Best Toddler Air Mattress: A Guide For Parents

A toddler air mattress is a true gift from the heaven for all those parents who want to travel with their babies. Easy to carry, easy to inflate and comfortable, this type of travel bed is what your toddler needs when sleeping in a hotel or at the grandma’s.

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Traveling with a toddler is daunting. Your baby will feel the stress of a journey more than everyone else and making him sleep well on the go might be an adventure. But things can improve if you let him sleep in a bed he is used to, such as on his own air mattress.

Many manufacturers make air mattresses specifically for young children and their models come with different features and characteristics. So, what are the ones you should be looking for? Let’s see how to choose a toddler air mattress.

What Is A Toddler Air Mattress

A toddler air mattress is a type of inflatable mattress designed specifically for babies. The main difference between these mattresses and the ones designed for adults is the presence of raised sides that provide support for your baby during sleep.

These mattresses are designed specifically for travel purposes and most of the times are compact and lightweight. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are of a poor quality.

In fact, most toddler air mattresses are insulated with thermic materials that will keep your baby warm even in the coldest environments. Furthermore, they usually provide enough back support for your baby to sleep comfortably.

Air mattresses represent a great solution for an alternative bed in many situations. At home, you can use the air mattress as playing area, especially during winter. In this way, your baby will get used to it and recognize the mattress as his when you travel.

This is a great advantage as he will sleep better in foreign environments, such as at a hotel or even at the grandparent’s house.

A toddler air mattress can also be used while camping or even as a sleeping area when you’re at the beach. This product is versatile enough to adapt to many requirements, this is why you should really consider investing in one.

How To Choose A Toddler Air Mattress

On the market, there are dozens of models of toddler air mattresses that have different characteristics, features, and specifications. We all want the best for our babies, so how to choose the best air mattress for your little one?

Here are a few aspects to consider:

  • Material: the first and foremost important thing to consider when choosing a toddler air mattress is the material it is made of. A mattress made of a quality material will not only last longer, it will also be more comfortable and provide a better support for your little one. The mattress should also be lightweight and puncture resistant.
  • Portability: the main reason parents invest in an air mattress is to have a suitable bed for their toddlers during travel. For this reason, the mattress should be portable and easy to carry around. Ideally, it should fold and it should easily fit in a carry-on.
  • Thermal insulation: to make sure your baby will sleep comfortably, choose an air mattress with a good thermal insulation.
  • Inflation: the various models are either self-inflating or you will have to inflate them using a pump. The first ones are more convenient to use but most of the time they are thinner and less comfortable. Most of these models also lack the side supports that keep your baby from rolling over. The latter models are thick and comfortable, but you will depend on a pump to inflate them.
  • Accessories: the last thing to consider when choosing a toddler air mattress is the accessories it comes with. You should choose a mattress that comes at least with a carrying case and a repair kit. If the model doesn’t self-inflate, you must make sure the one you like comes with an air pump.

Now that you know what to look for when buying an air mattress for your toddler, let’s see which are the best model on the market!

Best Toddler Air Mattress Reviews

1. The Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Air Mattress Travel Bed Portable Inflatable

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable

The Shrunks is a renowned manufacturer of inflatable mattresses for babies and toddlers and one of their solutions that is extremely popular is the Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Air Mattress. This original travel bed is designed to fit all standard crib-sized sheets and it comes with an awesome feature that allows you to tuck the sheets under the mattress for more comfort and safety during sleep.

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Another great feature of this product is that it is really silent for an inflated mattress. Even the most restless toddler will have a good night sleep on this mattress, thanks to the soft flocking that eliminates all unwanted noises.

Designed specifically for young children, the mattress has a low profile and presents security guardrails that prevent your baby from falling during sleep.

The mattress is of a really high quality and it is resistant. It also comes with a warranty of two years that will make your purchase a safe one.

Things We Liked

  • Inflates quickly: the mattress is designed to inflate in less than one minute and it is also easy to deflate thanks to the convenient two-way air pump included in the package.
  • Easy to carry: the mattress folds to a small dimension and it fits in a convenient travel-sized carrying bag. Rolled for storage, the mattress measures 16×7 inches. When inflated, the dimensions are 60x37x9 inches.
  • Child-safe: the product is phthalate, BPA, and lead-free. This guarantees your baby will not come in contact with hazardous and potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Squeak-free material: an important aspect as it will allow your toddler to sleep well without being woken up by strange sounds.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The air mattress is hard to roll back into travel size after use which is much of a hassle especially if you have to hurry.

2. hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers

Hiccapop is another manufacturer of travel and transitional air mattresses for toddlers and young children. Its products stand out thanks to the ultimate quality of the materials and safety features that exceed the federal standards.

Their Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers inflates almost instantly and your toddler will have a comfortable bed to sleep on in under 30 seconds.

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A feature we really like is the removable mattress. In this way, you can transform the bed into a playground area in an easy step.

The dimensions of this air mattress are also attractive. Larger than most similar mattresses, the hiccapop travel bed provides an extra room as well as long bed rail bumpers designed to keep your toddler into the bed when sleeping.

