32 Maternity Baby Shower Dresses That Will Blow You Away

Many moms-to-be are often wondering what is the right dress to wear at their baby shower party. This article is dedicated to all those moms, as we will suggest a few extraordinary baby shower maternity dresses that could be used for the event.


Baby Shower Dresses & Outfits

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Vivian Maternity Baby Shower Dress$$-$$$$Star rating 5 of 5
Anette Lace Maternity Gown$$$$Star rating 5 of 5
KorinnArt Design Maxi Maternity Dress$Star rating 5 of 5
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But before getting into details, we have to say that there are no “right” baby shower dresses out there. The right dress must reflect your own taste, it must look good on you and, above all, it must be comfortable to wear.

The main thing to have in mind when searching for the perfect baby shower dress is that, even if you have a big belly, you still have the right to feel beautiful and comfortable in the clothes that you wear. This rule should be followed regardless of the event you have to attend.

We understand, however, that at a baby shower party you will be the center of the attention. For this reason, we put up a list of seven beautiful maternity dresses that will make you look fabulous for the event. All you have to do is choose your favorite and prepare to amaze all your guests with your style and charm.

1. Peachy Pink Maternity Bardot Dress

Peachy Pink Maternity Bardot Dress

The Peachy Pink Maternity Bardot Dress is an outstanding garment which impresses with its simple yet elegant lines. Designed to highlight your pregnancy in the most beautiful way, this baby shower dress has a slim yet comfortable fit.
It comes in all standard sizes from XS to XL and is incredibly suitable for the summer. The dress is made of a quality blend of bamboo and spandex, it has a scoop neck and short sleeves.  

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Manufactured by To Little Arrows, the dress boasts an off-shoulder design which is modern and stylish. The breathable fabric will keep you comfortable throughout the day and the dress pairs well with shabby chic accessories.

By purchasing a Peachy Pink dress you’ll also contribute to a cause supported by the manufacturer, such as stopping girl trafficking.

2. Vivian Maternity Baby Shower Dress

Vivian Maternity Baby Shower Dress

Most pregnant women suffer extreme temperatures in the hot summer months and the idea of dressing formally usually causes headaches. To address the needs of all pregnant women, Design by C Boutique proposes Vivian, a breathable chiffon maternity dress ideal to wear at the baby shower.
This gorgeous dress has a strapless design with a split front and it is available in a range of pastel colors. Depending on how formal the event is, you can pick the dress with or without lining.

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The length of the dress varies between 54 and 72 inches, and a closed front version is also available. A loose fit ensures suitability for all body types; in fact, as long as the dress fits your breasts, you’re all set. Standard sizes are manufactured for cup sizes A to D.

Because the dress is handmade, the manufacturer can address different needs and make the dress to measure to fit you perfectly. For a photo shoot, baby shower, or any other event, this dress is made to impress.

3. Anette Lace Maternity Gown

Anette Lace Maternity Gown

Anette Maternity Gown is a lace dress designed for those women who want to show off their curves and femininity. This stylish gown is ideal for a baby shower or any other event, wrapping your body in a delicate and stretchy lace fabric which guarantees long-lasting comfort.
Available in a selection of colors and sizes, this maternity dress boasts a mermaid design with attached drop sleeves and a sweetheart top that enhances your beauty. The delicate lace is lined with jersey knit fabric from top to the knees.

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Standard measures include all selections from XXS to XL and the manufacturer sews each dress by hand. Thanks to the stretchy material, you’ll be able to use this dress even after the baby is born without worrying for the fit.

The gown has a standard height of 60 inches and the mermaid skirt adds an additional 30 inches to the length.

4. KorinnArt Design Maxi Maternity Dress

KorinnArt Design Maxi Maternity Dress

This jersey knit and spandex Lycra maxi maternity dress is ideal to make you shine in the cooler days.
Showcasing an outstanding splendor, this dress by KorinnArt Design features an off-shoulder neckline and a pleated skirt design.

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The strapless top gives you freedom of movement while the long sleeves enhance the beauty of the design. Ideal for a baby shower, maternity photo shooting or non-maternity relaxation, this gown is elegant and comfortable.

My favorite trait is the softness of the fabric which caresses the skin and prevents rashes.

The fabric is also breathable and machine washable. It’s not recommended to tumble dry it but the thin fabric dries out pretty fast anyway. Last but not least, the product is available in a selection of colors and sizes.

