How to Plan a Baby Shower In 11 Steps

If your best friend is expecting a baby, you should probably start thinking about planning a baby shower. According to the baby shower etiquette, this type of event should be hosted by a close friend or co-worker, and not by the future mother or by her relatives, as it may seem like she is asking for gifts.

Once you have taken the decision to organize the event, the first question to ask is how to plan a baby shower. Planning a baby shower is not an easy task and there are many event agencies that could help you. However, if you want to plan the party by yourself, the easy steps presented in this guide will show you exactly how to plan a baby shower. We’re sure you will throw a fabulous party that everyone will remember.


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The baby showers are usually organized between the seventh and the eighth month of pregnancy. You should choose a day of the week that can be suitable for most of the guests, such as a Friday afternoon or a Saturday.

Once you decided the date, the next thing to decide is the time. Most baby showers are organized in the afternoon, but there is no precise rule. You are free to organize the baby shower in the morning or in the evening. The only thing you should do is to consider the needs of your guests and choose a moment when it could be easier for them to break free from their daily commitments.

As soon as the date and time are decided, you must think about a suitable location. The location will depend very much on the time and on the season. If you organize the party on a winter afternoon, a cozy tea salon might be a great choice. For a spring or summer brunch, an open-door baby shower held in a garden or on a beautiful terrace will definitely impress your guests.

If you want to enjoy the privacy of a home, you can either throw the baby shower at your home or talk to the mother and see if she agrees to host the party at her home. In this case, the party will be less formal, but prepare to deal with the after-party chaos and mess.


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Once established the date, time, and location, you should decide who to invite to the baby shower. In this moment you should also decide if you want to throw a traditional baby shower, which would be a strictly feminine event, or allow the presence of men as well.

In the first case, you should pay attention to invite all the dearest friends of the mom-to-be and also relatives such as the mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, sisters-in-law, mother-in-law, and close co-workers.

In the second case, in addition to all the people reminded earlier, you should also invite the future dad and the husbands of all of her friends and relatives.


Baby shower invitation

The next step in planning a baby shower are the invitations. On the market there are available many invitation cards designed especially for baby showers, but you can also make them by yourself if you love handmade objects.

If you decide to create your own baby shower invitations, you will need good-quality paper, a pencil and a pair of scissors. Choose a suitable subject, such as a diaper, a baby bottle or a baby bodysuit and draw it on the paper. Cut the shape, decorate it as you wish then write the invitation on the other side, together with the address. If the party is formal, you should purchase or make traditional invitation cards and send them to the guests.

If you don’t know what to write in the invitations, phrases such as “Let’s celebrate together the arrival of…” are the best solution. Don’t forget to mention the essential information such as date, time, place, and also indicate if there is a gift list available. Also, ask the guests to confirm their presence by a certain date.

As in the digital era everything is allowed, if you have a little time available, you could even send the invitations via email. In this case, use an editor to create a beautiful invitation and attach it to the emails you’re going to send. However, avoid creating social events to invite people to join the party.

You should send the invitations at least one month before the baby shower. In this way, your guests will be able to organize their schedules and attend the party.


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To avoid duplicate gifts and also to make sure that the expectant mother will receive truly useful objects, a gift list is more than necessary. For this step you should ask the help of the future mother, asking her to write down everything she might need.

The gift list for a baby shower can include quite anything, from baby care products to diapers, towels, baby clothes and accessories. However, all the things included in the list should have reasonable prices. You should avoid including the stroller or a baby car seat. These items are not only more expensive, but due to the wide range of models available, you might put your guests in difficulty.

Since the baby showers are very popular events, many stores even offer baby shower registries, similar to those used for the weddings. If you decide to use such service, you should choose a regular store with low-medium prices. Don’t worry, if your guests will want to upgrade the level of the products they will do so on their own, but no one will feel the pressure of attending your baby shower.

Make sure all the guests know which is the selected shop by indicating it in the invitation. This is a great way to make sure the future mother will get all the necessary items avoiding duplicates or something that might not be useful.


Rainshower theme

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Another important thing to decide for the success of the baby shower is the theme and the color of the party. When it comes to the colors, if you don’t want to use the traditional light blue for boys or candy pink for girls, you could choose a navy blue or lilac. However, there are circumstances when you might not know the gender of the future baby. In this case, neutral colors such as yellow or light green can be excellent choices.

The usual themes for baby showers are nursery-style themes, including decorations such as baby bottles, diapers, rattles, pacifiers, and so on. However, you don’t have to get stuck to this idea. There isn’t a “right” theme for a baby shower. If the future mother is a fashionista, for example, you can opt for a glamorous theme with decorations such as heeled shoe cookies.

