Cute Diaper Bags for Boys: A Buyer’s Guide

When a baby arrives, the list of things to purchase gets longer day by day. One of the objects to include on that list is definitely a diaper bag. But what to look for when searching for a diaper bag? Beauty? Practicality? Functionality? We believe all these things are important since this item will be used on a daily basis. And if you’re expecting a baby boy, then you should probably find out what cute diaper bags for boys are available on the market.

First of all, you should know that some strollers or travel systems come with a diaper bag included in the purchase package. The problem is that many parents, and especially many moms, don’t like those diaper bags, or those diaper bags may be unsuitable for your needs. So if you decide to purchase another diaper bag, or if your stroller didn’t come with one in the first place, you should keep in mind a few very important factors.

To help you with your choice, we’re going to tell you which factors to consider when choosing a diaper bag and we have also put up a list of five cute diaper bags for boys you will definitely love using.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Diaper Bag

On the market, there are available hundreds if not thousands of models of diaper bags. The choice can become overwhelming, but if you keep in mind these essential factors the purchase of a diaper bag will become easier.

The first factor to consider, and probably the most important, is the convenience. The perfect diaper bag should be neither too small nor too large, should have many pockets or compartments and must be practical. Consider that you will need to store different items in different compartments and the bag should have at least one compartment for clean diapers, one for dirty diapers, a compartment for clothes, one for bottles and baby formula, one for toys, and a pocket where you can keep your essentials such as the keys and mobile phone (for other things you should consider when purchasing a diaper bag, check out this article by Consumer Reports where they have laid it out step by step).

For this reason, if the bag is too small, it is very likely that it will be left in the closet since you will not be able to fit all the necessary items in it. On the other hand, if you choose a bag that is too large, you will probably end up carrying all sort of items even if you’re never going to really use them.

Another important factor to consider is the aesthetics. Many parents make the mistake of purchasing a “childish” diaper bag, with a design that matches the age of the baby. However, when searching for cute diaper bags for boys, consider that it will be you using the bag and not your infant or toddler. For this reason, it is essential to choose a diaper bag with a design that you will enjoy, even if this means it will not have blue clouds and teddy bears printed on it.

Fortunately, many manufacturers understood the necessity of creating diaper bags that are beautiful to wear by the moms, and you will be able to choose from a wide range of models and designs.

The accessories of the diaper bag are also an important factor to consider. Some of the diaper bags available on the market come with additional shoulder straps, with stroller hooks or with both. This will allow you to wear the bag in a comfortable way, to hang it on the stroller if it is too heavy or even to transform the bag into a stroller organizer. Other important accessories are the changing pads and dirty diaper pouches or sachets.

Indispensable Items to Have in the Diaper Bag

The diaper bags are created to help you have all the necessary baby items with you during strolls or when traveling. For this reason, there is a series of indispensable items you should have in the diaper bag at all times.

The first things to put in your diaper bag are the diapers. Depending on where you’re going and on how long you’re going to be away from home, you should put at least four clean diapers in the bag. It would be ideal to use a dedicated compartment for the clean diapers and to place them in a plastic bag. There are dedicated plastic bags available on the market where you can store clean diapers and then wrap the dirty diaper when changing the baby.

Baby wipes are also indispensable items to have in the diaper bag. You will need those when changing the baby, in order to clean his skin.

Another indispensable item is a soft cotton towel that will allow you to dry the skin of your baby before putting on the clean diaper. Alternatively, you could use dry paper towels, but make sure the paper used to make them is soft enough to not damage the sensitive skin of the baby.

You should also make sure to put baby food in the diaper bag. Depending on the age of the baby, that should be a bottle of milk, a homogenized fruit or other nutritious and healthy snack.

If you have a toddler, a mini aid kit is also indispensable. The aid kit should contain a sanitizer solution and a few Band-Aids.

Now that you know what factors to consider when deciding which diaper bag to purchase, you should only find a bag you like and buy it. To help you with the decision, we came up with this selection of five cute diaper bags for boys.

Five Cute Diaper Bags for Boys

1. Compact Mommy Tote Bag

Compact Mommy Tote Bag

A cute and practical canvas diaper bag for everyday use is this Compact Mommy Tote Bag by d.o.t.

The bag has a nice striped design, while the color selection makes it a perfect match for almost any outfit.

However, the compact dimensions make it more suitable as a toddler diaper bag than as an infant diaper bag.

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This bag features four large interior pockets, an interior bottle pouch that is insulated and a decent size zipper pocket. In addition to these, the bag also boasts two shallow pockets on the exterior.

This diaper bag has both a zipper and a clasp closure. This means you will be able to use the zipper if you want to secure all the items inside the bag, or the clasp closure if you want to put more items inside.

Things We Liked

  • Coordinated changing pad: this diaper bag comes with a coordinated changing pad which is manufactured in the same fabric as the bag on one side and in plastic on the other side.
  • Detachable shoulder strap: the bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap that will allow you to wear the bag as a messenger bag.
  • Easily accessible external pockets: the outer pockets have no closure, being ideal for the items that need to be easily accessible, such as wipes, snacks or hand sanitizer.
  • Nice design: this bag has a pretty design, with black, gray and white straps. These colors can easily match almost any outfit and occasions.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Unfortunately the bag doesn’t have a solid base and tends to fall over when it is not full with stuff.

2. SoHo Grand Central Diaper Bag

SoHo Grand Central Diaper Bag

Perfect for stylish moms, SoHo Grand Central is a sophisticated-looking diaper bag that matches all fashion styles and occasions. Boasting an adorable stripe pattern and available in three other colors and styles, the bag is convenient and functional.

