101 Most Popular & Unique Baby Names for Boys

Do you need some inspiration for your future baby’s name? If you’re expecting a boy, we put up for you this 101 most popular & unique baby names for boys list. So, either you’re a trendy mom looking for a popular name or you simply wish to find a beautiful unique name, this article is for you!


Noah might sound old-fashioned but the truth is that this is the most popular baby boy name around the world. Inspired by the biblical character, this name is perfect for a little boy born to be a leader.


Liam has Irish origins, but this didn’t stop the name from getting into the charts in many countries all over the world. It is one of the most preferred names in America and is becoming more and more popular in the Latin countries as well, above all in Spain.


This traditional name seems to stay popular despite the test of time. Michael is one of the three popular archangels in the Bible and the name is ideal for a baby born after a difficult pregnancy. If you would like to use a more romantic version, you could consider the Spanish Miguel.


Originally a surname, Mason entered the given names world as a unique baby boy name version. However, in the last year Mason became so popular that it reached the top ten most popular boy names. We have to say that the name really is beautiful, therefore we don’t wonder why it is preferred by so many parents.


Another of the most popular names of the decade is Elijah, another biblical name that probably became so famous due to the main actor in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Elijah Wood. Be it for the actor or not, the name has a melodic sound and we definitely like it.


It seems that the religious names are highly preferred by the modern parents, as Jacob is another very popular name nowadays. With this spelling, Jacob is popular in all the English speaking countries and also in Germany, Norway and Denmark. But if we consider all the spellings of the name, Jacob is pretty popular all over the world.


When it comes to this name, there are a few personalities to think of and there is no doubt why this name is so popular. The name wasn’t so famous in the past, but there is definitely something attractive and sophisticated about it.


It is believed that this name is the English form for the Latin Iacomus, but the fact is that we like it and it is one of the most popular names you could give to your child. If you would like to use a more romantic spelling, you can replace it with Jaime or Jacques.


Aiden has Irish origins and a beautiful meaning, being one of the most used names in the last decade. The name is used exclusively for boys now, but you have to know that it used to be a unisex name. Nonetheless, it really is a name that strikes.


Another biblical name that confirms that the religious names are on the top is Benjamin, a name first used in the Bible for the youngest son of Jacob. Benjamin is present in the top 100 names in many countries all over the world and has hit the top 20 charts in countries like the US, Canada, Chile and New Zealand. Ben is a cute nickname for the name.


Jackson is another popular name for boys originally used as surname. The name inspires strength and determination, while Jack can be a cute nickname.


Lucas has Latin origins and was originally used to refer to the men born in Lucania, a district in Italy. The preferred English spelling of this name was Luke for many years, but recently parents began to be more fond of the original Latin spelling.


Caden, a derived from a Gaelic surname, is one of those examples of rare names that became popular and overused. Nonetheless, the name is really beautiful and it can be a splendid choice especially if you have Gaelic roots.


One of the top choices at the beginning of the 20th century, Oliver lost its charm until a few years ago when it faced a long-expected revival. There is to say that Oliver has a British style and it is indeed a sophisticated name.


This splendid name is popular for both boys and girls, being considered one of the most popular unisex names in the world. It is frequently used in the US but also in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. What we like about Logan is that it has no nicknames, giving it some uniqueness even if it is in the trends.


Alexander is, without a doubt, a great name for a baby boy and it is one of the most popular names in the history. There are many famous Alexanders we can think of and this is one of those names that will never become outdated.


Moderately used throughout the last century, Carter became a real rare name in the 80s only to bounce back in the charts in the last decade. The name is now a popular choice among the young parents but it still is a cool name to use.


Compared to the above-mentioned names that have been around for quite some time, Jayden is a recently invented name that quickly escalated the charts only to stay on the top. Probably invented up, the name is appealing and it can be an inspired choice for a little baby boy or even for a girl.


Originally an Irish name, Ryan became popular all over the world and it is one of the preferred names not only in the English speaking countries but in France too. Compared to other Irish name, Ryan is the only one that remained in the top 40 most popular boy names in the US in the last 40 years.


