The Best Gerber Baby Food: Finding An Alternative To Homemade Meals

To buy or to make? A daunting question for many parents. And while in the depth of your soul you probably know the answer already, Gerber baby food is a great alternative to homemade. Packed with all nutrients a baby needs, Gerber meals promote the healthy development of your bundle of joy.

If you’d like to learn more about this option read on. Too exhausted to read but curious which are your best options? Click on the links in the table below.

Gerber First Foods Assorted Fruits and Vegetables Variety Pack$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Baby Food$$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Gerber 2nd Foods Fruit & Veggie Value Pack$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Gerber 2nd Foods Meats-Chicken & Gravy-2.5 Oz-24 Pack$$$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5

All parents want what’s best for their babies. When it comes to food, this usually means homemade meals. But making your own baby food might not always be possible. If you’ve returned to work, travel, or are simply too sick to cook, a ready-to-serve alternative might seem a god-sent.

As with anything else baby-related, the market is full of options. But among the dozens of brands, Gerber stands out. Considered one of the top baby food manufacturers, Gerber is synonymous with healthy foods and great nutrients.

Homemade Vs. Store Food

Every realistic mom knows that her baby will eat store-bought baby food sooner or later. But parents are divided into the supporters of homemade baby food and those who claim that store-bought meals are better. Which is the truth?

In short, a study has revealed that homemade baby food isn’t necessarily healthier than store-bought food, but researchers suggest that it still might be better to make your own baby food. Now, that’s confusing.

Well, according to the study, homemade baby food is better because it allows parents to choose the ingredients. This means that you can control what the baby is eating, make sure that all veggies and fruits are fresh and that the meat is sourced from reputable breeders. But this doesn’t make it healthier than the ready-meals because most baby food recipes simply include more protein, fats, and sugars than the baby actually needs.

In other words, homemade baby food might be healthier if the parents would follow a specific nutritional plan formulated for the age of the baby, instead of cooking generic baby food meals.

Store baby food, on the other hand, is formulated to address the nutritional needs of a specific age. Therefore, it is healthier than homemade food because it only gives the baby what she needs. Yet, you’ll not be able to control the provenience of the ingredients.

For this reason, it is recommended to only choose reputable baby food brands renowned for the selection of their ingredients. If possible, it is also recommended to choose organic baby food, such as Gerber, even if it’s more expensive than other options.

Why Gerber Baby Food

gerber baby food

Gerber is one of the most popular baby food makers. Owing their popularity to the quality of their purees, the brand is famous almost everywhere in the Western countries. But with so many other brands out there, why choose Gerber?


Gerber baby food is one of the healthier choices as far as store-bought baby meals are concerned. The manufacturer uses only high-quality ingredients and many of their baby foods are organic. According to the American Pediatric Association, organic food might be healthier for the baby, therefore it seems logical to choose it.

On the other hand, Gerber claims it doesn’t add sugars or salt to the baby purees, which is great. However, their baby food might still contain a higher concentration of sugars and salt than homemade baby foods because some of their purees are made from fruit or vegetable concentrates.


Gerber baby food is divided into three stages, that allow you to pick the right jar corresponding to the age of the baby. All foods are purees but the quantity increases and the food become more textured as the baby grows older.

These foods are also convenient to store. The uncapped jars can usually be stored at room temperature, while open jars can usually last for a day or two in the refrigerator.


Gerber baby food is available in a wide range of tastes. The first stage foods include single fruit or single vegetable purees. The second stage includes purees made of multiple fruits and vegetables, while the third stage introduces the baby to meet and more complex flavors.

The Best Gerber Baby Food For Your Little One

1. Gerber First Foods Assorted Fruits and Vegetables Variety Pack

gerber baby food

Most pediatricians recommend pureed fruits or vegetables as baby’s first foods, and this convenient pack of Gerber Assorted Fruits And Vegetable Variety Pack is perfect for infants just starting food diversification. The pack includes 18 baby food jars of 5oz each.

