101 Most Popular & Unique Baby Names for Girls

So, you just found out that you’re going to have a baby girl. That’s awesome, but what about the baby’s name? Either you want to stick to a popular name or you wish to find a more original alternative, you will most probably be able to find the right name for your baby on this list.


Designated as the most popular name in the last years, Olivia has a Latin origin and was first spelled this way by Shakespeare in the “Twelfth Night”. The name is popular in America and in many European countries, including England, Spain, France, Italy, Norway and Sweden.


The most famous Emma is probably Jane Austen’s central character in the book with the same name. Emma remained in the hearts of so many people that it is the second most preferred name for girls around the world. One of the most loved celebrities named Emma is the famous Emma Watson.


Just like Olivia and Emma, Sophia is another traditional name that enjoys a huge popularity. The name has Greek origins and is one of the most used girl names in the last decade in both America and Europe. According to the statistics, Sophia is preferred by those parents who are searching for an intellectual name for their offspring, in Europe a popular version of the name being Sophie.


A popular name in the 1950s, Ava almost disappeared from the name lists around the world between 1970 and 1980. Since then, the name gained an increased popularity and it reached the top five most popular girl names in the last decade. The quick rise in popularity may be linked to the preferences of some Hollywood personalities, such as Reese Witherspoon and Heather Locklear who both named their daughters Ava.


Isabela is considered the fifth most popular name in America, but the name has a huge popularity in the rest of the world too. The name derives from the most “royal” name Elisabeth and it was first used in France, Portugal and Spain. There are many ways to spell Isabela, including Isabella, Isabel or Izabella. But no matter which spelling you choose, the name is simply gorgeous.


Mia’s origins are as old as the Ancient Egypt, although many believe that Mia has Latin origins, meaning “mine”. The name became famous in the 60s, thanks to the actress Mia Farrow and it now enjoys an increasing popularity thanks to a Disney character.


To some, Abigail might sound austere, but the truth is that this name is not only popular but also extremely beautiful. A great nickname for this name is Abbie and if you’re aiming to choose a unique name, you could choose the Hawaiian version, which is Apikail.


A traditional British name that didn’t lose its popularity over the centuries, Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles. The name has always been trendy, and since the Royal couple named their baby girl this way, Charlotte gained even more popularity.


If you’re looking for a classic yet popular name for your baby girl, then Emily might be a great option. The name has Latin origins and it has been used in the English speaking world since the 18th century. Nowadays, Emily is in the top ten most popular girl names in many English speaking countries.


Amelia, the Latinized form of the German name Amalia, is famous in many countries, including Australia, USA, and Poland. The name itself is really beautiful, but if you wish to give it a more romantic touch, you can use Amelie, the French version of the name.


Inspired by the flower with the same name, Azalea could be an excellent choice if you are looking for a unique baby girl name. Although the name is not yet used on a large scale, statistics show that it is slowly gaining popularity.


With an exciting exotic sound, Magnolia is not one of those names that can be easily found around. The choice of really a few parents, this beautiful name inspired by a beautiful flower represents a splendid choice if you want the name of your little one to stand out from the crowd.


Charming as the flower, Poppy is raising in popularity, especially in the United Kingdom. Needless to say that Poppy is a perfect name for a redhead, while a beautiful alternative could be Piper or Petal.


Zinnia is not only an unusual name, but it is a rather unique flower too. Although the flower is common in South America, the origin of the name is German. And while it might not be considered as feminine as Lilly or Jasmine, Zinnia is definitely a sweet name.


Uncommon but elegant, Cassia is a name of uncertain origins. Some believe that it derives from Greek, naming a cinnamon-like spice, others believe that it is the feminine form of the Latin name Cassius. However, in the end, the origins are not important when it comes to such a beautiful girl name.


Either you think of the herb or of the combination of the names Rose and Mary, Rosemary is an elegant and sophisticated name to give to your child. The name is popular mostly in the English speaking countries. Nevertheless, it really has a special charm. Rosemarie could be a great substitute if you want to add a more romantic touch to the name.


Sage is an increasingly popular name in the last decade, being preferred by those parents who look for sophisticated unisex names. In fact, Sage is a popular name for both girls and boys and has its origins in the name of a delicious herb. Despite of this, Sage makes a really fascinating girl name.


