Best Diaper Bag Organizer For Busy Moms

A diaper bag organizer is a product design to keep baby’s and your stuff sorted in the diaper bag. But do you really need one? Many new moms, including myself, believe that if a diaper bag comes with lots of pockets that’s enough to keep all items organized.

This couldn’t be more wrong. Read on to find out why, or click on the links in the table below to check our favorite diaper bag organizers on the market.

Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches by Mother Load$$$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Biubee 3 Pack Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Diaper Bag Insert Organizer by MommyDaddy&Me$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
ALVABABY 3Pcs Diaper Wet Dry Bags$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
BES CHAN Bag In Bag Backpack Insert Organizer$£$$Star rating 4.5 of 5

An honest confession from mom to mom. With my first child, I believed a huge diaper bag with dozens of pockets would be enough to keep everything tidy. But soon enough, most of the pockets became a sort of trash bin or black holes where I’d lost pacifiers, baby lotions, teething toys and other essentials.

With my second child, I changed strategy. I now use diaper bag pockets too, but mostly use a diaper bag organizer that keeps everything sorted and at hand. And here’s why you should do it too.

Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Diaper Bag Organized

Most moms, and above all busy moms, find out soon enough after giving birth that a diaper bag can hold all imaginable things, from clean spare clothes and diapers to toys, baby bottles, soiled diapers and clothes and either yucky stuff.

And more often than not, there is such a mess in the bag that it’s hard to tell which are the clean clothes and which are the soiled ones.

On top of this, the diaper bag also acts as some sort of a “pitfall” where to throw keys, phone, wallet, and maybe a coffee bottle for you. Now, if you don’t mind that your newborn might turn into a toddler while you’re still looking for the keys to open the front door, then you probably don’t need a diaper bag organizer.

But if you’d like to speed things up, the best thing to do is to invest in a good diaper bag organizer. Then, use these tips and tricks to keep things at hand.

  • Keep it minimal. Don’t overpack just because you might need more stuff. Consider where you’re going and for how long, and pack accordingly.
  • Pockets. You’ll need many pockets, including on the exterior of the diaper bag. Use these to store your essentials, such as wallet and keys, as they are more accessible.
  • Keep stuff in the bag. A huge and time-consuming mistake is to fill the diaper bag with supplies right before walking out the door. To avoid forgetting important stuff, keep the diaper bag supplies in the diaper bag at all times. Invest in two baby lotions and keep one in the bag. Do the same with baby bibs, pacifiers, diapers, baby bottles, and snack bags. Top up the supplies as soon as you consume them to keep things under control.
  • Store pacifiers in baby food containers. In this way, it will be easier to find them when needed.
  • Pick a diaper bag with changing mat. This is important for two reasons. First, many changing mats don’t fit in a traditional diaper bag, but if they come together you’ll know it’ll fit. Second, a changing mat is an important accessory when changing the baby in public.
  • Make baby kits. Then store them in the house and only take them with you when needed. For example, you can make a beach kit with sunscreen, bug spray, and a sun hat, to take with you on vacation. Or a grandma kit with two or three clothing changes, a baby bottle, and a toy.
  • Use diaper bag organizers. There are dozens of models, from diaper bag pouches similar to travel cubes to one-piece organizers with pockets and compartments. In the case of pouches, use color codes or labels to identify things easier.
  • Use wet bags for soiled clothes. Doggie poop bags work just as fine, and they are ideal to store soiled diapers until you can dispose of them properly.

How To Choose A Diaper Bag Organizer

Even if there are dozens of models of diaper bags on the market, the choices reduce to two types, pouches or bag inserts.

We can’t say that one type is better than the other, and at the end of the day, it all comes to a personal preference. But what’s the difference between them?

Diaper Bag Pouches

Diaper bag pouches are similar to the popular travel cubes. They come in sets, vary in size, and are usually color-coded to enable an easy identification of the items in the bag. These bags are usually transparent and made of waterproof materials. Zippers hold the items securely in each bag, and they fit in most diaper bags, including the smaller ones.

Dry/wet bags of various sizes can work in the same way as the organizing pouches and are a great alternative.