A great idea would also be to develop a theme inspired by the future mother’s/parents’ childhood. Or you could throw a retro party, celebrating with old cartoons and films. Anything you know that the future mom and the guests might enjoy is a good idea.


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In addition to the theme, you should also think about the decorations such as balloons and other party objects. On the market there are available many types of garlands, wreaths, and tassels designed specifically for baby showers. You could also create balloon arcades.

Organizing a photo booth area is also a great idea. To do this, you must only place a white paper on a wall and create some funny props, such as baby bottles, rattles, hats, bows, pacifiers, etc. that will be used by your guests to take funny photos.

Pay attention to decorate the tables as well as the chairs accordingly. If the baby shower is informal, you will need at least two tables, one for the snacks and one for the gifts.


Baby Shower gifts
Creating an ad hoc corner for the gifts opening will avoid creating confusion during the baby shower. To create the corner you only need a table where the guests can put their gifts and a comfortable chair or armchair for the future mom.

If there are many participants to the party, you should ask each guest to write their name on the gift. In this way, it will be easier for the future mother to thank the right person.


Party table
If you decide to throw the baby shower at home you will also have to think about table decorations. The best thing to do is to plan a buffet. However, you will still need to purchase dishes, tablecloths, cutlery, glasses, straws, and napkins. You will be able to choose from a wide range of products designed specifically for this occasion, so you shouldn’t have problems in finding the right decorations.

You can decorate the table in many ways, including the classic diaper cake and small gifts that will be added to the baby layette. A very scenic decoration can be achieved with “cupcakes” made from baby bodysuits, onesies or hats. You can either shop for these items or make them by yourself using large cupcake forms and pieces of clothing folded up to look like cupcakes.

In addition to all these items, food decorations should also be present. You can make delicious decorations with cupcakes and muffins arranged on trays, or large glasses and jars filled with gourmet chocolates or candies.

If you want to make the table look shabby and refined, you could also place some beautiful photo frames and jars with candles among the other items.


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The best thing to do when it comes to food and drinks is to ask the help of a catering service. However, if you are passionate about cooking and have a good manual dexterity, nothing will stop you to prepare the treats by yourself.

In addition to the candy jars and cupcake trays used for the decoration of the table, you should also prepare some salted snacks, such as mini sandwiches or salted pastries such as mini quiches, stuffed croissants, finger food, popcorn and pretzels.

For the dessert buffet, you could also prepare some cake pops, which are delicious lollipops made from cake balls dipped in melted chocolate and covered with hazelnuts, coconut flakes or colored candies. For a super chic style, you could build a macarons pyramid, which is both beautiful to see and delicious.

As for the drinks, depending on the time, you could choose a fine collection of tea blends and herbal teas, fresh fruit juices and soft drink cocktails. Non-alcoholic champagne shouldn’t miss and if men are allowed to the baby shower, you could also offer some wine.


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What would be a baby shower without games? After all, the party will not be exclusively dedicated to pleasantries, small talk and gifts opening, but also to having fun. For this reason, the games are an important task to take care of when planning a baby shower.

The most classic games include the guessing of the circumference of the expectant mother belly, a race to changing diapers on a doll, guessing the various types of baby food, and so on. There are many baby shower games ideas, so depending on your preferences you should be able to choose the most appropriate ones.

If you have many guests, or if men are also invited, you should probably opt for more neutral games, such as bingo and word scramble games. If the theme of the baby shower is childhood, you could ask the guests to provide you with photos since they were children, hung all the photos on a rope, and ask your guests to guess to whom each photo belongs.

However, in our opinion, there are some games you should stay away from, even if they are popular. For instance, you shouldn’t propose to your guests any games that have anything to do with baby poop or dirty diapers.

Regardless of the game selection, don’t forget to prepare small prizes for the winners of each individual game. If the games proposed can have multiple winners, make sure to have sufficient prizes. Some ideas can be boxes with special tea blends, scented candles, gift coupons or lottery tickets. To make everything even more enhancing, you could even use some dedicated scratch-n-win tickets and ask the winners to scratch a ticket and see if they actually won the prize. In this way everyone will have even more fun.


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At the end of the baby shower, it would be recommended for the mother to give small thank you gifts to all the participants as a sign of gratitude. These should be small objects that can be kept by the guests to remember the day spent together.

If you have chosen a special theme for the baby shower, you should match the thank you gifts to the theme. You could offer, for instance, small pots with flowers, plant seeds, vases, or anything else you think it is appropriate. No matter what the gift will be, the guests will definitely feel appreciated.

Now, that you know how to plan a baby shower, you should be able to organize a wonderful party for your best friend.

Don’t forget to tell us how the party was. Or if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and tell us everything about your concerns. We would love to hear your thoughts and give you more tips about planning a great event.

And remember, having fun while you’re planning the party is an important element for the success of the baby shower!

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