Meaning “gift of God”, Matthew could be a suitable name for a long expected baby boy. In addition, Matt is a wonderful nickname. Two good reasons to give this name at least a thought before making the final decision regarding the future name of your baby.


If you would give a rather uncommon name to your child, then Axel could be a great choice. The name has Nordic origins and a rebellious spirit, but, according to our humble opinion, it is absolutely charming.


Another example of surname turned into a given name, Nixon doesn’t enjoy all the fame deserved by the memory of an ex-president. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a rather unique name with an historical background, then Nixon could be a good choice.


Darius is one of those sophisticated Greek names that distinguish themselves from the crowd. The name is rarely used nowadays and it definitely is a darling name for a little boy. To add up to the uniqueness of the name is the fact that Darius has no nicknames we can think of.


A name with biblical connotations, Constantine inspires elegance and determination. Popular especially in the Eastern Europe, Constantine is a name rarely used in the English speaking countries, making it a rather original choice for a baby boy name.


Kane is a short, simple and beautiful name that can be successfully used by those parents who are searching for an uncommon name.


A classic name with a cosmopolitan flair, Vincent is one of those names that remained popular throughout the years in many parts of the world. The name is popular in France, Spain and Italy, but also in the US. To give it an European twist, you could choose Vincenzo instead.


Ryker is an original name for a baby boy, being probably preferred by those parents who are searching for a unique alternative to the popular Ryan. Although it has an uncertain background, we just love how it sounds.


An underrated name that really deserves some attention is Quinton, a beautiful name that has something royal in it. The name is an essentially new invention, but it still sounds sophisticated and it could make a beautiful name for a little boy.


Damon enjoyed its years of popularity between the 60s and the 80s, currently being a moderately used name. However, this simple and unpretentious name is simply gorgeous and it could be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more original name.


If you’re looking for a truly original name, then Cassius could be a great choice. The name is sporadically used and chances are that neither you nor your baby will meet another Cassius in this life. Besides, the name is simply stunning.


I don’t know about you, but to me Xavier inspires power and prestige. Although popular, the name is not highly overused, so it could be a good choice if you don’t want to use a trendy name.


William is one of those names that will never become too old-fashioned or overused. We can define this name as a timeless classic, enjoying centuries of popularity and it is also considered to be a royal name. What else could you wish for?


George is another classic name that will most likely never become too old-fashioned. However, there is to say that it doesn’t enjoy the popularity of William but it has rather been brought back in the reflector lights since the Royal couple named their little boy George. Nonetheless, the name is really cute and it is not extremely overused.


Similar to the previous two names, Robert is one of those names that haven’t left the popularity charts for quite some time. There is no wonder why, with so many cute nicknames you can use to call your boy. And while choosing between Rob and Bobby, remember that the name is popular in both America and Europe.


An imposing name for a brave little boy, Arthur makes us think about sorcerers, mysteries and long gone centuries. There is no doubt that the name is romantic and nowadays it is rather original too.


Another classic that will probably stay on the charts for a long time from now is David, a biblical name with a cosmopolite freshness. David is popular all over the Western world and it makes a splendid choice for a “beloved” baby boy.


A name considered old-fashioned and outdated, Ernest has French origins and is perfect for a serious, sober young man. Since it definitely can’t compete in popularity with the fashionable Elijah or with the forever-young William, Ernest could be an original choice for your little one.


This name has Irish origins but it is definitely a name loved all over the world. It was extremely popular in the English speaking countries as well as in France, Spain and in the Scandinavian countries, and although it is not as popular now as it once was, it still makes a cute choice for a strong little boy.


If you are looking for a really original name, then Herman might be a good choice for your baby boy. Herman used to be widely used, at least in the 19th century, then it lost its popularity in front of new spelled names such as Armand. Nevertheless, the name is still popular in Norway and it is a unique choice for a boy born elsewhere.


Considered a grandpa name nowadays, Raymond could be a great choice for those parents looking for an off-the-trends name. It has a cute nickname too, and we can already hear you calling your little Ray at the playground.


Some may argue that there is something feminine about Francis, but the truth is that quite a few famous men bared this name. Need some examples? Francis Ford Coppola, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, and even Sir Francis Drake.