The choice of fruits and veggies is great and complies with the typical choices of those who prepare their own baby food. The manufacturer included four jars of banana puree, four of apple puree and four of sweet potato puree, while there are two jars of each carrot, green beans, and peach.

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The purees come in glass jars with lids that close tightly after they have been opened. This means you’ll be able to seal the jars and store the leftover food for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. Moreover, the glass used is lead-free and it’s healthier than plastic.

As for the purees, they have a smooth texture that is soft on the baby’s palate. They are ideal for a baby’s first food and are made of premium quality products. The bananas are farm-grown and all the other ingredients are carefully selected to meet high-quality standards.

Things We Liked

  • Convenience: this pack of Gerber 1st foods purees contains 18 baby food jars with a capacity of 5oz each. This means plenty of baby food to start with.
  • Jars: these jars come with lids that are easy to reseal. This will allow you to store the food for later use.
  • Choice: Gerber has included 12 jars of banana, apple, and sweet potato, 4 of each. Since the pediatricians recommend introducing one food at a time, this is great.
  • Quality: all ingredients are sourced from reputable farms and carefully selected to meet high-quality standards. They are an excellent replacement for homemade food.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Although you can store an open jar for later use, a 5oz jar might still contain too much food.

2. Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Baby Food

gerber baby food

For the second stage of the food diversification process, Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Baby Food might be one of the best choices. Replacing homemade purees with success, this baby food contains all the nutrients needed for your bundle of joy.

Made to delight the evolving palate of the little ones, these purees are made of a selection of vegetables and fruits and are more textured than those dedicated to the youngest ones. Moreover, the convenient pack contains 18 pouches with a capacity of 3.5oz each.

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As for the tastes, the pack includes 6 pouches of carrot, apple and mango puree, 6 pouches of apple, blueberry and spinach, and 6 pouches of pear, peach, and strawberries. The sweetness of the fruits will certainly delight the little one, while the organic ingredients provide only healthy nutrients.

In fact, all fruits and veggies used for these purees are USDA certified organic, while this Gerber baby food doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, added starch or salt. Moreover, the ingredients are non-GMP verified and the package is baby-safe and BPA-free.

Things We Liked

  • Package: these second stage baby foods come in convenient pouches which ensure a hassle-free and mess-free baby feeding. The 3.5oz capacity is also great.
  • Food: the purees are made of certified organic ingredients that are GMO-free. The food is also free of added starch, salt, or artificial flavors and colors.
  • Assortment: sweet enough to delight all babies, these purees are made of an assortment of fruits and vegetables that provide all essential nutrients to the growing baby.
  • Smart Flow: the pouch comes with a smart flow feature that helps you control the flow and reduce food waste.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Gerber could have included a greater assortment of flavors.

3. Gerber 2nd Foods Fruit & Veggie Value Pack

gerber baby food

Gerber 2nd Foods Fruit & Veggie Value Pack comprises 30 baby food tubs with a capacity of 4oz each. The assortment includes a combination of single ingredient or multiple ingredients purees, while their texture is perfect for the developing palate.

As Gerber already accustomed us, the baby food is all natural, made of carefully selected ingredients, unsalted, unsweetened and with no artificial flavors or added starch.

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This assortment of Gerber baby food is perfect to introduce the baby to new flavors; moreover, the value pack is excellent for working moms or busy parents who don’t have the time to cook for the little ones.

The food is easy to store at room temperature or in the refrigerator, once the tube has been opened.

Things We Liked

  • Assortment: the pack includes an assortment of single or multiple-ingredient foods which are perfect if you want to introduce the baby to new flavors.
  • Quantity: the food comes in a pack of 30 tubs. Each tube holds 4oz of food and a single pack will provide plenty of meals for your little one.
  • Ingredients: like Gerber accustomed us already, these foods are made with high-quality ingredients that are healthy for the baby.
  • Texture: the second stage food has a rougher texture that is perfect for the developing palate of the baby.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Although it’s convenient in terms of quantity, this pack doesn’t come at the best value.

4. Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack

gerber baby food

Once the baby has grown enough to feed herself, baby food will stop being your only concern. Baby snacks are equally important, and if you want to stick to the quality, we suggest considering the Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack.

Coming in delicious flavors and with a texture loved by most babies, these puffs are packed and loaded with nutrients. They come in a pack of six 1.48oz containers and are made of the same high-quality ingredients used for the purees.

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In detail, the pack includes two containers of strawberry and apple puffs, two containers of banana puffs and two containers of blueberry puffs. The natural sweetness of the fruits is pleasant to the palate and most babies like the assortments.

The puffs have an interesting texture that dissolves quickly. This encourages babies to feed themselves, transforming snack time in a pleasure.

Things We Liked

  • Ingredients: these cereal snacks contain two grams of whole grain per serving, five vitamins and lots of minerals.
  • Flavors: the sweetness of bananas, blueberries, and strawberry-apples delight almost all babies.
  • Size: the snacks are easy to chew and swallow, but also the perfect size for the tiny hands. They are designed to encourage self-feeding.
  • Nutritious: these snacks are made with non-GMO ingredients and preserve all the natural nutrients of the fruits.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The puffs have a strong fruity odor that some babies might not like.

5. Gerber 2nd Foods Meats-Chicken & Gravy-2.5 Oz-24 Pack

gerber baby food

Gerber 2nd Foods Meats-Chicken & Gravy is ideal to combine with the other second stage Gerber baby food to make sure your baby gets all the nutrients she needs. The foods come in a pack of 24 jars and each jar holds the right quantity for a meal, 2.5oz to be precise.

This chicken and gravy baby food is an excellent choice because it contains zinc and iron. In fact, meat and poultry are among the best sources of zinc for the baby, while the iron-enriched formula promotes a healthy growth and increases the baby’s strength.

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The pack will provide you with almost a month’s worth of baby meals. The closed jars are easy to store at room temperature, while the opened jars can be stored in the fridge for up to two days.

However, if there was to find a downside, this convenience pack lacks the assortment. You can’t feed your baby the same thing for 24 days in a row, therefore it is essential to mix and match this food with other baby foods.

Things We Liked

  • Choice: meat and poultry are essential foods for a developing baby, as they provide zinc and iron. Both minerals are very important for a healthy development.
  • Texture: similar to the other Gerber purees, the texture is pleasant to the palate and preferred by many babies.
  • Convenience: purchasing bulk baby food is convenient in terms of costs. This convenience pack includes 24 jars.
  • Capacity: each jar holds 2.5oz of food, the perfect quantity for a single meal. Leftovers, if any, can be stored in the refrigerator.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • One of the ingredients of this baby food is cornstarch.

Conclusion & Final Pick

It’s hard to choose the best baby food on the market. This is a delicate matter because babies are different and it’s almost impossible to decide which is the right food for each of them. However, my favorite Gerber baby food is the Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Baby Food.

I like it because it’s organic. The manufacturer used only high-quality ingredients to make it and no artificial colors, flavors, and starches. Obviously, the food isn’t additionally sweetened and salted.

The packaging is also great. The food comes in pouches, each pouch holds 3.5oz of food, while the Smart Flow control helps you get more food in the baby’s spoon than elsewhere. Moreover, the design of the pouches also encourages self-feeding.

I also like the assortment. The pack includes 18 pouches and three different flavors, while the choice of ingredients ensure that the baby gets a bunch of different vitamins and nutrients.

Storage is also easy, the BPA-free pouches are freezer-safe and they also fit well in the fridge if you want to preserve the leftovers for a later meal. This Gerber baby food is comparable in many ways with the homemade food and it’s certainly a brand to consider if you don’t want or don’t have the time to prepare your baby’s meals.

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