shower gift. 

Original Items To Include In A Baby Shower Gift Box

Although there are dozens of baby shower gift boxes available on the market, maybe you might want to make your own. To make an original gift box, just pick some original items nobody thinks of and surprise the future mom and the other guests with your innovative spirit. Here are a few things to include.

  • Baby clothes dividers: at a baby shower, the mom will most likely receive lots of baby clothes. Some of them might be suitable for the newborn, others for an older infant. The closed dividers have age groups printed on them and help the new mom organize the little one’s wardrobe.
  • ToteSavvy: diaper bags are expensive and there are few fashionable models on the market. If the future mom is a fashion victim, she might like more a ToteSavvy than a diaper bag. This accessory helps moms transform their fashionable tote into an upscale diaper bag in no time.
  • Postpartum help gift card: the new mom will have dozens of questions and fears. To help her out, hire a postpartum doula or a professional nanny to help the mom in the first days. Just ask a few other guests to pitch in with you and give the mom precious help.
  • Postpartum recovery kit: a woman’s body goes through lots of changes after birth. A recovery kit including lotions and postpartum skincare products is an original gift the mom will surely appreciate.
  • Portable changing mat: every mom will need a portable changing mat. Most diaper bags come with one, but they are hardly suitable for the purpose. To solve the issue, just give the mom a high-quality changing mat she can take everywhere.

If you still need suggestions, here are five gender neutral baby shower gift box ideas to consider.

5 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Box Ideas

1. First 5 Years Baby Memory Book

First 5 Years Baby Memory Book

The First 5 Years Baby Memory Book is a baby shower gift box all future moms will appreciate, even if this is not the first baby. This memory book is designed to help parents record and keep track of the most precious memories from the first years of life.

The Tiny-Gifts album is ideal for all babies and boasts a smart design that tells you where to lay the photos. This will give the new mom peace of mind and help her record memories while sticking to a busy postpartum schedule.

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But the greatest part about this album is that it is designed to record everything for the baby’s first five years of life, including pregnancy.

The album comes with a clean-touch ink pad that will allow parents to make a keepsake out of the baby’s hand and foot prints, and everything is packed in a stylish and gender neutral gift box.

Things We Liked

  • Theme: this memory book is gender neutral and its cover is decorated with colorful balloons and a cute Koala bear.
  • Gift box: the gender-neutral gift box is stylish and attractive. It doesn’t need any wrapping and you can simply decorate it with a beautiful bow.
  • Clean-touch ink pad: this lovely ink pad will allow the future mom to make a keepsake out of her baby’s hand and foot prints.
  • Lifetime guarantee: the manufacturer stands for the quality of this product and the album comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It might be tricky to imprint the baby’s hands and feet with the clean-touch ink.

2. Swaddle Blankets – Cotton Muslin Newborn Baby Gifts

The swaddles are beautifully crafted in lightweight cotton muslin, are breathable and perfect for newborns, babies with sensitive skin and even for those suffering from allergies.

The multifunctional blankets have a perfect size. Measuring 47×47 inches, they work well for many purposes, are durable, stylish, and made to last for a long time.

Things We Liked

  • Great sleepers: there are many proven benefits of swaddling, and these blankets will help the newborn sleep well in the new environment.
  • Design: all blankets boast stylish and gender-neutral designs. The factory animals are cute and fun, and the baby will surely like them once he’ll be old enough.
  • Versatile: these swaddle blankets double as breastfeeding covers, burp cloths, and they can cover the surfaces on which the baby sits.
  • Gift box: the blankets come in a sophisticated gift box that gives a contemporary style to this ageless gift. Ideal to present at a baby shower.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The blankets are very thin, yet they are resistant.

3. 4 Piece Baby Hair Brush Set with Baby Brush

4 Piece Baby Hair Brush Set with Baby Brush

Babies need a grooming set from birth, yet only a few think of giving one to the future mom. If you’re looking for a baby shower gift box that stands out, then this set might be the one you were looking for.

The Babylinos Natural Baby Brush set is a complete and practical baby shower present for boys, girls or twins. Packed in a gender-neutral box and containing useful items designed for baby healthcare, and the set is perfect to use for events such as Christianizing.

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The set includes a soft brush, a massage brush, a soft silicone brush and a comb. The soft silicone brush is ideal for newborns and designed to moisturize and massage the scalp of the little ones. The other brushes and the comb are made of wood and other natural materials.