5. KorinnArt Design Lace Maternity Gown

KorinnArt Design Lace Maternity Gown

Lace is an elegant material. Sophisticated and stylish, it can easily enhance the aesthetics of a dress. This is the case of this wonderful lace maternity gown by KorinnArt. Impressing with a loose design, the dress is made of electric blue lace lined with a stretchy jersey fabric lining in the tan color.
The long sleeves add a charming femininity without having a strong impact on your perception of the temperature. This makes the dress ideal to wear on the hottest days.

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If blue isn’t exactly your color or if you want to match the dress with the gender of the baby, know that this model comes in a range of neutral and gender-specific shades.

Fitting and snug, this dress is designed to hug your curves without constricting. It is comfortable, breathable, and easy to clean. Just what you need for a baby shower, maternity photo shoot or any other formal event.

6. KorinnArt Design Baby Shower Party Dress

KorinnArt Design Baby Shower Party Dress

A dress created to show off the beauty of your body. Accentuating your curves and highlighting your pregnancy, this party dress by KorinnArt Design has been conceived specifically for baby showers, although you can use it in any way you like.
The dress is made from a comfortable and stretchy jersey fabric and it comes in a selection of pastel shades. It has an off-shoulder design that enhances comfort and ensures freedom of movement, short sleeves and an attractive design over the breasts.

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The knee-length is ideal for a woman with a strong personality while the chiffon detail on the back adds an extra touch of style. Fully customizable, the dress comes in nine standard sizes or you can just measure yourself and order a dress to fit you perfectly.

7. KorinnArt Design Romantic Fitted Maternity Dress

KorinnArt Design Romantic Fitted Maternity Dress

Another inspiring garment to consider is this Romantic Fitted Maternity Dress. It is designed by KorinnArt Design and showcases a romantic allure with off-shoulder neckline and a tight fit throughout. Yet, the dress is soft and comfortable, perfect to wear to show off your beautiful pregnancy.
The dress is made of soft jersey knit and spandex Lycra and boasts a maxi design with long sleeves. A version with short sleeves is also available for the hotter days and the product comes in all standard dimensions from XS to 5XL.

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I also like the generous color choice and the double-layer top which allows you to wear the garment without a bra.

Other than this, the dress is fully customizable and this model can suffer any alterations. The manufacturer is open to new ideas and is renowned for accurately following instructions to create the dress of your dreams.

Regardless of your style, you should still be able to pick the perfect dress from the baby shower dresses presented above. If you are throwing an informal baby shower, one of the maxi long dresses could be a perfect fit.

For a casual party, or for a fall or winter baby shower, the KorinnArt Maxi Maternity Dress represents an excellent option.

If you’re throwing a formal baby shower, or if you just want to have a glamorous look, a To Little Arrow creation is definitely what you need.

Our favorite dress is the Anette Maternity Gown, but as we already said, depending on the event you should choose the most appropriate dress.

After you have chosen the perfect baby shower dress, don’t forget to choose a pair of comfortable shoes that match your selection and some stylish accessories too, if you want to create a truly fashionable look.

Looking for More Inspiration?

Finding the perfect baby shower maternity dress is important for any mom-to-be. Everyone is coming to see you to celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby boy or baby girl. The baby shower is all about you and because you are the center of attention, it is understandable that you want to find some great baby shower dress ideas.

There are some great baby shower dresses for mom to be which aren’t pricey and will make sure you look as fabulous as ever on the day of your baby shower. Whether you’re looking for baby shower dresses for summer, baby shower dresses for spring or for any other season, you should find something out of these 32 ideas.

Just because you’re a mom-to-be does not mean that maternity clothing has to be dull and boring. There are plenty of fashion for baby shower shops online that you can browse to find the perfect baby shower dress for you.

Here are the 32 outfits for baby shower you can wear or get inspiration from:

Some More Inspiration for Baby Shower Dresses

1. LC Lauren Conrad Dip-Dye Chiffon Maxi Dress

This is a dip-dye chiffon maxi dress from Lauren Conrad that will simply wow everyone at the baby shower. Your friends and family will hardly believe you’re even pregnant in this dress. It is such a flattering design for mom-to-be’s and is made for events such as baby showers. You can style this baby shower dress with a statement necklace, bangles and clutch bag. The great thing is that you can sneakily wear comfy shoes because the maxi dress will cover your feet anyway.

Dip dye chiffon

Image Credit to STACY MARESCA

2. Coral DVF Maxi Dress

If you’re a bit of a glamor puss then you will no doubt want to glam up your baby shower by wearing something glamorous. And why shouldn’t you, being a mom-to-be doesn’t mean that you have to always wear leggings and baggy tees. This particular coral DVF maxi dress is actually from eBay and so is more than affordable. You can keep the look of this outfit very simple for the baby shower by wearing the dress with a couple of gold bangles.

