Best Toddler Trampoline For The Outdoors

Wondering how to drain your kid’s energy? A toddler trampoline could be the answer. Stimulating children to play and exercise at the same time, this device brings versatile playfulness into your home.

The only concern about toddler trampolines is safety. There are dozens of models available on the market, but not all serve their purpose with success.

To help you in your quest, we’ve rated the most popular units; check out our top picks below or read on to learn how to choose the best product for your kid.


Before buying a toddler trampoline there are a few factors to consider. For instance, you should check the strengths and weaknesses of the model you’re interested in. A thing to keep in mind is that a trampoline can be a very dangerous device.

For this reason, our advice is to invest in a unit made of quality materials. Then, there are other specs to consider. During our research, we’ve come up with this list of things to consider before investing in a toddler trampoline.


Your kid’s safety should come before anything else, that’s why it is essential to invest in a unit made of the highest quality materials. Toddler trampolines can be classified into indoor and outdoor units.

If you’re choosing a trampoline for the outdoors, make sure the unit comes with a sturdy frame that resists weather and elements. A steel structure is preferred to a plastic one, although other metal alternatives may also be considered.

The frame should also be painted with epoxy powders that protect the metallic components from rust.

Also, check the springs and the structure of the fabric. Both components should be particularly resistant to stress.

Weight Capacity

Not all trampolines were created equal, and to make sure you pick the right one for your kid, check the weight capacity.

Most toddler trampolines have a weight capacity below 100lbs, which could be suitable for their age and weight but unsuitable if two or more kids want to jump at the same time. A trampoline with a low weight capacity will also have a limited use.

On the contrary, a product with a weight capacity of over 150lbs will last longer and is more versatile.


Not all toddler trampolines come with a safety net, but this feature can save your baby’s life. Outdoor jumping can easily turn into a dangerous affair. By losing balance while jumping, the kid could fall off the trampoline, which could result in potentially life-threatening injuries.

The safety net is usually made of mesh and its sole purpose is to keep the child securely onto the jumping surface.


Besides the overall size, you should also check the size of the jumping surface. In broad terms, a jumping surface of about 5sq.ft. is ideal for a young child. However, a trampoline with a jumping surface closer to 10sq.ft. is more versatile.

The overall size is also important, in particular, if you have a small lot. For safety reasons, we recommend placing the trampoline in an empty area away from trees, fences, or walls, especially if the product comes without a safety net.


Most toddler trampolines come disassembled but not all are easy to put together. In fact, some models are ridiculously complicated to assemble.

We’d stay away from these, as they will only frustrate you and your kid. A complicated assembly could also result in errors, which can be potentially life-threatening.

Moreover, an easy installation also means an easy dismantling of the trampoline in the cold season.


Very different from a slide or swing, a toddler trampoline comes with potential risks. An improper installation or unsupervised use could end in tragedy.

In fact, accidents are a frequent occurrence; more often than not, they only provoke bruises and perhaps fractures. But the improper use of these devices also caused many deaths. Even when used properly, a trampoline comes with some risks.

However, it’s easy to minimize them by investing in a model with a safety net and padded edges.

Also, educate the child on how to use the trampoline. Never let the child use the trampoline unsupervised and ideally, only allow one kid to jump at a time.

The kids should jump barefoot and should be taught that keeping the eyes on the carpet improves the jumping technique. Inadequate behavior, such as jumping against the safety net, should be discouraged and the use of the trampoline interrupted immediately if you notice an inappropriate behavior.

Best Toddler Trampoline For The Outdoors

1. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Jump N

Jump N' Dunk Trampoline is our favorite toddler trampoline. The manufacturer considers safety its #1 priority and all its products are tested for safety and durability. Meeting or exceeding the ASTM standards, this product by Skywalker Trampolines is one of the safest on the market.

The trampoline comprises a frame made of galvanized steel; reinforced T-socket leg and enclosure joints boost durability and increase the resistance to stress of the materials. The fabric is also of a very high quality and tested to resist stress.

A safety net is designed to keep your child both safe and entertained. The net attaches to each spring, a feature that makes the product even safer; in fact, there is no gap between the net and the base of the trampoline.

In terms of entertainment, the net is also equipped with a basketball hoop. A ball is also included in the pack, adding the final touch to this amazing product. Undoubtedly, this trampoline is an entertainer for small and big kids alike.

Things We Liked

  • Weight capacity: this trampoline withstands weights up to 200lbs and users have reported that the materials resist very well to stress.
  • Warranty: this toddler trampoline features a 3-year limited warranty for the frame and 1-year limited warranty for the other materials.
  • Added safety: the trampoline comes with 72 tightly-coiled springs located around the outer edge of the enclosure which are used to keep the safety net in place.
  • Patented enclosure: the no-gap enclosure design gets rid of the dangerous gaps between the net and the jumping surface. The poles are also padded, as well as the edge of the trampoline.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The frame joints are hard to secure and they can become loose as the child is jumping. We recommend drilling the parts together to increase safety.

2. GYMENIST Portable & Foldable Trampoline

GYMENIST Portable Foldable Trampoline

GYMENIST is a portable and foldable toddler trampoline that presents itself as an affordable yet high-quality solution. Indicated for indoor and outdoor use, the trampoline boasts compact dimensions and comes with a one-year warranty.