To avoid the use of chemical or potentially-harmful materials, the manufacturer used only solid maple wood for these grooming accessories. The soft brush is made of goat hair while the massage brush features an air hole that makes it flexible.

Things We Liked

  • Natural materials: these grooming accessories are made of all natural materials. The manufacturer didn’t use any potentially-harmful materials or substances, including paints or varnishes.
  • Soft silicone brush: designed to soothe the newborns, this soft silicone brush massages the scalp and moisturize the baby’s skin.
  • Choice: the set comes in a gender-neutral gift box but it is also available in a pink or a blue box. It is possible, therefore, to match the gift with the baby’s gender.
  • Box: the set is packed in a colorful box which doesn’t need wrapping. This is a great baby shower gift that certainly stands out.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The goat’s hair bristles on the soft brush fall off easily.

4. Baby Yei Handprint and Footprint Picture Frame

Baby Yei Handprint and Footprint Picture Frame

Baby Yei Handprint and Footprint Picture Frame is another great baby shower gift to consider. Coming in a stylish box and ideal for both boys and girls, this beautiful gift consists of a premium wood picture frame filled with mold sand.

Designed to allow new parents create an amazing keepsake of their baby’s tiny hands and feet, this beautiful gift will delight any future mom. The frame has a neutral color and is designed to accommodate two pictures.

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There is also a large area with mold clay to use for the baby’s prints. Everything is covered by a stylish crystal-clear Plexiglass that looks like real glass but is more resistant and won’t break if the frame is dropped.

This premium-quality gift comes in a lovely gift box and is backed up by a lifetime warranty. To benefit from the warranty, you’ll just have to register the product on the manufacturer’s website.

Things We Liked

  • Frame: this stylish frame is made of wood and is covered by high-quality Plexiglass. This baby-safe choice of materials is great.
  • E-book: the frame comes with a free e-book that explains how to take make the impressions to create a beautiful memory.
  • Box: the frame comes in a colorful and gender neutral gift box that doesn’t require any wrapping. A great feature if you have little time available.
  • Warranty: this gift is backed up by a lifetime warranty. Just make sure the mom will register the product on the manufacturer’s website.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The molding clay might crack. 

5. Bambino Babies Softest 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket Set

Bambino Babies Softest 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket Set

Last but not least, Bambino Babies Softest 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket set is another baby shower gift to consider if you’re looking for something versatile, useful, and popular. From all the swaddle blankets out there, these ones stand out thanks to the quality material and gender neutral decorations.

This set of blankets consists of four 100% cotton muslin swaddle blankets that promote a minimal use of patterns and colors. The blankets are ideal for newborns and babies with skin allergies. They have minimal fun decorations in gender-neutral colors.

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These versatile blankets are made for swaddling but can be used for many other purposes. The future mom will be able to use them as burp cloths and even as nursing covers.

Thanks to the giant size, the blankets are ideal for all babies. In detail, each swaddle blanket measures 47×47 inches and is large enough to cover an entire baby bed. The cotton is luxurious, soft to touch, and it only gets softer and softer when washed.

Things We Liked

    Material: these swaddle blankets are made of 100% cotton muslin and are ideal for all babies, even those suffering from skin allergies.
  • Size: each blanket measures 47×47 inches and is ideal to cover the crib completely. They can double as a nursing cover or burp cloths.
  • Box: the blankets come in a beautiful baby shower gift box which is made of environmentally-friendly cardboard.
  • Swaddle instructions: on the back of the box, there is detailed instruction to swaddle the baby. Really helpful for first-time moms.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some blankets might have minor stitching issues.

Conclusion & Final Pick

In deciding which is the best baby shower gift box from the choices above, we considered the originality of the product. As a result, in our opinion, the best gift box is the First 5 Years Baby Memory Book.

Allowing the future parents to document the development of the baby from pregnancy to the fifth birthday, this baby shower gift will be appreciated by all future moms. The album boasts a wonderful design that shows new parents exactly where to stick the photos.

Moreover, the album comes with a clean-touch ink pad that allows parents to make a keepsake out of their baby’s hand and foot prints. The ink will not come in contact with the baby’s skin, which is great.

For all these reasons, and for many more, we believe this baby shower gift box is one of the best on the market.

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