Coral DVF Maxi

Image Credit to ANDEE LAYNE

3. Polka Dot Body Con Baby Shower Dress

Just like above, you don’t always have to wear dresses and clothing that are baggy and ill fitting. Not many mom-to-be’s wear body con dresses because it seems that it isn’t something that would suit. However body cons can actually be very flattering when pregnant. This polka dot body con dress in pink and purple will look drop dead gorgeous on the day of your baby shower. Your friends and family won’t believe how stylish you make pregnancy look.

polka dot body con dress

Image Credit to JAY MIRANDA

4. Striped High Neck Body Con Dress

While I’m on the subject of body cons, here is another body con dress that will look great for a baby shower. Whether you’re having your baby shower party at home or at a hired venue, this dress will be perfect for both. It is also a great dress to wear for autumn or winter baby showers. You don’t need to add too much to this dress as the dress pretty much holds all the glam itself. If you do want to add something then a nice pair of gold chandelier earrings would work great.

Striped High Neck Bodycon Dress

Image Credit to BABY BUMP BUNDLE

5. One Shoulder Baby Shower Dress

If you want something cute for the baby shower then a one shoulder chiffon dress would be just the thing. You will get the best of both worlds with this dress as it leaves you room to breathe as well as looking fabulous. Comfort and fabulous together is a dream come true for mom-to-be’s. You can pair this one shoulder baby shower dress with a delicate pendant necklace, fashionable flat shoes and pendant bracelet. If you’re looking to show off your bump then this is the dress to do it in.

one shoulder chiffon dress

Image Credit to VANESSA LACHEY

6. Ultra-Chic Baby Shower Outfit

If you’re not really a dress kind of girl then that doesn’t have to change now just because you’re pregnant. You can still look incredibly chic for your baby shower in this amazing and stylish outfit. You can wear some long wide legged white pants with a simple dark grey cami vest to create a true chic and elongated look. Feeling pregnant can sometimes make you feel stumpy and so elongating with wide legged pants is certainly a neat trick.

ultra chic baby shower dress

Image Credit to TIFFANY WANG

7. Pleated Layered Coral Baby Shower Dress

This pleated baby shower dress would be perfect for a spring or summer baby shower. The layer in the dress creates a slimming look and the pleat adds to the feminine style that works well for baby showers. You can wear this with a clean pair of white heels or white flat shoes if you can’t hack being in heels at the moment. Other than the shoes, I wouldn’t add anything else to this delightful dress as it doesn’t need it.

pleated layer coral dress


8. Black Embellished Maternity Dress

If there is ever a way to appear slimming, it is with a little black dress. You would never imagine you’d be wearing a little black dress when pregnant but just like with the body con dress, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how flattering this can actually be. Because this is a party though, you don’t want just any plain little black dress… you want one that is embellished. Again, you can pair this dress with heels or flats depending on which you’re most comfortable with. You can also wear it with a cute embellished clutch.

black embellished maternity dress


9. Blush Fitted Baby Shower Dress

If you’re a bit of a girly girl or are having a girl then there is no better color to wear to your baby shower thank blush pink. This very simple yet elegant and stylish dress is ideal for a spring or summer baby shower. If you don’t want to wear a body con but don’t want to wear chiffon then a fitted dress is the happy medium. You can wear this dress with a long pendant necklace and some cute stacking bangles. You will look amazing at the baby shower wearing this!

Blush fitted dress

Image Credit to LEANNE

10. Sleeveless Contrast Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for something more bright and fun to wear for the baby shower then this sleeveless contrast dress should catch your eye. The tied waist will help to define your figure as well as show off your bump which is the main attraction of the day. The neckline of this dress keeps it casual and chic while the color will truly wow your friends and family. All eyes will be on you during the baby shower in this dress.

Sleeveless contrast maxi

Image Credit to KAREN

11. Long Sleeved White Body Con Baby Shower Dress

If there is ever a way to wow your friends and family at the baby shower, it is in this dress. White is such a simple color however it can have such a powerful impact. The body con style will help to showcase your bump as well as define your figure and the long sleeves will make sure that all the focus is on the bump. If you want to add a pop of color to your outfit then you can get a pair of hot pink shoes.

