How Much To Spend On A Baby Shower Gift

How much to spend on a baby shower gift? A daunting question for many of us. Attending a baby shower without a gift is impossible. But how to decide what is a fair amount to spend? Is there an etiquette you should follow?

The main problem that arises when you’re invited to a baby shower is the fear of showing up with a gift too cheap. But reversing the medal, it is equally awkward showing up with a very expensive item if the expecting mom is an acquaintance or coworker.

Once decided the budget, the new question that arises is what to buy. What is an appropriate gift for a good friend? Is it fine to buy a stroller or infant car seat for your sister-in-law? This guide aims to answer all these questions and some more…

How Much To Spend On A Baby Shower Gift: Etiquette

Like with everything else, there is an etiquette you should follow when deciding how much to spend on a baby shower gift. While these are considered general rules to follow, remember that you should ultimately decide the budget based on your possibilities.

Don’t buy an expensive gift just because the etiquette tells you to. Before choosing the gift set a budget you’re comfortable with and follow our tips to spend less on a baby shower gift without showing it.

Baby Shower Gift For A Coworker

When invited at a baby shower gift for a coworker you barely know or a high school mate you haven’t seen for years, you can spend as less as $10 or $15 on the baby shower gift. Don’t feel bad about spending this little, yet choose a useful gift for the future mom.

Acceptable gifts range widely, from packs of diapers to baby shoes, baby bottles, or even baby cosmetics. A toy or a set of onesies are other acceptable gifts.

Regarding the upper limit, it is recommended to keep your budget under $30. This won’t embarrass your coworker nor make her feel obliged to give you an expensive gift should you have a child.

Baby Shower Gift For A Good Friend

For good friends or relative members you don’t see that often, your baby shower gift budget can range between $30 and $50. Cheaper gifts might also be appropriate, especially if you’re planning to make a unique gift.

Again, avoid making expensive gifts. You’ll probably embarrass the future mom and the host. As for the right gift, choose something off of the registry or ask the host what the future mom might need.

Baby Shower Gift For Your BFF

I’ve been there already. Deciding what was an appropriate budget for my best friend’s baby shower gift wasn’t easy. But in the end, when feelings and a true friendship are involved, there are hardly any limits. In my opinion, setting a budget for your best friend’s baby shower should be easy. Just follow your heart and set the limits accordingly.

If you still want to follow etiquette, a standard budget ranges between $50 and $100. With this money, you can buy a more glamorous baby shower gift or something unique for your special friend and her upcoming baby.

Baby Shower Gift For A Family Member

Whether it’s your sister or your sister-in-law, buying a baby shower gift for an immediate family member is often a hassle. Family members will probably expect an expensive gift but their expectations shouldn’t worry you.

If you want to set a budget and follow the etiquette, an acceptable upper limit is about $100. You can buy a more expensive gift if you want to, but in this case, it’s probably better to give the future mom a gift card and let her choose the appropriate items for her baby.

Group Gifting

More often than not, coworkers or family members group up together to make one expensive gift to the future mom rather than several smaller items. Expensive items the future baby will need are typically a cradle or baby bed, a stroller, and a baby car seat.

While joining efforts to buy these items is great, it is advisable to let the new mom choose them. The best thing to do in this case is to buy a gift card from the mom’s favorite store and sign off a baby shower card with the names of those who contributed to the gift.

How Much To Spend On A Baby Shower Gift For The Second Child

baby shower gift

Baby showers were originally intended as parties for the first child. Yet nowadays, most second or even third-time moms organize baby showers for the babies that are about to come. In fact, beyond its original purpose, a baby shower is a good excuse to socialize, catch up with your friends, share parenting tips and enjoying quality company.

But in the end, how much to spend on baby shower gift for the second or third child? And what makes an appropriate gift?

When it comes to the budget, it is generally accepted to spend less for a gift for the second child, but you can still stick to the budget ranges above.

As for the gift, consider that the mom probably has lots of baby essentials from her firstborn. To make sure your gift is useful, go for practical items, such as diapers or baby lotion, a new baby bathtub or some extra baby clothes.

In this baby shower gift, it is also acceptable to include toys for the older child. As an alternative, if the mom hasn’t set up a registry, choose an original gift for the mom rather than the baby. For instance, a coupon to hire a maid service could be more than useful for a future mom-of-two.

How To Spend Less On A Baby Shower Gift

What to do if you’re attending your sister’s or best friend’s baby shower but don’t want to break the bank? How to make a good impression in front of the guests and show up with a noteworthy gift when you can’t really afford it? As odd as it may seem, it’s easy to save on the gift if you follow a few simple tricks.

The first thing is to decide how much to spend on baby shower gift. Set your own budget or follow the etiquette rules detailed above. Next, find a way to reduce the cost of the gift. Here’s how.

Use Coupons and Discount Codes

Most moms set up gift registries either online or at their favorite shops. But who says you have to buy the articles from that shop? You can check what the mom needs and buy the gift from elsewhere, using a coupon or discount code.

Discount codes and printable coupons are easy to find online and most major retailers accept them. They can even cut off as much as 50% from the retail price. With this trick, you can make a $50 baby shower gift by spending $25.

Make A Large Gift With Small Items

Most registries include small, inexpensive items that are rarely considered by the guests. Nevertheless, the mom-to-be needs them just as much as she needs the stroller. To make your gift look important without spending a fortune, make a large gift by buying several small items.

For example, you can make a baby bath kit including nail clippers, a baby lotion, baby towels and some bath toys. A basket containing teethers, sippy cups, baby bottles and pacifiers is equally beautiful and useful.

All the items mentioned above cost less than $5 and your gift will certainly have an imposing aspect.

Split The Costs

If you want to buy an expensive gift for your sister or best friend but can’t afford it, split the costs with your immediate family members or close friends. For example, if the mom wants a baby bed costing $500 but you can only afford to spend $100, join your forces with your mom, sister-in-law, or even with your closest friends to give the future mom the gift she wants.

In this way, you’re not going to break the bank and the mom-to-be will get what she wishes.

Make The Gift Yourself

According to the baby shower etiquette, all guests should buy at least one item from the registry. However, if all affordable gifts have been signed off and you didn’t find someone willing to share the costs of an expensive gift with you, reduce costs by making the gift yourself.

DIY gifts have many advantages. First, your baby shower gift will be unique. Handcrafted items are also fashionable. And there are lots of things you can handcraft that baby actually needs.

Looking for some ideas? Knitted baby clothes or shoes. Baby headbands for a little girl. Knitted or stuffed toys. If you have carpentry skills, you can even make the mom a rocking chair. There are endless ideas and you will certainly save money compared to buying the same items from a retailer.

Final Thoughts

It’s often hard to decide how much to spend on baby shower gift. Even more when the future mom is a close friend or relative. I hope the etiquette guide above can help you decide the budget range and, ultimately, remember that whatever you buy will certainly be appreciated by the future mom!

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