The stripe pattern matches perfectly with the outfits of a baby boy, but also with a stroller in a matching color. Sturdy and functional handles make it easy to carry the bag wherever you’re going, and a convenient shoulder strap adds even more versatility.

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To add versatility are also six awesome accessories that include a small purse, an insulated bottle bag, stroller straps, a changing mat, and more.

Spacious enough to hold all baby essentials, SoHo features a large main compartment with a wide opening and multiple internal and external pockets. A back pocket keeps mom valuables at hand and safe, while all small essentials find their place thanks to the excellent organization.

Things We Liked

  • Style: this fashionable diaper bag looks amazing in the city; it’s stylish and easy to match with your or with baby’s outfit.
  • Design: a stripe pattern design in black and cream highlight the beauty of this bag. Other styles and colors are also available.
  • Organization: in this diaper bag, there is a place for everything. A wide opening ensures easy access to a roomy main compartment and multiple pockets keep things at hand.
  • Accessories: this set of seven pieces includes a hand clutch for the mom, a changing mat, an insulated bottle bag, and more.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Manufacturer defects could affect durability.

3. Ruvalino Large Diaper Tote

Ruvalino Large Diaper Tote

Roomy and stylish, the Large Diaper Tote by Ruvalino is spacious enough to fit all baby essentials, neutral enough to fit perfectly with a baby boy, and fashionable enough to be a great choice for both mom and dad.

This baby boy diaper bag is lightweight and easy to handle. Featuring beautiful details and versatility, the product is chosen by parents for its great convenience.

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A beautifully divided internal space with numerous pockets and a large main compartment provide enough space to hold all baby essentials and more. A large external pocket with zipper closure also provides enough space for parent’s valuables.

With a unisex design, this diaper bag is manufactured from high-quality fabric which is water-repellent and easy to clean. And a shoulder strap does nothing but add even more convenience to the whole.

Things We Liked

  • Design: this versatile diaper bag boasts a unisex design and is ideal for both parents. We also like the contemporary grey that pairs wonderfully with all baby outfits.
  • Compartments: keeping things organized in this diaper bag is easy. Access to the main compartment is ensured by a wide opening and there are many pockets.
  • Versatility: you can carry the bag in any way you like. Use the tote handles or the shoulder strap to transform the tote into a shoulder or crossbody bag.
  • Quality: the product is made of high-quality fabric and needs little maintenance. The color resists well to staining.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The interior lining doesn’t have the same quality of the exterior.

4. HEYI Diaper Bag Backpack

HEYI Diaper Bag Backpack

More often than not, diaper backpacks are practical and more convenient than any other type of diaper bag. If you like the idea but want to stay stylish, check out this fashionable diaper backpack by HEYI. Lightweight and convenient, this product is made of waterproof polyester and keeps all baby belongings safe in the rain.

A large storage space ensures plenty of room for all baby items. The main compartment is spacious and easy to access, while 13 separate pockets include insulated bottle pockets, wet wipes pocket, and more.

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Beautiful and multifunctional, the product comes in 10 colors and styles. If you don’t like grey-white chevron, there are plenty of options to choose from. And thanks to the beautiful design, you’ll even be able to use it for a long time after the baby has grown.

Things We Liked

  • Design: we like the backpack style of this diaper bag. Easier to carry when loaded at full capacity, this backpack comes with padded shoulder straps and a breathable back panel.
  • Style: chevron is simply fashionable, and a white-grey color combination is ideal to match with a baby boy.
  • Versatility: the backpack comes with sufficient storage space. It has a large main compartment that is easy to access, plus thirteen convenient pockets.
  • Material: the backpack is made of high-quality waterproof polyester. The product is resistant to wear and tear.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The bag is smaller than expected.

5. JJ Cole Camber Diaper Bag

JJ Cole Camber Diaper Bag

Another stylish diaper bag that can suit any style of the mom is this cute diaper bag from JJ Cole. This bag has a nice pattern printed on it while the dark gray color makes it ideal as a diaper bag for boys.

This diaper bag boasts a large internal compartment and a total of ten pockets. Unfortunately none of these pockets is insulated, although it has pockets that can suit milk bottles or sippy cups. The bag also comes with stroller attachments and with a long and sturdy shoulder strap.

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Things We Liked

  • Zipper front pockets: unlike many similar products, the external pockets of the bag have zipper closures, making them more secure.
  • Easy to clean: the water resistant fabric is really easy to clean with a damp cloth or with a wipe.
  • Lovely pattern: this diaper bag has a really lovely pattern, while the beautiful color makes it easy to match with many outfits.
  • Three color and design options: if you don’t like the pattern or the color, you can choose a different one from the available options.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The included changing pad is very thin, so you will probably want to purchase a thicker and more padded one.

Conclusion and Final Pick

As you can see, there are many diaper bag designs available if you’re searching for cute diaper bags for boys. However, in our opinion, the cutest diaper bag for boys you could find is the Compact Mommy Tote Bag.

This diaper bag is stylish, fashionable and totally suitable to be worn with any outfit. In addition to this, it also has multiple carrying options. You can use either the tote handles, the shoulder strap, or simply hang it on the stroller.

To add more style to you and your baby, the bag also boasts a matching changing pad. Its internal and external pockets offer sufficient space for all the essentials, although more space would be desirable if you purchase this bag to use for a newborn or infant.

Another thing the manufacturer could improve is the external pockets, which are not really secure. Despite this inconvenience, this diaper bag is a great alternative to the more bulky diaper bags, being probably the best choice among the cute diaper bags for boys.

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