Diaper Bag Inserts

The diaper bag inserts are similar to the bath caddies. They have various compartments and side pockets where to place the essentials. They are easy to place on the bottom of the bag and the compartments will tempt you to put each item in its space.

However, most bag inserts don’t have a wet compartment, which might mean you’ll have to use a dry/wet bag to store soiled clothes or diapers. However, this isn’t a major drawback.

Best Diaper Bag Organizer For Busy Moms

1. Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches by Mother Load

Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches

This diaper bag organizer set of five pouches is perfect for all diaper bags, from the smallest to the largest. Ideal for busy moms, the pouches are lightweight and stylish, fitting flawlessly in a tote diaper bag, backpack, or even in a luxury handbag.

The versatile color-coded pouches come with embroidered icons for easy parent accessibility. Four of the pouches are made of stretch mesh and are large enough to hold all baby essentials, from snacks, clean clothes, toys, and clean diapers. One of the bags, designed to hold clean diapers, baby wipes, and baby lotion, even has an included changing mat.

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The last pouch is a convenient dry/wet bag specifically designed to hold soiled clothes and diapers.

We like the excellent quality of the pouches, which are made of water-resistant, durable and ultra-sleek nylon that protects items from spills. They are also very easy to clean, while the see-through stretch mesh helps to quickly identify the contents. Moreover, the set is ideal for travel purposes too.

Things We Liked

  • Ideal for intense use: these diaper bag organizer pouches are lightweight yet durable, machine washable and made of transparent mesh. They are ideal for intense use.
  • Color-coded: each of the five bags is color-coded and decorated with embroidered icons, ensuring an easy accessibility.
  • Stylish look: these organizer pouches are elegant and fit flawlessly into all bags, including a luxury handbag.
  • Changing mat: for added convenience, the diaper pouch comes with a matching changing mat. A great addition to the pack.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This product is expensive and some moms feel the pouches are too big.

2. Biubee 3 Pack Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags

Biubee 3 Pack Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags

Biubee 3 Pack Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags is not what you’d call a traditional diaper bag organizer, but it’s convenient enough to use these pouches and organize your bag. The wet/dry pouches are made of high-quality durable and waterproof TPU cloth and come decorated with different motifs.

For this reason, it’s easy to use these pouches to hold different baby items, such as clean clothes, change of diapers, and soiled garments. Spacious enough to hold a variety of baby essentials and accessories, each pouch measures 13.8x11 inches.

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A thing we like on each pouch is the zippered compartments that can accommodate both dry and wet items at the same time while keeping them separate. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to use a pouch for different series of items, maximizing organization.

The bags are also environmentally-friendly, washable and reusable. You can clean small stains with a damp cloth or a wet sponge, or simply machine washes the pouches for a thorough cleaning.

Things We Liked

  • Design: these pouches are designed to hold both wet and dry items at the same time while keeping them separated.
  • Patterns: the fabrics used to make these dry/wet bags are colorful, cheerful, and decorated with different patterns. This allows an easy “coding” of your organizer.
  • Button handle: thanks to this convenient feature, it’s even possible to leave your diaper bag at home and use only a pouch on short trips. The button handle is easy to attach to a stroller’s handlebar.
  • Easy to clean: these pouches are made of a waterproof material which is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth or machine wash.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not being specific diaper bag organizer pouches, these wet/dry bags are large and take up a lot of space in the diaper bag.

3. Diaper Bag Insert Organizer by MommyDaddy&Me

Diaper Bag Insert Organizer for Stylish Moms

This stylish diaper bag organizer by MommyDaddy&Me boasts a spacious storage space with 12 pockets and fits perfectly with most tote bags, allowing moms to transform any bag in a diaper bag. The bag insert consists of a rectangle with six large inside pockets for large items, such as baby wipes, diapers, bottles, or sippy cups, and six side pockets for small essentials such as cellphone, wallet, and keys.

The sturdy construction provides enough stability to the organizer to stand without collapsing, while the item is also soft enough to not add excessive extra-weight while carrying the bag.

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One of the best features of this diaper bag insert organizer is that it converts to a shoulder bag or car organizer thanks to the removable strap included in the box. The strap is long enough to convert the organizer even into a stylish cross-body bag for the dad.

