38 Creative First Birthday Themes For Boys And Girls

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your first year with the baby! But now you’re looking for the most amazing first birthday themes to inspire you for the big day.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out the 38 creative first birthday ideas for boys and girls below and pick your favorite. Your baby’s first birthday will be simply sensational!

1. Vintage Farm-Themed Birthday Party

One of the most popular first birthday themes is the animal-themed party, but you can get the idea to the next level adding a vintage sparkle to the things.

This theme is versatile and suitable for both boys and girls. All you’ll need are a few vintage fruit crates, some wire baskets filled with fresh fruit and a traditional red and white squares tablecloth. Decorate the venue with rustic paper decorations and some milk bottles on the table.

Add some sparkle with a barnyard-themed cake; as for the color palette, choose vintage earthy tones and shades of red or blue, depending on the gender of the baby.

2. Vintage Plane First Birthday Theme

Who said that planes are a boy’s thing? A vintage plane first birthday party theme can suit girls too. Fluffy cotton clouds in the color of the sky will certainly dominate the scene, but you can add some girly accents with a pink plane and colorful themed cupcakes.

A candy buffet with macaroons, cookies, biscuits, and cake pops in shades of lilac and pink can also add a feminine touch to the theme, allowing you to celebrate your little one in style.

As for a baby boy, replace pink and lilac with various shades of red and teal, turquoise or navy blue.

3. Balloon Birthday Party Theme

Balloons and babies go hand in hand. And these festive accessories come in all colors and shades. The ideas are also many, from hot air balloons to carnival balloons.

To stay true to the theme, decorate the venue with… you’re right, balloons. Place them everywhere, from the table to the ceiling. Make a hot air balloon cake and decorate the buffet with matching cupcakes and cake pops.

Place graceful balloons on the invitations too, and organize a photo booth area where your guests can have fun.

4. Magical Unicorn First Birthday Theme


We love unicorns, and your baby girl probably loves them too. In fact, this is a more girlish first birthday party theme, but it’s still awesome.

These days, unicorns are everywhere, so it shouldn’t be difficult finding matching tableware and cutlery. If you’re a great baker, make some vanilla cupcakes, decorate them with white buttercream and sprinkle unicorn stars – aka pastel cupcake decorations – on them.

As for the cake, make a hot pink frost and sparkle it up with the same unicorn stars used on the cupcakes. Decorate the venue in pastel shades of pink, lilac, and blush blue, add some rainbows and unicorns and let your guests enjoy this magical party.

5. Baby Elephant First Birthday Theme

Baby elephants are simply adorable, and so is your bundle of joy. So, a baby elephant themed party can only add more cuteness.

Most parents associate baby elephants with a boyish theme, but that’s simply not true. The theme is suitable for both genders, as long as you keep cheeky grey as the main color. Elephant grey pairs wonderfully either with blush pink or blush blue, so customizing the theme to match your baby’s gender is easy.

Colors apart, just have baby elephants everywhere, from the cake to the cookies and candies.

6. Whimsical Garden Tea Party

If your baby is born in a warm month and the weather allows it, organize a whimsical garden tea party for your baby’s first celebration.

This stylish theme is adorable for babies of both genders, and you can throw the party anywhere, from your backyard to a public garden or lavish venue. Keep the baby protected from the sun in a fashionable baby tent decorated with organza curtains or silk veils.

Serve your guests savory finger food and delicious pastries; a candy bar arranged on a white table and luxurious china for the tea will certainly complement the décor.

7. Woodland-Themed First Birthday Party

A woodland theme is the choice of many parents for the first birthday party, mainly because most infant toys, such as the baby mobiles, include woodland friends.

Some of the cutest animals to focus on are the foxes, but you can mix things up and add a little diversity with deer, beavers, owls, and other cute forest animals. The easiest way to create themed treats is with cookies shaped like wild animals, while a themed cake will complement the scene.

Maintain the theme on the invitations and make a first birthday party book on which the guests can write down wishes for the little one.

8. Strawberry-Themed First Birthday Party


Another great theme for a first birthday party is the strawberry theme. Like its name suggests, this party is all about strawberries and is perfect for babies born in late spring or early summer.

Strawberry colors should dominate the venue; choose a hot pink for baby girls and poppy red for baby boys, matching them with bright green and shades of soft yellow. As for the treats, everything should feature strawberries.

For savory treats, prepare strawberry focaccia, strawberry and asparagus salad, strawberry and ricotta bites, baked avocados with strawberry salsa, or strawberry salmon wraps. Grilled steak with strawberry and spinach salad is another amazing recipe. For sweets, strawberry cupcakes, strawberry slushies, and obviously, strawberry cake.