Eugene is a classy name considered too old-fashioned by many modern parents. We need to say, however, that the name is simply charming and it can be a beautiful name for your baby.


While it seems that no one is willing to name their kid Chester, the name has a fascinating retro-vibe and it can be a charming choice if you’re looking for an original name.


A strong traditional name, Isaac is another religious name that is hitting the top of the most popular names. It is used by parents in all the English speaking countries and it is also popular in Spain and Chile. There is also to say that it is becoming more and more popular in the rest of the world too.


This might not be one of the most popular names in the world, but Theodore is still moderately used and it is simply charming. When it comes to nicknames, there are quite a few you can choose from, while the meaning will definitely suit any newborn.


Leonard, or the Italian-spelled Leonardo, could be a beautiful name for a brave little boy. The name is considered to be quite unique and its simplicity is amazing.


Once a popular name, Philip is rarely used nowadays. This means only one thing: it can be a splendid choice if you are looking for a less common name.


Horace, meaning “the keeper of the time”, is not a popular choice anymore but it is still a charming name that has a French seductiveness. It’s definitely one of our favorites.


Julius, meaning “youthful”, is one of those names that inspire strength. The name is frequently associated with the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, and if you don’t want to give both names to a child, you can use them for twins or for siblings.


Although it is an Irish name, Patrick has some French chicness in it, being a beloved name among the young generations of parents. If you love the name but prefer a more original spelling, you can consider the Italian Patrizio or the Spanish Patricio.


Moderately used and with a beautiful meaning, Kenneth could be an inspired choice for a “handsome” baby boy. The name is neither too popular nor considered old-fashioned.


This name reminds us of a naughty little boy who tormented a grumpy old neighbor in the film with the same name. Nonetheless, we have to admit that “Dennis the Menace” was also a sweetheart, making this name one of our preferred.


An imposing name appreciated all over the Western world, Stephen can be an excellent name for a boy meant to become a leader, since it was the name of a British king. For a more fashionable spelling you could consider Stefan, Esteban or Etienne.


Mainly a British name, Douglas actually has Scottish origins and it was pretty popular in the US too. However, even if the name is really cute, there are only a few parents who consider it, therefore the name is quite an original choice.


Another Scottish name that is not on the wave anymore is Bruce, a name that was pretty popular in the past. We can think of many famous Bruce, including Willis, Lee, Wayne and many more, and the name could be a great choice if you’re looking for a less common alternative to Bryce.


Originally a masculine name, Dale is now considered unisex and it is rarely (like almost… never) used by boy parents. However, the name is cute and your little one will definitely bear a unique name.


If you want to give your child a name that made the history, then Louis could definitely be an option. From kings to scientists, inventors and designers, we can say that quite a few personalities were named Louis. The French spelling is romantic too, or you could simply consider Lewis or Luis.


Russell Crowe’s charm is only one reason to use this name for your charming baby boy. If that’s not enough for you, know that it is also considered a quite unique name, and it is French too.


Another splendid French name is Curtis, a great name for a little boy that will grow into a “courteous” man. The name is not frequently used, and if you want to use another spelling Kurtis can be the way to go.


Along with other Scottish surnames, like Douglas or Bruce, Keith transformed over the years into a beautiful given name. We must say that there is something attractive about Keith and, although it is not really popular, it still makes a wonderful choice.


A traditional Spanish name, Diego is becoming more and more popular in other cultures too. There are a few famous Diego we can think of, including the painters Diego Velasquez and Diego Rivera and the football players Diego Maradonna and Diego Forlan, so maybe your little one will grow into an artist or athlete.


Just like Diego, Javier is another popular Spanish name that is becoming increasingly popular. However, it is still considered a unique choice, so you can give it a thought if you didn’t find the right name yet.


If you like to travel a lot or if you’re very fond of literature, then Hermes can make a perfect choice as the name of your son. In fact, Hermes is the Greek god of travel, writing and athletics. The name is rarely used, so you can also give it a thought if you are searching for a unique name.


If you have a passion for race cars and dream that your baby boy will someday become a famous car maker, then you could definitely name him Enzo. If you’re confused, we have only one word for you: Ferrari.