Long sleeved white

Image Credit to LIZ LYNCH

12. Navy Blue Lace Body Con Baby Shower Dress

Everything about this navy blue lace body con dress is perfect for a baby shower. It is ideal for a winter or autumn baby shower however it would also look great for summer and spring baby showers. I always say that your style shouldn’t have to change just because you’re pregnant and this is a dress I would wear even if I wasn’t pregnant which is what makes it great. You could wear it with a delicate pendant necklace and some bangles to glam it up.

navy blue lace body con

Image Credit to OUTFIT TRENDS

13. Dress And Blazer Combo Baby Shower Outfit

If you want to add more layers to your baby shower outfit than to just wear a dress on its own then adding a blazer is perfect. You’ve probably got very used to wearing cardigans during your pregnancy but wearing a cardigan to your baby shower just isn’t going to cut it. Swap the cardigan for a smart blazer if you want to wear something over your dress. Adding a simple belt is a great way to tie the whole outfit together.

Dress and blazer combo

Image Credit to JESSICA GARVIN

14. Maxi Kaftan Baby Shower Dress

If you don’t want to wear anything too fitting but still want to look glam for your baby shower then a maxi kaftan is a great idea. You can find some great maxi kaftans at holiday shops or online for very good prices. Wearing a maxi kaftan will help to elongate your body while still showing off your bump. You can go for a boho look by wearing your maxi kaftan with a headband and sandals.

Maxi kaftan

Image Credit to CLAIRE SULMERS

15. Multi Colored Maxi Baby Shower Dress

This is another variation on the maxi dress that ties at the waist. The block colors of this maxi dress will really stand out at the baby shower and will look very slimming when worn with a nice pair of heeled wedges. You can style this maxi dress by wearing a blush pink floppy hat and some bangles. Your friends and family will be amazed at your pregnancy style sense and may even be jealous that you’re outfit is actually better than theirs… and their not even pregnant.


Image Credit to PINK BLUSH

16. Blue Paisley Baby Shower Dress

A lot of the dresses I have added to this list so far have been different shades of pink but what if you’re celebrating having a baby boy, do you really want to wear pink? If you’re expecting a baby boy and are having a blue themed baby shower then this blue paisley baby shower dress is ideal. The paisley pattern and the brightly colored shades of blue are what helps this dress be feminine. You can also add to the feminity by adding a cute white flower hair clip to finish the look.

Blue paisley

Image Credit to PINK BLUSH

17. Hot Pink Maxi Baby Shower Dress

Moving back on to pink, this hot pink maxi dress will be sure to catch the eye of everyone in the room at your baby shower. The neckline of this maxi dress is also a lot more structured than some of the other maxi dresses on this list and so this can be a lot comfier than others. This is the perfect baby shower dress to wear if you’re planning a spring or summer baby shower.

hot pink maxi

Image Credit to PINK BLUSH

18. Rich Red Off The Shoulder Maxi Baby Shower Dress

If you really want to release your inner glam then this off the shoulder maxi dress will be sure to do it in this rich red color. You can add to the glam by having voluminous curls and putting on your brightest red lipstick. There is no reason why mom-to-be’s can’t look sexy! The gorgeous lace detail on the sleeves is what makes this dress ultra-glam.

Rich red off shoulder

Image Credit to PINK BLUSH

19. White Boho Maxi Baby Shower Dress

If you’re a bit of a boho babe then you won’t want to wear any glammed up dresses or body con dresses, you will want something more bohemian such as this white maxi dress. What makes this baby shower outfit stand out more is the white cover up. You can then finish the look by adding a flower hair garland, a long pendant necklace and plenty of bangles.

white boho maxi

Image Credit to KATHY BUCCIO

20. Blue Patterned Sleeveless Fitted Baby Shower Dress

Again, if you want a blue dress to wear for the baby shower then this formal but very elegant fitted dress will be perfect. The subtle floral patterns on the dress are what make it feminine enough to wear for a baby shower. You can wear it with a statement necklace and embellished clutch to complete the look. You will look like one hot mom-to-be in this baby shower dress.

blue patterned sleeveless

Image Credit to HELLO MAGAZINE

21. Casual Red Dress Over Leggings Baby Shower Outfit

If you’re having your baby shower at home and don’t want to wear anything too glam then you will want something more casual but noting that is too slumpy. You can create a smart casual look for your baby shower by pairing a midi dress with leggings and flat boots. You can then add a long chain necklace and gold bangle to dress it up a little as it is still a party after all.

red dress with leggings

Image Credit to NATALIE

22. Two Tone Midi Baby Shower Dress

If you’re looking for something a bit different to wear then this two tone midi dress is perfect. It is super cute and will look great at a spring or summer baby shower. The top half of the dress has some gorgeous pink hues to create a paisley pattern while the skirt part of the dress is soft white chiffon. Finish the look with a statement bangle and nude heels.