9. Bunny Garden First Birthday Party

Bunnies and gardens aren’t just an Easter theme. This idea is great for a first birthday theme too. Certainly, you should avoid mixing yellow chickens and chocolate eggs in the theme and focus on bunnies instead.

From bunny cookies to bunny cupcakes and even a bunny cake, everything in this party will be pure and cute as your baby. Place some bunny ears on your baby’s head, and voila, there’s your little cute bunny expecting to celebrate her birthday.

For this theme, pastel colors matched with neutral greys are your best bet.

10. Winter Wonderland Birthday


If your baby is born in winter, take advantage of the season and throw a winter wonderland party. This theme is amazing for babies of both genders, and they don’t even have to like the famous Disney’s Frozen.

Of course, if Elsa is your girl’s favorite character, you could feature her too. The same goes for Olaf if your baby boy adores him. But on a general line, a winter wonderland theme doesn’t need characters at all. Just decorate the table with snow, glowing globes, snowflakes, and similar accessories.

As for the treats, opt for themed finger foods, mulled wine for the grown-ups, and mulled grape juice for the kids.

11. Story-time Book Party

By the first year, your baby probably has a favorite bedtime story; so, it’s a great idea to organize a themed party featuring her favorite characters from the book.

Certainly, this type of party is one of the hardest to throw if your kid likes a less popular story. You’ll have to make all decorations yourself and explain to the pastry chef how the characters your kid likes are made.

If the baby doesn’t have a favorite story yet, just throw a general story-time book party and ask each guest to bring a storybook as a gift. An awesome way to grow your baby’s bookcase with new and exciting titles.

12. Twinkle Star First Birthday Party

Twinkle, twinkle little star… do you know how loved you are? This nursery song provides amazing inspiration for a first birthday theme.

For this party, think gold and silver sparkles, night sky blue, white, and blush accents of pink or blue, depending on the gender of the baby. Treat your guests with light finger foods and invest in a rich candy bar. Cupcakes and macaroons should be the center of the attention.

As for the cake, an ombré blue or pink cake decorated with twinkle stars might be your best bet.

13. Bumblebee First Birthday Theme

Bumblebees are a great theme for all babies and one of the most beloved first birthday themes. It certainly suits a garden party, but you can arrange it anywhere and in any season.

Yellow should be the dominant color, and black accents will remind of the bumblebees. A honeycomb decorated cake matches perfectly with the theme, while flowery cupcakes can offer the perfect spot for the decorative bumblebees to rest.

To add some color, decorate the cupcakes in a gender-matching shade and add some green grass to the décor.

14. Race Car Birthday Party

That’s a masculine theme, but a more than adorable one. Depending on your preference, choose childish decorations, such as the cute characters of Disney’s Cars, or stylish replicas of real race cars. Red and blue should be the dominating colors, but yellow and black also find their place in the scene.

For a shabby chic party, opt for vintage race car decorations; use posters on the walls and order a themed cake. As for the treats, anything works as long as you stay true to the theme.

15. Tropical Fruity Party Theme


Imagine Hawaiian songs, lush skirts, and beautiful flowers, a blue pool, and colorful cocktails. This could be the scene of your baby’s first birthday party.

A tropical fruit party theme is certainly creative, and you can mix and match fruits or choose the one you like best. We suggest to mix and match, keeping the treats as healthy as possible, and as closely as possible to the theme.

Delicious tropical fruit salads served in pineapples, fruity cocktails served in coconuts, a tropical fruit centerpiece with bananas and passion fruits, and a pineapple cake will satisfy all your guests.

16. Donut-Themed Birthday Party

One of the funniest first birthday themes is the donut birthday party. Like it’s easy to imagine, everything is about donuts. And like cupcakes or other typically sweet treats, you can amaze your guests with some savory donuts.

For decorations, choose donuts, obviously. And a donut-shaped cake to rule the candy buffet. To add some gender-specific colors in the picture, use blue or pink glaze on the sweet donuts.

17. Cupcake-Themed First Birthday

You don’t like donuts? Then you probably like cupcakes. For this birthday party, everything should be a delicious cupcake, from the savory bites to the sweet treats.

A giant cupcake-shaped cake, or an arrangement of normal cupcakes on a tiered cake stand, is perfect to use as a centerpiece; savory and sweet cupcakes should dominate the scene, while for the other treats you could include a platter of cheese and fruit, and some chocolate dipped marshmallows.

The invitations, tableware, and the cutlery should also match the main theme of the party. And don’t worry, there will never be too many cupcakes in one place.

18. Music-Inspired First Birthday Theme

If you love music, or if your little one is an aspiring drummer, a music-inspired first birthday theme is more than… inspiring.

Use old vinyl records to decorate the walls and the table, and order a themed cake, perhaps decorated with an artistic sheet music. Sheet music or musical notes on the tablecloth and decorations are also awesome. And if you or the baby have a clear interest in a particular instrument, feature it too in the theme.