Florian is not a popular name, but it has a Latin charm that will definitely melt the hearts of many girls when your baby will be a grown up man.


The masculine form of Sabina, Sabin is a rather unique name for a boy. The name was rarely used in Europe and almost unknown to the English speaking world, therefore it will definitely stand out from the crowd.


Returning to more popular names, Nicholas is one of those “immortals” that will always be on the top. The name has Greek origins and it is believed that Santa Claus is actually St Nicholas. You can call your little one Nick, and you can be sure that his name will never be old-fashioned.


Another popular name we can think of is Nathaniel, a name that made it to the top 100 in 1998 only to stay. Since there are no signs that Nathaniel will drop in popularity anytime soon, you can consider it for your son if you would like to use a forever trendy name.


The second of the three archangels, Gabriel is another of those religious names that insist on staying on the charts. In fact, Gabriel is popular not only in the Western world where it is used under a wide variety of spellings, but it is also popular in the Middle East.


Christopher might not have all this popularity outside the English speaking countries, but it roams the tops at least in America. There are a lot of sweet nicknames to use for Christopher, Chris being only one of them, and the name will probably still stay on the charts for a long time.


The successor of Moses, Joshua surely was an important figure in the Old Testament and it joins the club of all those Christian names that are famous and fabulous. We don’t know how the trends will go, but the fact is that Joshua is a more than fashionable and charming name.


A more fashionable spelling of Jackson, we have to say that Jaxon is an inspiring name for a future rock star. So, if you’re dreaming to see your little one on the stage someday, you could definitely consider this beautiful name.


Owen, meaning young warrior, could be the perfect name for a little boy that struggled for his life or who was born with a medical condition. The name is also extremely fashionable, occupying a place in the top 50 most popular names. If you would like to use a less common name with the same meaning, know that Owen is spelled Eoin in Irish.


A typical unisex name, Cameron is really popular as a boys name. We definitely like it and the name is not overused, therefore it can be a more original choice for a delicate little boy.


Landon seems to be a given name used exclusively in the US and in Canada, being still considered a surname in the rest of the English speaking countries. However, in the mentioned countries it is one of the most popular names of the new millennium, therefore it can be a trendy choice or a unique selection depending on your nationality.


Dominic, meaning “belonging to the Lord”, is a popular name all over the Western world, being spelled differently in different countries. In the English speaking countries the two common spellings are Dominic and Dominick, or you could chose the Italian Domenico if you want to add some European flair to the name.


Another definitely popular name, Jonathan, has conquered our hearts with its sweet simplicity, making a wonderful name for a lovely little boy. If you like the name but prefer a more fancy spelling, Johnathan can be a cute alternative.


It seems that the most popular names in the last years have been either inspired by the Bible or originally used as surnames. Parker is just another popular name to confirm this rule. The name is considered to be unisex, and even if we can’t imagine calling a girl this way, Parker is just a darling choice for a baby boy.


You have to agree, there is something naughty in Maverick, and maybe that is the reason why it is so attractive. After all, let’s face it, there is something attractive about the bad boys out there, isn’t it?


Another pretty name that seems to be destined for a future rock star, Jagger is cute and fun and almost completely unpopular, therefore it can be a wonderful unique name for your little baby boy.


Hugo might not be all that popular in America, but in many European countries, including Spain, Sweden, France and the UK, Hugo is considered a really trendy name. Since it adds up a lot of class to the more popular Hugh, we believe that you could give it a thought.


Quinn is a Celtic name and it actually means “wise”. For this reason, it could be a great choice as a name for your baby boy. Frequently used in the past, Quinn is nowadays shadowed by the more trendy, biblical names, therefore it would be a more original choice.


Popular but not really a top choice, Adam can be a perfect choice is you want to use a trendy name that is not exactly overused. The name, as the tops already accustomed us, is a religious one and it could be a cute choice for your firstborn. Since the meaning of the name is actually “from red earth”, it could also fit a red-head.


Maxwell could be another beautiful choice if you’re looking for a name that is popular but not too popular. In the last years the name experienced a gender switch, being currently considered a unisex name. Will it transform into an exclusively feminine name? Too early to tell.