With strong Latin origins, Aurelia is one of those names that inspires a powerful character. However, this “golden” name is not extremely popular, which makes it an impressive choice if you are looking for a classy and original name for your little girl.


A popular name at the beginning of the twentieth century, Penelope lost its popularity until 2001. Since then, mainly thanks to the beauty of the popular actress Penélope Cruz, the name’s popularity began to rise again. Penelope is a name found in the Greek mythology too, so if you want to name your baby with a cultural name, you might want to give Penelope a thought.


Athena is another increasingly popular name that has its roots in the Greek mythology. In fact, Athena is considered the goddess of mathematics, wisdom, and courage, being the daughter of Zeus. The name is strong and powerful, and if it doesn’t convince you, you might also consider its Roman counterpart, Minerva.


A relatively new name, Analia is the combination of the names Anne, meaning grace, and Lucia, meaning light. The name known a short time of popularity, thanks to a South American soap opera, then it almost disappeared from the charts. Nevertheless, if you want to give a unique name to your baby girl, Analia might be a great choice.


The exotic name Farah is definitely a suitable name for a long-desired child, in Persian the name meaning “happy”. In addition, Farah is a quite unique name and it sounds really romantic.


Corinna is another unique name to consider if you’re expecting a baby girl. The name has Greek origins and has many variations, including Carina, Corinne, and Corynne. The name sounds like the delicate old-fashioned names used in the English poetry, but one famous Corinna is the main female character in Ovid’s “Amores”.


We can say that Joslyn is the “American” version of the more popular name Jocelyn. The name has French origins, being originally used as boy name. However, over the years Jocelyn became a girls’ name and those parents looking to add a bit of originality to the name prefer using Joslyn.


One of the most analyzed feminine characters in the history, Ophelia was made famous by Shakespeare. The name is not widely used today, making a beautiful unique name for a beautiful little girl. The name has something exotic in it, and it has Greek origins.


According to Baby Name Science, Harlyn is one of the most unique baby girl names around the world. The name is so unique that there is no certainty about its origins and meaning. However, it is to say that Harlyn is gaining popularity and it might reach the top 100 most popular baby girl names.


The Spanish version of the French name Mireille, Mireya is an adorable name suitable for an adorable baby girl. Popular in the Spanish speaking regions of the world, and above all in Spain and Latin America, Mireya is a rather unique name in the rest of the world. But regardless of where you live, the name is simply gorgeous.


This beautiful girl name has multiple origins but what is certain is that it became popular thanks to the Kaya dolls. What’s cool about the name is that you will be able to decide what significance to give it based on your preferences, considering that Kaya has Japanese, Native American, African-Zulu and Turkish origins.

29 ODA

Short but powerful, Oda is a predominantly Scandinavian name that was widely used in the German culture too. Nowadays, Oda is only sporadically used, above all in the English speaking countries and in the Nordic cultures, and if you are searching for an unusual name, you could give Oda a thought. A more popular version is Odette.


Inna is a Russian name that is quite popular in the Russian speaking countries but almost unused in the rest of the world. Nevertheless, the name, meaning stormy, is really beautiful, having a particular grace and a sophisticated spelling.


I don’t know about you, but to me Alessandra sounds royal and is one of the girl names I like most. The feminine version of Alexander, the name reminds the emperor Alexander the Great, making a perfect name for a baby girl that was born to be a leader.


Made famous by the beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn, this classy and sophisticated name is gaining popularity in the last decade. In my opinion, the name is synonym with elegance and femininity. So, if you’re a romantic, you should probably consider this name.


A beautiful name with roots in the Greek mythology, Daphne is not extremely famous in the English speaking countries but it seems to be used more frequently in France and in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, Daphne sounds definitely fancy and if you don’t want to give a trendy name to your child, then it might be a suitable option.


Another ancient name that didn’t lose its charm is Camilla, a name related to the Roman mythology and nowadays highly associated to the Duchess of Cornwall, prince Charles’ spouse. With this spelling, the name is quite popular in Britain, while in the other English speaking countries the French spelling Camille or Spanish spelling Camila are preferred.


Rarely used in the English speaking countries, Celine seems to be quite popular in France. However, regardless of your nationality, you must agree that Celine has something celestial in it. The name is gracious, classy and feminine, being perfect for a little baby girl.


If you are looking for a less used name but with a strong historical importance, then you might consider naming your daughter Constance. The name is almost unused nowadays, but it is extremely beautiful and it has a beautiful meaning too, Constance coming from the Latin and meaning faithful.