Such a party gives you the possibility to serve any treats, from savory finger foods to sweet bites.

19. Office-Inspired Birthday Party

An office-inspired birthday party is great for a little man. Black suits and sober ties should be a clear requisition for the guests, as your bundle of joy will rule the party and act like a boss for the whole day.

Suits and ties are the main elements for the decorations too. Use them on invitations and on the decorations of the venue. Dress your little man in a stylish “director” suit and place him in the center of the attention.

A creative photo booth will allow your baby’s “employees” to take “hidden” photos during the long “office hours”.

20. Nautical First Birthday Party

Whether you live by the sea or have any of kind connection with the navigation, a nautical first birthday party is perfect for both boys and girls.

Decorate the venue with nautical elements, keep the same line for the food decorations, and dress your baby in a matching captain suit or dress. The best colors are navy, white and red, but you can replace red with raspberry pink if you want a more girlish shade.

As for the cake, choose an ombré cake in the colors of the sea, decorated with boats, starfish, and other cute ocean animals.

21. Polka-Dots Themed Party


Polka dots match perfectly with little girls, and a polka-dot party theme will most likely wow your guests. This versatile party theme can feature all imaginable colors, and you can add diversity with flowery patterns.

Dress your baby in a fashionable polka dot dress and style her hair with a lovely headband. As for the polka dots, use them everywhere. Even on the cake stand.

22. Dinosaur-Themed First Birthday Party

Dear boys and girls, may I have your attention, please?! If you love dinosaurs, tell your parents to throw a dinosaur-themed first birthday party!

You don’t have to recreate Jurassic Park, although that would be awesome. However, friendlier dinos can enhance the party just as well. Dinosaurs look great in a jungle-themed venue. Add some stone-age flair to the design and complement everything with a dinosaur birthday cake.

23. Whimsical Pastel Birthday Party


Pastel shades match both boys and girls, and the theme is quite versatile. You can play with any decorations you like and serve whatever you like, as long as the colors stay pastel.

For baby girls, blush pink and a ballerina dress can make her stand out. Sober blush blue trousers, a matching tie, and a white shirt are perfect for a baby boy.

Since the soul of a party is, without a doubt, the food, make cute finger foods and pastel cupcakes, macaroons, and cake pops. Decorate the table with marshmallows and crackers, and use matching colors for the venue decorations.

24. Rainbow First Birthday Party

Rainbows are just as popular as unicorns, and one of the most versatile first birthday themes to play with. To add that wow-factor to the party, hide the rainbows and let your guests find them in the treats.

To do this, choose a monochromatic theme for the party. Blush pink, white, or blush blue are the best choices. Make a rainbow cake and rainbow cupcakes and hide them under a monochromatic frosting, to surprise your guests with an unexpected burst of color.

Alternatively, arrange rainbows everywhere, make rainbow colored food and make it clear right from the start what the party is about. Harold Arlen’s Over The Rainbow playing in the background will just set the perfect mood.

25. Cowboy First Birthday Party

Do you like old cowboy movies, or are fond of the theme? Use it for your kid’s first birthday party. This theme works great for little cowboys but also for cowgirls, and there are dozens of party shops that sell matching decorations.

Cowboy ropes and boots, bandanas and characteristic hats should be the main focus of the party. Order a matching cake and dress your bundle of joy in a matching outfit.

For some extra fun, make sure there’s a piñata too somewhere in a corner.

26. Winter Candy First Birthday Theme

The red and white of winter candies matches perfectly with the first birthday party of a winter baby. Just think of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Traditional Christmas candies, cake pops, sweet and savory cupcakes and macaroons, lots of chocolate and snacks are the ideal choices for the buffet.

As for the cake, just pick colors that work well in the context, ideally a red and white swirl cake.

27. Milk And Cookies First Birthday Party

Looking for something outstanding? Just use your baby’s first food as a party theme. Okay, maybe cookies weren’t exactly your baby’s first food, but we don’t think your guests will love infant biscuits just as much.

Glass milk bottles marked with a clear milk label, cookies everywhere, and a few other treats for the pickier guests can make up your buffet. Use matching decorations on the invitations and decorate the whole venue in a similar style.

28. Sunshine-Themed First Birthday

Admit it, how many times did you call your little one “my sunshine”? Many times, isn’t it? Well, a sunshine-themed first birthday party is a must in this case.

This party is all about your baby. So make a large photo collage with the baby’s most cute pictures, add her name everywhere and make invitations with an image of her.

As for the colors, choose gold and yellow; match them with other bold choices such as hot pink, teal, or navy, depending on the gender of the baby.

29. Lumberjack First Birthday Theme

Does your little one show an interest in DIY crafts already? That’s awesome. Make him a lumberjack-themed birthday party.