As for the materials, the insert organizer is made of a beautiful waterproof and durable material that is easy to wipe clean. Available in multiple colors, the insert is designed to match the vast majority of tote bags on the market.

Things We Liked

  • Insert organizer: this diaper bag organizer is designed to fit in a tote bag and transform it into a stylish diaper bag.
  • Roomy: the organizer has 6 large inside pockets and 6 side pockets. Its overall dimensions are 11.8×7.9×6.3 inches.
  • Shoulder strap: the insert converts to a shoulder bag, cross-body bag or car organizer in seconds, thanks to the convenient shoulder strap. 
  • Choice: this organizer comes in eight stylish colors which are easy to match with your personality or with the color of your bag.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Although it fits in most bags, some moms feel this organizer is too small and lacks structure.

4. ALVABABY 3Pcs Diaper Wet Dry Bags

ALVABABY 3Pcs Diaper Wet Dry Bags

Another alternative solution is offered by ALVABABY. This set of three wet/dry bags are perfect to organize your baby’s essential and keep them at hand at all times. The set includes three bags of different sizes, which makes it easier to identify the right pouch in the purse.

The largest bag measures 16x13.3 inches and can hold up to 10-12 cloth diapers, the medium bag measures 14.5x11.8 inches while the smallest bag measures 11.5x9 inches.

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Each pouch comes with two zippered compartments designed to keep items separate. Thanks to the convenient design, it is even possible to store both dry and wet items in the same pouch. And thanks to the stylish design, the pouches transform into stylish travel cubes after the baby has grown.

Things We Liked

  • Pouches: this set contains three pouches of different sizes. They fit well in most diaper bags and are versatile enough to keep things organized.
  • Stylish: the feathered pattern on the bags is cheerful yet stylish enough to use for babies or adults. Three other patterns are also available.
  • Compartments: each wet/dry bag has two separate zippered compartments that allow keeping both dry and wet garments in the same pouch.
  • Versatile: these bags work wonderfully as a diaper bag organizer or you could use them as travel cubes.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Due to shipping errors, it might happen to receive three bags of the same size.

5. BES CHAN Bag In Bag Backpack Insert Organizer

BES CHAN Bag In Bag Backpack

If you like diaper backpacks, or for the dad, the BES CHAN Bag In Bag Backpack Insert Organizer might be the right diaper bag organizer to consider. This product is made of 100% premium nylon that is soft, pliable, lightweight, and well-constructed.

The organizer measures 10.63x5.9x13.78 inches and fits in most backpacks, but also in some models of the diaper bag. Although not designed specifically for diapers, the numerous compartments allow a convenient division of baby items too.

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The organizer has six pockets and a large main compartment. The back side is made of sturdy PVC board which keeps it straight, while some of the pockets are equipped with keychain or handles. Thanks to its low weight, the organizer has a little impact on the weight of the diaper bag.

For smaller bags, the organizer is even available in a mini version, which might be more appropriate for a tote or messenger diaper bag.

Things We Liked

  • Design: this insert organizer is sturdy and spacious. It fits in most backpacks and even in some tote diaper bags.
  • Versatility: the organizers serves much more than holding diapers. The spacious main compartment can accommodate a laptop, while the side pockets can hold numerous items.
  • Choice: if this organizer is too large for you, the manufacturer proposes a mini version ideal for smaller diaper bags. 
  • Lightweight: this product is sturdy yet lightweight. It will not add much extra weight to the diaper bag, which is great.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The insert organizer isn’t made specifically for diaper bags, is hard to clean and might not be fit to hold soiled clothes.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Without a doubt, the Mother Load diaper bag organizer pouches are our favorite on the market. They are cheerful, versatile, and designed for the purpose. The set includes five convenient cubes designed to hold all baby essentials.

Colored coded and embroidered, the pouches are easy to identify in the bag. They are even made of transparent mesh, which allows seeing the content. But even if they are transparent, the pouches are still made of a water-resistant material, keeping the clean clothes and baby gear protected.

A dry/wet bag completes the set and brings further benefits. It is designed to hold soiled clothes and diapers, preventing any unwanted leaks. Although expensive, the set fits well in most diaper bags and is probably the most convenient solution to consider.

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