This wonderful Italian name was made popular by Shakespeare who used it not in one but in two of his plays. Meaning pure, Bianca is a perfect name for a sweet-tempered baby girl, while its Italian flair definitely makes it attractive. If you want to give it a more romantic pinch, you could use the French Blanche instead.


This ancient name has something contemporary about it, being a beautiful name to consider if you would rather give an unpopular name to your little one. The name of an Orthodox saint, Daria is more frequently used in Russia and it is also popular among other Orthodox populations. Nonetheless, the name is inspiring and has a sophisticated sound.


Edith might be an old British name, but you have to agree that its popularity was given by the renowned French singer Edith Piaf. Around the world the name is rarely used today, being considered old-fashioned, but we believe that it has a retro-romantic charm that can make it an excellent choice.


Originally used as a nickname for Eleanor or Elena, Ellie is now a popular name on its own, being widely used not only in America, but also in England. The name is short and sweet, although it’s not exactly sophisticated. Nonetheless, it might just be a great choice.


A charming royal name that is quite unpopular in America and in other English speaking countries, Beatrice is a name widely used in Italy. We have no idea why it is so neglected by the rest of the world, but for this precise reason it is a splendid unique name to give to a baby girl.


One of the most popular names in America, Delilah became famous in the last years thanks to a song from 2007. Despite of the song, Delilah has Hebrew origins and is the name of one of the characters in the Bible. The name is also widely used in the United Kingdom, and you have to agree that it is simply gorgeous.


Another old-fashioned name that boosts in popularity is Stella, a charming name that hit the top in many countries around the world. Stella has had its less popular periods too, but since the fashion designer Stella McCartney became famous, the name increased in popularity, being the choice name for many Hollywood actors when it came to naming their daughters.


Just like Stella, Aurora is another name that has something celestial about it. It is useless to say that Aurora has been considered a charming name in the last decade, maybe because of the Disney character with the same name. Today, the name is one of the most popular names in the whole world and we can say that it is simply fascinating.


Simone is one of those charming French names you could give to your child if you’re looking for something rather unique that sounds pretentious. The name is not really popular nowadays, but we have to admit that it’s charming.


A cool, creative yet old-fashioned name to consider if you’re not interested in the trends is Zelda, a strong name with a strong connotation. Meaning woman warrior, the name can suit like a glove a baby girl born in difficult conditions.


With a French sound, Lola makes us think to a cabaret dancer. Nevertheless, there is something attractive about this name and many parents consider it a suitable choice.


Georgia is another of those names that boast an antique charm, although it is quite underused compared to George, its male counterpart. Georgia is mainly used in the United Kingdom and in Australia, and if you would like a softer alternative, you could think of the French Georgette.


If Georgette didn’t touch your heart but you are dreaming about a French –ette ending, a name to consider is Cosette. Cosette is the main feminine character in Hugo’s “Les Misérables” and the name is simply romantic and sweet. What to say? A unique name for a unique baby girl.


If you’re one of those parents who want to give a unique yet simple name to their future child, then Daisy might be a good choice. The name is not very popular and your little girl will most likely feel unique when she grows up.


A splendid name for a baby girl, this name is actually a modern name invented by Jenny Farley for a daughter. The name is a twisted combination of Melanie and Leilani, and there is to say that it could definitely be a unique choice.


While Rita might not sound as sophisticated as many other names listed here, its wonderful meaning made us include it in the list. In fact, Rita means “child of light”, being a suitable name for a long expected baby.


Sarah, including its other spelling Sara, is a name that boasts more than 100 years of popularity in America and not only. As it seems, Sarah will never be considered old-fashioned, so if you’re looking for an ever-contemporary name, this might be it.


Vivienne, the elaborated version of Vivian, is one of those names almost forgotten that were brought again into the flashlight by the celebrities. This time is the case of Angelina Jolie who named one of her twins Vivienne, gaining the name a huge popularity.


Leonor is nothing but the Spanish form of the American Eleanor, the name being quite popular in Portugal and in Chile. However, if you are searching for a unique baby name and you’re not living in those countries, the stylish Leonor might be a suitable option.


About this name we can say only one thing: it went to the top to stay there. Brianna is one of the most popular names in America and in Ireland, although not so popular in the rest of the world. The feminine form of Brian, Brianna sounds simply charming.


