How to Host a Baby Shower: 10 Must-Read Tips

So you have decided to host a baby shower for your best friend. The mom-to-be is certainly thrilled with your decision, but know that she is also having great expectations. Hosting a baby shower means throwing a fabulous party that everyone will remember.

For this reason, before you start planning the baby shower, it is important to understand how to host a baby shower. The success of the party is your responsibility alone, and for this reason, we came up with this list of tips that should help you to host a memorable event.

There are a few things your guests would expect, such as treats, drinks, and fun activities. But there are also some things you should avoid doing. So let’s see how to become a perfect host and make each guest feel comfortable at your party.


Friends Making A Toast With Orange Juice At Baby Shower

Traditionally, baby showers are women affairs. However, with the passing of time, this trend tends to change, and men and children start to be allowed at these parties. Throwing a couples baby shower might be more fun than an all-women baby shower, as men tend to bring more joy to such events.

In addition, all the parents will be more than happy attending your party together with their children. In this way, they will not have to find a babysitter and will be more relaxed.


Baby Shower gifts

The purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate the arrival of a new baby by bringing useful gifts to the future mother. When sending the invitations you have to take into account that maybe some of the guests are not parents yet and might not have an idea of what could be useful to a newborn.

The best way to help your guests choose the right gift is to make a list or set a registry at a baby items store. For this task, you need the help of the future mom, asking her to make a list with the items she needs, or the help of a friend who is already a parent, if you’re organizing a surprise baby shower.

If you choose to have a registry at a store, make sure to choose a store that sells affordable items. Consider that some of your guests may not want (or can’t afford) to spend a lot of money for the gift. Also, avoid putting on the list pricey items, such as a stroller, crib or car seat. In addition to being expensive, these items are also produced in a wide range of models, all with different features and functions. Since you will probably don’t know what features are wanted, it might be a good idea to let the parents or the grandparents take care of these purchases.

Once you have the gift list or the registry, make sure your guests will have access to it. In the first case, you could make photocopies and send it to all of the guests together with the invitation. In the latter, specify in the invitation which store holds the registry or if it is accessible online.


gift box

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Baby showers are generally long parties and maybe not all the guests have the time or the will to stay for 5-6 hours. For this reason, you should give the possibility to those guests who just want to give a quick congratulations to the future mom to drop-in, make the wishes, give the gift then leave.

Allowing the guests to decide when to come and how much to stay will definitely make them feel more relaxed about attending your party.


Pregnant Friend At Home

At any baby shower the main conversation subject is focused on the baby. However, if some of your guests are not parents yet, this might be boring for them. In addition, no one, including you or the future mom, will feel comfortable talking about labor pain, poop smell or how to change a diaper.

To avoid awkward conversation you should create a set of “party rules” and send them to each guest or post them at the entrance. This will stop some guests from sharing gruesome stories about giving birth or about baby issues and will have everyone celebrating in a more joyous note.


Cherry Tomatoes Blue Cheese Bacon

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As I stated above, baby showers tend to be long parties. This means you have to offer more than pretzels and popcorn to your guests. You can either hire a catering company or ask a bunch of friends to help you prepare all sorts of goodies.

Probably the best idea is to have a buffet, including salty and sweet treats. The options are endless, but the best ideas are ham and cheese platters, stuffed croissants and scones, mini quiches and pizzas or all sorts of sandwiches and finger food. The sweet treats should include a range of cupcakes and muffins, candies, chocolates, marshmallows and sweet popcorn.

Don’t forget to make or order a cake in honor of the arriving baby, decorated with baby items and colored in matching shades.

The food buffet should also have a tea and coffee station area, while other appropriate drinks are fresh fruit juices and non-alcoholic cocktails.


Beautiful woman sitting alone at a formal table

Traditionally, alcohol is not served at baby showers. Nevertheless, there are really a few future moms that will mind if their friends or family members drink a glass of wine or a Piña Colada.

You should also consider serving wine if you invited men at the party. Serving alcohol doesn’t mean you should allow your guests to get drunk, but a glass of some liquor will certainly make them have more fun and be more relaxed.


Prengnat Woman with Baby Clothes

Yes, I know, one of the most expected moments of a baby shower for the mom-to-be is the gift opening. However, in many cases, this moment is exciting only for the future mother, while the guests will have to engage in small talks or get bored while the mom-to-be will unwrap all of the gifts.

This process can be even more boring if you have a large number of guests attending the party. For this reason, unless you’re planning a baby shower bingo to keep the guests entertained, propose to all of them to bring their gifts unwrapped. Set a table where all the gifts can be deposited and admired by the future mother, but skip the gift opening moment.


baby shower craft onesie


Baby showers are perfect excuses to spend a few pleasant hours together with your friends. Games are traditional activities for any baby shower, but what games you propose can make the difference between a baby shower that will leave a faint memory and an awesome baby shower.

Assuming you want your baby shower to be awesome, you should avoid proposing not so awesome games and activities. Measuring mom’s belly might be popular, but it can easily make the pregnant women feel awkward in front of her friends and relatives. Other awkward games are all those games that have anything to do with changing diapers or smelling melted chocolates that look like baby poop. Tasting baby food could also seem gruesome for some guests, especially if they are not parents yet. Trust me, no one really wants to play those games, so just skip them.

There are many baby shower game ideas that can engage your guests making them have fun and genuinely admit they enjoyed your party. Some fun game ideas that will be remembered with pleasure include fun quizzes about babies, word scramble games, don’t say the word games, matching celebrities with their children and the list could go on and on.


Memories for parents

The baby shower you host will definitely be remembered by the parents forever, but if you want them to remember every guest, propose fun activities that will create memories for the parents.

There are many ideas to think of. For instance, you can give each guest a wish list and ask them to write everything they wish for the new baby. The same thing could be done with a list of advice and tips for the future mom, or simply ask the guests to make fun wishes to the mother.

You could also set a photo booth corner with baby related props where the guests can take funny photos and then make an album for the future parents.


favor bags

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Your guests will definitely remember the baby shower longer if you offer them small gifts as tokens of appreciation. The thank you gifts should be small objects that the guests can keep as a memory of your baby shower.

There are many things you could offer. For instance, if you throw an all-women baby shower, you could give your guests bottles of nail polish or cute lipsticks. If it is a couples baby shower, you could offer small potted flowers, vases, or small photo frames. Scented candles or body care lotions could also be suitable thank you gifts.

If the guests are attending the baby shower with their own children, you could give each guest a delicious cupcake decorated in the colors used for the baby shower theme, wrapped in cute satin or lace pouches. Other suitable gifts can be key chains for men or lottery tickets. The options are truly endless when it comes to thank you gifts.

Considering all this advice when trying to find out how to host a baby shower, including the above will surely make your party unforgettable. A last advice, if possible try to avoid using too many “baby” decorations. It is perfectly OK to match the colors of the decorations to the gender of the future baby, and you can use some baby clothes, onesies or socks for the theme, but try to stay away from the diapers cake. It is not elegant and it is completely useless, as it is very unlikely that the mother will ever use those diapers on her baby.

Have you ever hosted a baby shower before? What did the guests appreciate more about it? Share your experiences and useful tips with us and with all the women who decide to host a baby shower, leaving a comment below. If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss these tips, please feel free to tell us your thoughts. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends, maybe these tips could help them too.

After that, all you have to do is to forget about the worries and throw that baby shower for your best friend. You will definitely host an awesome party!

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