Maternity Photos Ideas To Document Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in the life of a woman. And as it is easy to understand, every mom-to-be wants to document her pregnancy in the most original way.

But there is no need to invest in an expensive photo shooting to have beautiful and poetic photos with your belly. Here are some maternity photo ideas that will help you create an amazing album of memories that illustrates the beginning of a new life.



The photos of pregnant women are always beautiful, but if you want to create emotional images, don’t underestimate the impact of the outdoors photos shoots. According to photographer Natalie Norton, the blend between the charm of a pregnant woman and the natural environment is breathtaking.

You can use any set you desire, from the lawn of a park to more wild environments such as a forest, river or lake. For an unforgettable image, try to take some photos on a beach at sunset.

One of the most magical moments to take a photo of your pregnancy is about an hour before the sunset, when the soft light can create an unforgettable memory.

Also, don’t underestimate the impact urban landscapes can have in documenting your pregnancy; taking photos of your belly on a crowded street can create an awesome contrast between the frenetic lifestyle and the peace induced by the growth of a new life.


When thinking about indoor photos, most photographers advise having your maternity photos taken at a studio, where the lighting and the décor can enhance the beauty of your pregnancy. Nevertheless, photos taken at home are more emotional and can make a lovely gift for yourself and your family.

These photos will be able to express the sweetness and warmth of the daily life while waiting for your baby, and you can document the growth of your belly, the decoration of the nursery or the preparation of the family to welcome the new member of the family.

Apart from offering a more intimate view of what it was like being pregnant, the pregnancy photos taken inside your house will also allow you to feel more relaxed, while you will be able to change your outfit as many times as you want.


Pregnancy is not all about the future mom. The father is an important member of the family and he should be present at least in some of the pregnancy photos.

Apart from the dad, you should also include in the photos other members of your family, such as the grandparents, brother and sisters of the little one and the pets if you have any. A complete family portrait documenting the arrival of a new life should be a must during your pregnancy.


If you want to create an original photo album that documents all the weeks of your pregnancy, you can use cards with creative and original graphics that indicate the various stages of the baby’s growth.

You can use your favorite photo position to shoot these photos. For example, you could only photograph your belly while holding the card next to it. Or you could take a full photo of yourself with the pregnancy card in your hand.

Do document all the pregnancy, you can choose a unique shot and repeat it each week, or change the position each time. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is important to project your photo diary in advance so you can create a harmonic sequencing of the photos.

Regarding the pregnancy cards, you can either buy them or, for more original photos, make your own using cardboard and colored pencils.


Another ingenious idea to document the 40 weeks of your pregnancy is by wearing a calendar T-shirt, the same one every week.

A pregnancy calendar T-shirt is a simple shirt with the numbers from one to 40 stamped on it. Use a red marker to cross over the past weeks of your pregnancy, while the weeks to go have to remain unmarked. This will be a fun way to document your pregnancy, and when the baby is born you will only have to make a series of the best shots and arrange them in order.

To make a calendar T-shirt, use a white or light colored shirt and write all the numbers on it with black marker.


Maternity Photos Ideas


Technically, there isn’t a right moment to start documenting your pregnancy. You can start as soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, or later on. However, if you only want to create a few beautiful memories of these unforgettable moments, schedule your photo shooting when the belly is quite obvious and unambiguous, but not huge.


If the future dad or other members of your family are also included in the photos, make sure the colors of your clothes match. You don’t have to wear the same colors, you can create a beautiful effect with contrasting colors too, but pay attention to the harmony of the composition.

Also avoid wearing chevron or polka dots patterns, as they usually don’t look good on pregnant women.


When documenting your pregnancy, the real protagonist of the photo should be your belly. Not you and not the décor elements. Try to avoid using large jewelry or accessories, and keep the photo focused on your pregnancy.

The only exception is when you include pets in the photos. Without a doubt, their cuteness will draw the attention.


Before documenting your pregnancy think about how you would like the photos. Search the internet, get inspired, note down the poses you like, the settings and the themes.

You will not only be able to take impressive photos of yourself, but this strategy is also helpful if you want to hire a photographer, who will work better if you are clear about your requests.


Unless you are considering hiring an expert photographer, it is advisable to take your photos using natural light. Avoid the use of flash or artificial light, as it will have a negative impact on the colors.

If you are planning an indoor photo session, choose a sunny area in your house and wait for the photo shooting until there is actually sun outside.

For outdoor photography, try to avoid cloudy days unless you are using professional photo equipment.


Another important thing is to relax in front of the camera and just enjoy the photo session. Don’t worry about posing in the perfect way and remember that you and your pregnancy are beautiful.

If you decide to ask a friend to photograph you, then you can actually shoot as many photos as you want and choose the ones you like best afterward. On the contrary, if you hire a professional, he or she will certainly tell you how to sit.


Maternity Photos Ideas
There is only one rule when it comes to pregnancy photo shooting dressing: whatever you choose must evidence the pregnancy.

Apart from this, you can wear whatever you like as long as it makes you feel comfortable. If you are an active mom-to-be, you can choose a pair of leggings and a cute t-shirt that can emphasize your belly. On the contrary, if you are a romantic type, choose dresses made of natural materials, maybe translucent ones that can show your belly in a delicate way.

You can also choose whether you want to show your skin or not. Many moms-to-be decide to take at least one photo of the naked belly and you can do this either by lifting up your shirt or by wearing only a bra. However, you shouldn’t show your skin if this is uncomfortable for you, regardless of the advice of your friends or photographer.

If you are deciding to document your pregnancy at home and the dad will also be present in the photos, you can choose an unconventional outfit and wear only your partner’s shirt, while he can only wear a pair of comfortable pants.


Maternity Photos Ideas
When thinking about pregnancy photos, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a woman with radiant skin showing her flawless belly. But we all know that during a pregnancy the belly and the skin of a woman are not exactly flawless.

Nevertheless, if you want your skin to be radiant in your photos, there are a few tricks you can use.

  • Remember to moisturize your skin right before shooting the photos. This will make it look softer and brighter, improving the aspect of your photos.
  • Don’t wash your hair right before the photo session, do it at least a day in advance.
  • Maintain a flawless manicure and pedicure, as these parts of your body will certainly be present in the photos.

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