Even if Molly is considered to be one of the most popular names in America, it is still an underused name that can be a cute choice for your little one.


Another popular name that is simply adorable is Naomi, a named that ranks in the top 100 most popular names in America since 2010. The name is perfect for a delicate little girl and you can be sure that it will never be considered old-fashioned.


A name with a romantic resemblance, Annabelle will perfectly suit a sweet girl. The name is not overused even if it is one of the most popular girl names. The name is radiant, elegant and sophisticated, while you will be able to use many nicknames to call your girl.


First a surname transformed into a boys’ name then transformed again into a name for girls, Madison is considered one of the most trendiest names in the English speaking countries. The name might not be classical or sophisticated, but it surely has its charm.


Elisabeth is one of those old names that are gaining popularity in the last decade. The name was preferred by the royal families, writers, singers and producers along the centuries, while the charming nicknames such as Liz or Lizzie give only one more reason to use it for your future girl.


Together with Emma, Olivia and Grace, Evelyn is another old-fashioned name that is becoming popular again. The name has British origins and we can only say that it sounds fascinating. Another popular spelling is Evelynn.


Chloe is another extremely popular name that is not only fascinating, but that has a beautiful meaning too. Chloe means new growth, springtime, being more than suitable for a baby girl born in spring. If you would like to use a less popular spelling, Khloe is a great alternative.


If you’re searching for a popular name that is short, strong and powerful, you should definitely consider naming your little girl Ella. Shorter than Isabella and more sophisticated then Emma, Ella is definitely a name that stands out.


Old-fashioned and elegant, Scarlett reminds us about the delicate beauty of the main character from the “Gone With The Wind”. However, there is to remember that Scarlett was a strong character with leadership characteristics, and is more than inspiring for a little girl’s name.


Victoria, meaning literally “victory”, is another of the long forgotten names that made it to the top again. Victoria is a strong name with a subtle royal pinch and can be a suitable choice for a girl born to rule the world.


Basically an altered spelling of the original Greek name Zoe, Zoey is an extremely popular name especially in America. Both Zoe and Zoey mean life and regardless of your preferred spelling the name is great for a baby girl that was born after a difficult pregnancy.


If the above mentioned Delilah didn’t really convinced you, then you might like Layla instead. Layla derives from another beautiful Arabic name, Leila, which means night. Needless to say that the name is perfect for a baby girl delivered during the night.


Natalie is one of those names that inspire femininity and gracefulness, being suitable for a delicate baby girl. The name is pretty popular too, so you will give your little one a trendy, charming name.


Sally might not be as famous as Natalie, but it might be a good option if you are looking for a cheerful name for your child. The name has a moderate popularity, therefore you will also choose a rather unique name.


Trudy was probably born as a nickname for the German name Gertrude but it’s been long since it has been used as a self-standing name both in Europe and America. There are many controversies when it comes to the meaning, but we really like the “beloved” one, considering it perfect for a unique girl name.


An increasingly popular name especially in America, Serenity is definitely a suitable name for a calm and peaceful baby girl. Not to mention that it sounds somehow mystique, characteristic that make us love the name.


Kendra is a quite recent invention and while the origins are up for debate, we can’t help noticing that its mysterious sound makes it… well… fabulous. Not so famous but still quite popular, Kendra will help your little one stand out.


At a first glance, Seraphina might look outdated and totally unsuitable for a charming young lady. Nonetheless, this angelic name is lovely enough to make us consider it a distinctive and classy choice.


Valentina is a name that inspires love and you have to agree that it is absolutely gorgeous. When it comes to nicknames, there are plenty of choices too, including Tina and Vale. This little girl will surely break many hearts.


Originally a nickname for Theodora or Dorothea, Thea has been used as a self-standing name since the 19th century. It is useless to say that the name in enchanting, and with its beautiful meaning “goddess” or “gift of god” it makes a splendid and unique name.


If you’re looking for a unique name with ancient origins, then Sloan could be a great choice. The name is probably Irish and it has two spelling versions, Sloan and Sloane. None of them seem to get to the top, therefore the name is not widely used.


Rayna, the transcription of a Bulgarian name, means “queen” and it can represent a more exclusivist option compared to the Spanish name Regina. What name could be better for your little queen?


