8 Adorable Little Girl Haircuts & Hairstyles For Your Tot

Baby girls are adorable. And they get even more adorable when they show up with a cheeky hairdo. From fancy bobs to stylish buns, the eight adorable little girl haircuts and hairstyles below will make your baby shine, despite how long, short, or fine her hair is.


Most toddlers have fine hair that is not too long. But this doesn’t mean your baby girl has to look boyish. A cheeky bob is a perfect haircut for your little one. This style has many advantages. It’s easy to cut and easy to style. The hair is long enough to make your tot shine and short enough to not get into her face.

Add some bangs, and this little girl haircut turns ideal. If your girl has very fine hair, opt for a cheek-length bob that keeps the fine locks short while adding a feminine touch to your tot’s image.


little girl haircuts

Sometimes it may happen that your girl’s locks don’t want to grow. This doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your baby. You just have to wait for it, and in the meantime, you can style your baby’s look with adorable headbands.

There are dozens of models to choose from, including silk summer hairbands to wool hair accessories.


Long hair on a little girl is a rare thing. But if your baby’s fortunate enough to have long locks, you can play with them and create dozens of cute hairstyles. Among them, the one we like best is the fishtail braids. Easy to make but extra good-looking, they will certainly make your baby shine.

But there are many other types of braids or buns to try. Just get inspired or use your imagination to create an outstanding hairstyle for your little one.


A side ponytail is a stylish alternative to the traditional braids. And this hairstyle suits girls with either long or short hair.

If your baby has shorter or fine hair, it might be a great idea to arrange her hair in two side ponytails and match them with bangs. This simple haircut is charming and gives little girls that innocent look we all fall in love with.


little girl haircuts

Straight, rugged, ruffled, set aside, or asymmetrical, bangs just suit all toddlers. These simple little girl haircuts can easily transform the look of your princess, making her stand out in all circumstances. And the good news is, you can even cut your baby’s hair yourself.

If you’re concerned about how to keep her still during the process, make sure to read our tips at the end of this article.


Side buns are a stylish alternative to ponytails or braids. And they are easy to make on girls with shorter hair too.

Besides the cute look, buns also come with side benefits. They stay intact longer and don’t interfere with the kid’s activities if she has long hair. Embellished with hair accessories, side buns are festive and give the little one a fresh look. Undoubtedly, a perfect choice for your little bundle of joy.


Baby-pixie is one of the most popular little girl haircuts for toddlers, especially if the kid has fine or stubborn hair. And it’s a perfect choice for all girls, as a matter of fact.

The short hair at the back and on the sides won’t interfere with the kid’s activities and will keep her fresh in the summer. On the other hand, the longer locks on the top make the hair easy to comb and style. With proper accessories, you’ll be able to arrange a pixie cut in numerous ways.


Angled bob is often chosen for matching mom and little girl haircuts. This fancy style is suitable for almost all types of hair and is totally doable on toddlers.

To give the hairstyle a twist, tie the longer side of the hair with cute accessories, or use a hairband to add a bit of personality to the cut.


little girl haircuts

Toddlers are hard to keep still on a chair while you or the hairdresser styles the hair. But hard is not impossible. Our advice is to take the kid to a professional hairdresser used to work with infants and toddlers. Yet, more often than not, moms want to give it a try and do a haircut in the comfort of the home.

This is often a cheaper and quicker option if you just want something simple, such as bangs. So, how to make your little girl stand still? The tips below might help.


Toddlers and kids, in general, behave better when they know what’s going to happen, just like with the bedtime routine. So, before showing up at your appointment with the hairdresser, or taking out the scissors, talk to the kid and explain what she’ll go through.

Give all details she needs. Let her know the haircut will change her appearance. Explain how sharp scissors can harm her if she’s not still. Or how the success of the haircut depends on her behavior. Communication is key to a successful experience for both of you.


Just because your girl is a toddler and you’re a grown-up mom it doesn’t mean you can decide everything for her. Kids have feelings and preferences too. Before the haircut, ask her how she feels about it or if she has any preferences.

Show her several little girl haircuts and let her pick her favorite. Then, explain again how important it is to stay still if she wants to get a similar result.


Let’s be honest, it doesn’t really matter how long you’ve explained your kid to stay still. She’s a toddler and toddlers get distracted easily. But if you distract her first, she might keep calm while the hairdresser is styling her locks.

Wondering how to distract your baby girl? Let her watch a cartoon she likes, or play a game on your mobile phone or tablet. Although we are against entertaining toddlers with electronic devices, they might come in handy in situations like these.


Now, this might sound awful and you might wonder what kind of mom would bribe her child. The answer? Pretty much any mom! Promising a prize for standing still at the hairdresser is often a successful solution. Prizes can vary from a toy she wants to a large cup of ice cream or a visit to an amusement park.

The only thing, if your daughter behaves, make sure you keep your promise.


Finding the right little girl haircuts for your bundle of joy is not always easy, but the styles above can certainly inspire you. And since you now know how to make the toddler stand still, you can even try all of them. We’re sure that your baby will shine regardless the option.

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