two tone midi

Image Credit to KATIE ANDERSON

23. Mint Green A Line Chiffon Baby Shower Dress

This is definitely one of the prettiest maternity dresses I have ever seen and will look amazing for your baby shower. It is also great fi you don’t know the sex of the baby and don’t want to wear anything blue or pink. Because of the gorgeous pattern along the neckline of this dress and the ribbon waist, no accessories are needed.

mint green chiffon

Image Credit to KATHEY

24. Mint Green Bandeau Dress With Cardigan Baby Shower Outfit

While I’m on the subject of mint green, this is another mint green dress that will look great for your baby shower. You can also pair it with a natural colored cardigan if you don’t want to expose your shoulders or arms. You can wear this dress with flats, sandals or heels depending which you are most comfortable with. This is one way to look fresh for your baby shower.

mint green bandeau dress

Image Credit to VERONIKA

25. Pale Pink Insert Body Con Baby Shower Dress

If you love pink and you want to show off your figure and bump then this is the dress to do it in. There are two layers to this dress to create that very unique and beautiful pattern. You can style this pale pink insert body con dress with rose gold bangles, nude colored shoes and rose gold stud earrings. You will look amazingly beautiful in this dress.

pale pink insert body con

Image Credit to BLOGLOVIN

26. Boho Long Sleeved Mini Baby Shower Dress

Who said that you always have to wear midi or maxi dresses when pregnant? This amazing boho style mini dress proves that you don’t have to always wear midi and maxi dresses, especially at your baby shower. As with any boho dress and outfit, you can finish the look by adding a bold flower hair garland. Because of the detailing of the neckline and long sleeves, you won’t need to add any jewellery to this look.

boho long sleeved mini

Image Credit to TESSA RAYANNE

27. Blue Body Con Maxi Dress And Kimono Baby Shower Outfit

Not only does this blue body con maxi dress look amazing but it also looks comfortable too which are two things you want in your baby shower outfit. To create more if unique look though, you can add a floral printed kimono over the dress as well as a statement necklace, bangles and stud earrings. You can finish the outfit with a comfortable pair of heeled wedges.

blue body con maxi

Image Credit to ROBIN OTTO

28. Brightly Colored Scarf Over Dress For Baby Shower Outfit

If you don’t really want to show your chest but have found a dress that has the perfect skirt are that showcases your bump as well as flatter your figure then add a brightly colored scarf. Adding a scarf is a great way to not only stylishly cover your chest but to also add layers to your baby shower outfit.

Maxi dress with scarf

Image Credit to MOLLY

29. Low Cut Green Maxi Baby Shower Dress

If you have a low cut maxi dress that still fits that you still like then it is definitely an option for a baby shower outfit. Obviously you don’t want to wear something revealing to your baby shower but you can still wear the low cut maxi dress by adding a simple white bandeau top underneath. You can then complete the look with a long chain necklace and hoop earrings.

low cut green maxi

Image Credit to CARLY

30. Belted White Pattern Fitted Baby Shower Dress

I have spoken about how tie waist dresses can help to show off your bump but so can belted dresses and maybe even more so. This very cute and very feminine baby shower dress will wow your friends and family at the baby shower. White is a great color to go for if you don’t know the sex of the baby and you can always add a pop of colour by wearing a hair flower garland.

belted white pattern

Image Credit to LINZ

31. Embellished Navy Blue Fitted Baby Shower Dress

If you want to stay with something formal and classy then this very simple yet chic embellished navy blue fitted dress will be perfect as your baby shower dress. Because the neckline of the dress is already embellished, you won’t have to buy jewellery. All you need to do to complete this outfit is to find a good pair of nude colored heels.

Navy Bodycon Dress


32. Blush Pink Cut Out Shoulder Maxi Dress

Sometimes the smallest details on a dress can make all the difference as the cut out shoulders on this blush pink maxi dress certainly do. Wearing this almost Greek goddess style baby shower dress with tanned heeled wedges and chandelier earrings will create a very feminine and gorgeous baby shower outfit. If cute and girly is the look you want to go for at the baby shower then this dress will certainly do just that.

blush pink cut out shoulder



There are the 32 baby shower dress ideas that I hope you like. I hope I have given you plenty of ideas of what you can wear to your baby shower and how to style them. Remember though that it is important to be comfortable so you can thoroughly enjoy your day. If that means wearing flat shoes then so be it!

Make sure you also check out our ultimate baby shower planning guide if you’re in the midst of planning your baby shower.​

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