An almost forgotten name that has a particular charm is Rhea, the mother of Zeus in the Greek mythology and the mother of the founders of Rome in the Roman mythology. Whoever she was, she definitely had some famous offspring, and the name is simply inspiring.


Elena is nothing but the Italian and Spanish version of Helen, but the name is gaining popularity in the English speaking countries too, thanks to its romantic spelling and to its European charm. You have to agree that Elena is much more romantic than Helen!


The feminine version of Florian, Floriana has Italian origins meaning “in bloom”. This retro-chic name is rarely used, making a wonderful unique name for a baby girl born in spring or summer. Other beautiful versions are Florina or Flora.


Many might think that this named is inspired by a flower, but Iris actually means rainbow in Greek and it is also the name given to a divine messenger by Homer in his masterpiece, “Iliad”. You can get inspired by the meaning you like and use this name for your little baby girl.


Freyja is one of the most important deities in the Norse mythology, being the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. The name Freyja is rarely used today, and so are its two versions Freja and Freya. So you can simply choose your favorite spelling if you want to give your baby a stunning yet unique name.


Depending on where you live, Ines might be a super popular name or a rather unique choice. The name is almost unused in America, while it is considered a cosmopolite name in Europe, where is one of the names in the trends.


When thinking about inspiring names, Jaquelin is definitely one of them. The name of many personalities throughout the centuries, all we can say is that Jackie will make a wonderful nickname.


This name is not considered fashionable and almost no one uses it. However, we definitely like the sound of this name and we believe that it could be a wonderful choice if you are looking for a really unique option.


A simple and unpretentious name, Kylie is one of the most popular names in America. There is no wonder why, Kylie is simply beautiful and it makes a great choice for a charming little girl.


Miranda, just like Olivia, owes it to Shakespeare, the genius who invented it. Miranda was used for the first time in “The Tempest” and during the centuries it migrated from England to the US. The name is so attractive that we had to include it in the list.


Carrie is a lovely name that is not enjoying much popularity, therefore it can be a splendid choice if you’re looking for a romantic yet almost unique name. The name was given to many independent female characters over the years, and the more traditionalist parents might use Carrie as a nickname for Caroline.


The name of a beautiful and enthusiastic witch in a popular TV series, Samantha also means “the flower of God”, so there is no wonder why the name is so popular.


You have to agree that this French name is absolutely adorable. Rarely used in the English speaking countries, Monique can make an excellent choice for a wise little girl, as that is its meaning.


Nadia is the French and British form of a Russian name meaning “hope”. A beautiful name with a beautiful significate can only make a wonderful choice for a gorgeous little girl.


A flower and a color, Violet is simply a splendid name. The name had its ups and downs but lately it gained a certain fame and popularity thanks to Disney.


Meaning radiant, Phoebe is one of those names that have always maintained a certain aura of mysticism around them. Neither popular nor unique, Phoebe is nonetheless a splendid choice for your radiant baby girl.


A little Ruby can only be as precious as the gem whose name she bears. The name is in the top 100 most popular girl names, but what makes it stand out is that it has been there for quite some time now.


Sydney was born as a name for boys but during the years it was transformed into an exclusively girl name. Because of its beauty, the name is highly popular, while its masculine origin makes it be one of the most atypical popular girl names around the world.


The name has Russian origins and represents a splendid feminine yet strong name. It is not extremely popular either, so if you are looking for an original name for your baby, Tatiana could be a great choice.


splendid name that can be a great choice if you want to give your baby a unique name that is nothing else but a wonderful version of the most popular Juliana. The name is actually Russian, but it definitely stands out.


Veronica is a fancy spelling of the more common Veronica. Meaning “true victory”, Veronika can be a wonderful choice for a long expected baby girl, or for a girl born after a difficult pregnancy.


Anessia is one of those names that almost no one heard of, being, therefore, a wonderful choice if you want a “pure” name for your pure little girl. The name has Greek origins and Nessie could be a wonderful nickname.


Yvonne is a French name, the feminine version of the masculine Yves. The name inspires class, high social position and it can be a suitable name for a fancy baby girl. The name is rather unique too, as it is rarely used nowadays.

We hope you found inspiration in this list and that you already decided which will be the future name of your beloved little girl. Don’t forget to share your choice with us too, we would love to know what was your favorite name.

If the chosen name is not on this list, leave a comment and tell us how you are going to name your baby. You could inspire other future moms.

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