The masculine form of Yvonne, Yves is as charming as its sister. The name has a subtle French seductiveness, and we are sure that any guy named Yves will have a lot of success in life. You don’t believe us? Just think about the iconic Yves Saint Laurent or about Yves Chauvin, a French chemist and winner of a Nobel Prize.


Edwin is another example of beautiful boy names considered a little bit out of fashion. Nonetheless, we have to say that Edwin is a classic British name that conserved its charm over the years. So, if you’re looking for a rather unique name, you could give Edwin a thought.


A British surname transformed, thanks to Lord Byron, into a given name, Byron is definitely an out-of-fashion name that conserved some of its secular charm. Almost no one names their kid Byron these days, and for this precise reason Byron could successfully be an original choice.


If you like Jacob but you don’t like its popularity, then Jacques can be a suitable alternative. Jacques is nothing but the French spelling of the reminded name, and it is almost unused in the English speaking countries. So, what do you think about a Jacob with a twist?


If you like the sophisticated sound of the French names and are searching for an original alternative, then you could consider Pierre too. The name is actually the French equivalent of Peter but you have to admit that it sounds way more charming. However, don’t forget that Pierre is a popular name in France.


Blaise is another stylish and charming French name that has faded into the shadows. The name is rarely used even in France, while in the English speaking countries it became a unisex name. However, the name is masculine and it could be a splendid choice if you want to give a unique name to your baby boy.


Trevor has Welsh origins and it can be a beautiful name for a proud little boy. The name is moderately used, but we have to say that it has something classy that reminds the stylish upper-class men of the 19th century.


Raphael is the name of the last of the three archangels and it is also the name bared by many artists along the centuries. Therefore, Raphael can be a lovely name for a creative little boy. Raphael is rarely used in the US, but it is a rather popular name in Europe, where it is used under various spellings in many countries, including Italy (Raffaele), Belgium, France, Germany (Raphael), Spain and Portugal (Rafael).


Somehow similar to Raphael, Farrell is a unisex name that, in our humble opinion, is more suitable for boys than for girls. On the other hand, Farrell is rarely used as a given name nowadays, being typically considered a surname. Therefore, it will definitely be a unique choice for your baby boy.

94 IAN

Ian, the Scottish spelling of John, is a name that is becoming more and more popular, at least in America. There are many personalities named Ian, most of whom are actors and novelists, therefore, if you are looking for a trendy name for a future artist, Ian could be it.


Dakota is a unisex name with American origins and rarely used outside of the US. Besides, since 2010 the name is mostly used for girls than for boys. Nevertheless, Dakota preserved its masculine spirit and, if you don’t really care about the trends, Dakota can be a beautiful choice for a baby boy.


Frederik, a German name meaning “peaceful ruler”, could also be a beautiful original choice for a baby boy. Many kings bared this name during the centuries, and the name still enjoys some popularity in Germany. However, since it is almost unused in the rest of the world, you could give it a thought.


This beautiful Spanish name is not one of the most popular names outside of Spain but, in our opinion, it still is a stylish and seductive name for a boy. On the other hand, if you like modern art, then you have one more reason to name you little one Pablo… maybe he will turn out to be the next Picasso.


Guido, a traditional Italian name, is now considered a pretty unique boy name. But even if it is rarely used, the name is still suitable for a little one born to be a leader. On the other hand, you can be sure that your baby will have an original name.


Returning to Spain, we have beautiful Ramon, a name full of masculinity. Although it is not extremely popular, there are enough parents who choose this name for their baby boy, so if you are looking for a moderately original but very sexy name, Ramon might be it.


Another unisex name that we consider more appropriate for a boy is Skyler, a name with Dutch origins and that means “scholar”. The name is moderately used and it could be a more original choice for a clever little one.


To end with a more popular name, Tyler, namely “tile-maker”, could be a perfect choice if you would like to use a fashionable yet not overused name for your baby boy. Used for girls too, Tyler inspires masculinity and we definitely consider it a boy name.

So, what do you think? Have you found the right name for your son in this list? Leave a comment below and tell us what will be the name of your future baby boy.

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