Things We Liked

  • Portable: this travel bed inflates in seconds and it is easy to fold when not in use. It also comes with an extra-large travel bag and with an electric turbo pump that is fairly compact and lightweight.
  • Lifetime guarantee: the manufacturer guarantees the quality and durability of this mattress by providing a lifetime guarantee. What else could you wish for?
  • Durable: this toddler air mattress is made of inlay-enforced vinyl which is 40% thicker than most mattresses on the market. This characteristic makes the mattress almost puncture-proof while the heavy-duty air valve is also reinforced.
  • Child-safe: the air mattress respects all federal regulations regarding the safety of children products. Moreover, the product is phthalate, BPA, and lead free.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The mattress is of a very high quality and it will resist well in time. We can’t say the same about the storage travel bag that might rip apart after a few usages.

3. AeroBed Mattress for Kids

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

AeroBed is a manufacturer of inflatable beds and mattresses suitable for multiple purposes, and one of their most popular products for toddlers and young children is the AeroBed Mattress for Kids.

This inflatable bed is made especially for kids and it has a sleep surface of 50x25 inches. Thanks to these generous dimensions, the mattress is suitable even for older children and it will probably fit well kids up to 6 years old.

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The mattress is recommended for toddlers above two years of age. To keep them safe, it presents a 4-inch high safety cushion that surrounds the whole sleeping perimeter. Compared to other toddler air mattresses, this is a great feature as will keep your baby in the bed better than other models.

Nevertheless, the mattress is not suitable for babies smaller than two years old because it doesn’t have a feature that allows you to tuck the sheets under the mattress. For the youngest babies, this represents a hazard.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to use: the toddler air mattress inflates in less than one minute and it deflates in less than 15 seconds, convenient features when you have a fussy baby to put to sleep or are in a hurry to catch the next plane.
  • Air pump: the mattress comes with an air pump designed to inflate and deflate the mattress.
  • Fitted pad: thanks to the fitted mattress pad, you will be able to forget about the size of the sheets. The pad is thick and it boasts an attractive design of the moon and the stars.
  • Tall guardrail: a problem most toddler air mattresses have is the short guardrail that doesn’t hold the baby as it should. This is not the case of this mattress though, as it boasts a guardrail of four inches tall.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The quality of this mattress is exceptional. Unfortunately, so is the noise. This toddler air mattress is extremely loud; it can wake up your baby and it will certainly annoy you when sleeping in the same room.

4. Intex Kids Travel Inflatable Bed Set

Kids Travel Inflatable Bed Set

The Intex Kids Travel Inflatable Bed Set is a toddler air mattress that provides the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and versatility.

This inflatable bed set comprises an air mattress and a frame that together form a sort of a pool where your toddler will be able to sleep comfortably. The tall guardrail is designed to keep your baby in place and, for even more convenience, the air mattress can be used separately as an additional sleeping surface.

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This means that if you also have an older child that doesn’t need the protection of a crib anymore, you will be able to transform this toddler air bed into two sleeping spaces for toddler and for the older sibling.

The mattress is spacious and it has a sleeping area of 52×28 inches. The overall height of 10 inches ensures comfort and protection, while the mattress fits all standard crib sheets.

Things We Liked

  • For toddlers and young children: the mattress suits perfectly children between three and eight years of age; the versatile sleeping solution even fits two siblings.
  • Air pump included: the mattress comes with an air pump that is also used to deflate the mattress when not in use.
  • Carry bag: thought for the travel, the air mattress comes with a convenient carry bag that can be used for storage or to transport the travel bed with ease.
  • Soft padding: the Intex mattress is coated with a plush-like material that is soft to sit on and that keeps mattress sheets in place.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The air pump the mattress comes with is manual and difficult to use. You might want to consider purchasing an electric pump yet this will add up to the final price.

5. The Shrunks Junior Toddler Travel Bed

Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes

If you are looking for a compact solution suitable for toddlers above two years old, then the Shrunks Junior Toddler Travel Bed might be the air mattress you were looking for.

This mattress is made of a durable BPA, lead, and phthalate free material that is resistant to punctures. The mattress fits toddlers perfectly and it boasts two side guardrails designed to keep your baby on the mattress rather than allowing him to roll on the floor.

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Nevertheless, the mattress is designed with a low profile, therefore your baby will stay safe regardless of the situation.

The company has won many awards from various organizations for its commitment to providing functional sleeping solutions for toddlers.

Things We Liked

  • 100% cotton sheet: this toddler air mattress comes with a bed sheet made of 100% brushed cotton. The sheet is breathable and washable, providing a high grade of comfort.
  • Foot pump: the manufacturer provides a foot pump as an accessory for the mattress. Although not as easy to use as an electric pump, this one is more compact and will still do the job.
  • Accessories: apart from the pump, the mattress comes with a repair kit and a carrying bag.
  • Low design: it doesn’t matter what manufacturers promise, air mattress guardrails are easy to surpass by an ambitious toddler. Since safety is the most important, we really like the low profile of this product.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The guardrails are low and they can hardly keep a toddler from rolling out. Maybe this is the real reason that stands behind the low profile of the mattress.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Choosing the best products for our babies is never easy, and things are even more complicated in the case of the toddler air mattresses. Nevertheless, after searching and testing brands and models, we reached the conclusion that the best toddler air mattress is the AeroBed Mattress for Kids.

The mattress is perfect for toddlers and kids between two and six years old and it has a generous sleeping surface that can accommodate even older children. On the other hand, the mattress is easy to inflate and it presents tall guardrails designed to keep your baby safe on the mattress.

Apart from the noise, there is nothing to say about this awesome product. The sheets will tuck safely under the mattress, the material is durable, and the product folds to really compact dimensions. For all these reasons, and because our toddlers loved it, we believe that AeroBed Mattress for Kids is the best toddler air mattress available on today’s market!

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