Designed to promote active play and improve motor skills, the trampoline boosts coordination and sensory processing.

Guaranteeing a safe play for your kids, the trampoline complies with all US safety standards. It has an ASTM and HR40 certification and it is easy to assemble in only minutes. Another nice feature is the jumping handle that adds versatility to the game.

The only downside is the lack of a safety net. In fact, although advertised as safe for outdoor use, we recommend this unit for the indoors.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to assemble: putting the unit together is very easy and the operation requires only a few minutes.
  • Materials: this trampoline comes with a durable mat and a tubular steel frame coated with epoxy powders.
  • Padded cover: thought for safety and comfort, the product comes with a padded cover around the jumping area.
  • Weight capacity: ideal for kids from three years old onward, this toddler trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 150lbs.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The trampoline doesn’t have a safety net and is quite small for a safe outdoor use.

3. Sportspower My First Trampoline

Sportspower My First Trampoline

A sleek design and impressive features also define My First Trampoline by Sportswer. This device is designed for children aged three years or older and presents itself as a heavy-duty unit with a foam outer edge.

Complying with all ASTM standards, the trampoline is safe to use by young kids. In terms of design, the product is sturdy yet attractive.

A small size and low weight ensure versatility. The trampoline is ideal to use either indoors and outdoors and it is portable. Easy to assemble in less than half an hour, the product also guarantees a no-fuss installation.

Padded edges around the jumping area and padded poles increase safety; however, the manufacturer recommends to never allow more than one kid to jump at the same time.

Things We Liked

  • Size: compact and fairly lightweight, this toddler trampoline measures 84×73.5 inches, net included. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Assembly: the unit is fairly easy to install but if you’re unsure, there is the possibility to include expert assembly in the trampoline’s cost.
  • Weight capacity: ideal for kids older than three and for adults, the trampoline withstands up to 220lbs.
  • Unrestricted visibility: the safety enclosure is made of mesh and ensures 360° visibility. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your child at all times.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The zipper stitching on the safety net is not as sturdy as desired. Users also complained about the assembly instructions.

4. Skywalker Trampolines Seaside Adventure Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 60

Another unit from Skywalker Trampolines, this Seaside Adventure Trampoline is a sturdy and affordable unit built with child safety in mind. Fun to use and easy to assemble, the trampoline comes with many interesting features.

In terms of safety, this jumping mat meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards; it has 36 stretch bands instead of springs and a sturdy frame that withstands extreme temperatures and weather elements.

In terms of fun, the trampoline comes with an ocean-themed game that encourages fun learning. Designed for toddlers and young kids, the trampoline also features a 360-degree padded handlebar that helps kids maintain their balance.

Another nice thing is the enclosure net which is sewn directly into the jumping mat; the enclosure has no gaps, keeping the kids safely inside the jumping perimeter.

Things We Liked

  • Protective frame: ideal for small kids, this toddler trampoline comes with a padded frame as well as a padded safety handle.
  • Materials: the jumping mat is made of sturdy polypropylene woven to prevent slipping. It is recommended to jump barefoot.
  • Game: three targets on the jumping mat encourages kids to improve their jumping skills while boosting concentration.
  • Safety net: sewn into the mat, the safety net doesn’t have any gaps and is designed to keep all loose items inside the perimeter.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This trampoline has a rather low weight capacity of only 100lbs.

5. Best Choice Products Kids Outdoor Mini Trampoline

Best Choice Products Kids Outdoor Mini Trampoline

Last but not least, another toddler trampoline that convinced us is the Kid’s Outdoor Mini Trampoline by Best Choice Products. Boasting an attractive design and made of quality materials, this trampoline has a weight capacity of 110lbs and is ideal for kids older than three years.

The product boasts a heavy-duty metal frame and galvanized steel springs. Built to withstand years of bouncing, the frame is coated with a UV and water-resistant material.

The internal enclosure offers a generous 7ft jumping area which is generously padded to cushion all falls. All metal parts are also carefully padded to prevent accidental injury.

To enhance protection, the trampoline comes with a sturdy safety net made of transparent mesh. A convenient zipper closure enables a comfortable in and out of the jumping area thanks to a generous opening.

Things We Liked

  • Design: this is an attractive toddler trampoline designed to draw attention and stimulate the curiosity of the kids.
  • Safety net: made of sturdy mesh, the safety net is tall and provides enhanced protection. Fully padded poles prevent accidental injuries.
  • Size: measuring only 80.5 inches in diameter and with a height of only 76.5 inches, the trampoline is ideal for most outdoor areas.
  • Construction: sturdy and durable, the trampoline boasts a steel frame coated with rust, UV, and water-resistant materials.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Due to negligence, the trampoline may arrive with missing parts or without the instructions manual.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Our favorite toddler trampoline is the Jump N’ Dunk by Skywalker Trampolines. With a 12-feet diameter and a sturdy construction, this trampoline is built for safety and fun.  The unit meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards and it has a weight capacity of 200lbs.

The unit is also ideal for entertainment thanks to the versatile basketball hoop. Designed to encourage kids to exercise, this device boasts an attractive design that attracts toddlers and young kids to jump on the mat.

A generous jumping area, a 360° safety net and padded poles, a sturdy frame and playful versatility are the things that define this jumping mat. Delivering an exceptional value for money, this is certainly a toddler trampoline to consider for the outdoors.

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