Plaid decorations are a must; so are all things connected with lumberjacking, including images of deer and other wildlife. Keep the same plaid pattern on the cake too, as for the colors, red and black with yellow accents is the only way to go.

30. Vintage Circus First Birthday


Circuses are often associated with negative feelings. But that’s just us, adults, to see it that way. Little kids usually love the exuberant colors of a circus and the funny faces of a clown.

A vintage circus first birthday party, therefore, could be the perfect choice for your little one.

Arrange a colorful setting and decorate the treats with cute animals. Colorful balloons on the ceiling, circus curtains and a jukebox on a corner will set up the atmosphere. Shaped balloons will entertain the youngest guests, and a popcorn machine will provide delicious treats. What else could you wish for?

31. Safari Birthday Party

One of the most beloved first birthday themes for a little explorer? A safari theme. Ask your guests to wear matching outfits and have a binocular on hand at all times.

Create a lush safari with wildlife and palm trees. The same lovely animals should decorate the treats as well. Hide a stuffed lion somewhere in the jungle and let the youngest guests search it. Whoever finds the animal can keep it, but we recommend to have enough toys to give one to each kid.

32. Vintage Barbershop First Birthday Party

For a stylish little man, a vintage barbershop first birthday theme could be the best. The traditional barbershop colors, namely red, white, and blue, should rock your party.

Barbershop-inspired decorations are also a must. Make scissors, razors, and combs out of black sugar paste and decorate cupcakes with them. Bake mustache cookies and order a matched birthday cake.

As for your little man’s outfit, inspire yourself from the traditional barber outfits and find something suitable for your future hairstylist.

33. Pancake Pajama Birthday Party

After a year spent alongside a temperamental infant, all you might want to do is catch up on sleep. A pajama party, therefore, might be a more than inspired idea.

If pancakes are involved, send us an invitation too! To let the kids have some fun, throw the party in the morning or in the early afternoon. Trust us, your fellow parents will love wearing pajamas, just as you will, regardless of the hour.

As for the treats, pancakes are a must. But you can mix things up with other goodies too. Cinnamon swirls, plum cakes, cupcakes, mug cakes, and donuts will also attract the hungry guests.

34. Lemonade Stand First Birthday Party

On a hot summer day, throw a lemonade stand first birthday party. The best color palette for this theme includes bright yellow, lime green, and tangerine.

For a baby girl, include some hot pink and poppy red in the décor. For a baby boy, turquoise and emerald green are awesome matches. As for the food buffet, choose light treats that pair well with lemonade.

Goat cheese with lemongrass bites, tomato focaccia, steak with asparagus, avocado salad, and lots of lemon sweets, from raspberry lemon tart to a delicious lemon cake.

35. Breakfast At Tiffany’s First Birthday Theme

Do you remember Breakfast at Tiffany’s? This iconic movie has inspired many first birthday themes over the years, mainly because most moms aspire to see their daughter at least as famous as Audrey Hepburn.

Everything at this party should be delicate and stylish, from decorations to food. Make sure to dress your girl in a fashionable outfit and make sure to behave like a lady through the whole party. Serve your guests tea in your best china and serve sponge cake, macaroons, and finely decorated cupcakes.

36. Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party


A wicked way to celebrate your baby’s first baby is with an Alice in Wonderland first birthday party.

Arrange the party in the backyard; make a cricket play area and arrange a lovely table for the Mad Hatter’s tea party. A themed cake will complement the party with success, while the characters from the book will entertain both the little and the big guests.

Choose an Alice outfit for a baby girl or a White Rabbit outfit for a lovely baby boy.

37. Modern Chevron First Birthday

If you’re looking for something stylish and non-childish, choose a modern chevron theme for your little one’s first birthday.

Ideal for boys and girls, this is one of the soberer first birthday themes. Yet, you can add some glam factor and a bit of happiness with inspired accessories.

Use a chevron pattern on the tablecloths and walls. Decorate the cookies and cupcakes with chevron frosting, and make a chevron cake too. The best colors to use are white and orange, but the choice is quite flexible.

As for the decorations, use fashionable stuffed animals colored in pastel hues.

38. Election-Inspired First Birthday Theme

To be clear, we don’t take political sides and no, we don’t have any political views to share. But we’re pretty sure your baby would make a wonderful president.

So, if you’re looking for one of those creative first birthday themes, an election-inspired first birthday party will probably wow your guests.

Create electoral posters with your baby’s candidacy for the function. Place electoral cards as signposts and ask your guests to vote for the new president. The best color palette to match this theme is a national one, such as red, white, and navy if you live in the US. Don’t forget to invest in a matching birthday cake and delicious treats for your baby’s faithful “electors”!

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